December/ January Notes:

 rebranding as Influx Trust rather than UN Influx.

Important notes to add

  1. Go to Players> Exclude> Click on players who requested to be added from the past month and move the UN players over to the included. Since there is a bug with moving them to included Click on edit for each player and then change status to included. Then save.
  2. Caution–information does not save. Enter on a separate form then paste into text editors.
  3. Alyssa writes the recaps but her name should not show.
  4. The sponsor text editor section isn’t saving now 2/2/17
  5. If data is changed then Re-release
  6. List hygiene–check top 20 names
  7. Volunteer Digital News Blogger’s name should not show on the recap section. Volunteer Digital News Blogger always writes the articles, even if they are forwarded from somebody else.
  8. Philip Ogola and Figueres should not show in the polls “#7 : C. Figueres: Ms Figueres no longer works for the UN as she no longer head the UNFCCC
  9. #82: P. Ogola: I am not quite sure about this gentleman (we have excluded him several times already in the past – don’t know how he gets back
  10. Make sure that sponsor message saves
  11. Make sure that UN logo is there and influx logo
  12. Tweets need a 5 minute interval
  13. Delete the 2 contest images from the sponsor section
  14. Sample newsletter with logos
  15. It’s okay to use Roxanna’s title just not the UNEP part of it.
  16. Make sure that poll credits are left every month.

UN Social 500 - Volunteer Role : Rise Board Manager


To engage UN Social 500 participants in creating an active, learning community in the use of digital media


Clerk the monthly Rise success tracking board: check data collection, generate a release and publish results to all participants.



Time requirement (per month) -  Between 0.5 and 1.5 hours.

Example timetable:

Screenshots of Volunteer Activities

Each month you’ll need to:

  1. Check Data Collection has completed and occurred on time
  2. Check that a draft release for the previous month has been created
  3. Edit the release article - include references to this month’s community blog posts (social media tip to improve your score and a player interview)
  4. Add the sponsor message to the email
  5. Publish the release
  6. Send out the email
  7. Announce the release on Twitter to every player

The following screenshots break down these steps in detail:

Firstly, login and navigate to the manager dashboard for the board.

0. Edit the leaderboard.png

Check the Data Collectors and their logs

1. Data Collectors.png

2. Logs.png

Now check that the Data Entries have been collected successfully

3. Data Entries.png

The Release Settings panel allows you to configure the automated release generation timings, you won’t usually need to adjust these.

4. Release Settings.png

You should have a draft release which you can edit

5. List releases.png

Edit the release to create a great release article and to change it from Draft to Final status when ready.

6. Edit the release.png

Now you are ready to share it. Under the Share menu navigate to Email settings and add the sponsor headline and copy

7. Sponsor message in email settings.png

Now your email is ready to send out. Hit send!

8. Send out email.png

Finally, it’s time to send out the Twitter announcement - letting all your followers know the board has been updated:

And the Tweet notifications letting individual players know their rank / score

9. Tweet out 1.png

10. tweet out 2.png

11. Tweet out 3.png

All done for another month! Thank you!!

[1] Full Training will be provided on using Rise

[2] You should be accustomed to using and managing community programs using online web applications such as, Slack, LinkedIn Groups or similar.