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Notes from sessions attended at ISTE 2015.

Day 1 Sunday June 28th

Keynote Soledad Obrien

"Think about how you can change the world."

Ten educators who tweeted @soledadobrien were asked to come up to the stage to try out the google cardboard.

DAY 2 Monday June 29th

  A Dynamic Model for collaboration inside/outside the classroom      

 Presenters:  Sue Waters  & Tzvi Pittinsky @Techrav

#Crowdsourcingiste #iste2015

Edublogs, blogger- in settings you can use blog to email.  Attendees can send an email which will go to your blog live, there are a few different options to choose from.  for example #ISTE2015 reflections

They both connected through #Notatiste14 and collaborated and organized notes that people shared from all over the world. He choose google spreadsheets so they could add their information to the same doc.

When sharing within a google apps domain you need to check the link sharing  options to public on the web if that option is available.

Flipboard  made a magazine of everything that is going on at ISTE

Sue waters showed us how to add periscope (following the hashtag) to the flipboard so that you are able to see the live streaming that others are sharing during #ISTE15

Interesting Ways to Use Crowdsourcing in the Classroom

Day 3: Tuesday June 30th

ISTE EdTech Coaching  Playground                                                                           

There were a lot of great presentations and resources being shared in this playground. Click the QR code or link above to check them out.

Flipped PD Resources  by Laura Conley


Random Notes:

Vox and Tweet your way to a PLN

Ignite Session #3  5 minutes each     Keep in mind these went by very fast. I meerkat a few of them and took notes at the same time. @kharima4

@jlscheffer 1-1 school BHS Help Desk @bhshelpdesk, modeled after Apple’s Genius bar staffed by genius students/ ambassedors, edtech Leaders , students support the schools IT department, students publish to the blog regularly.

Partners in Pedagogy

Created a culture of students teaching teachers

Edtech Consultants- giving feedback to consultants, connecting with experts, Authentic communication

App Developers Authentic collaboration, Parent Tech Nights

Created  a student voice

They created their own hashtags #techteamma, #techteamusa

Culture is transformed



Pre- screencasting

face to face- broken into small steps

post PD

Devices down- relax a chime will bring you back into the room

Lisa Parisi

Controlled Chaos

Nancy Betler @nbetler


Tara Linney

Day 4: July 1, 2015

Focus Group: BrainPoP Educators and Professional Development

1st we were asked to complete a My BrainPOP Quiz

Then we looked at the data in the form of a chart &  we were then grouped based on our prior knowledge of the My BrainPoP features, etc

3rd we were asked to write pros and cons of workshop descriptions Blue=pro Pink=con

Reviewing session descriptions to write what we thought about them and add suggestions.

We reviewed 2 session descriptions and did the above. Afterwards we  placed the stickys in groups based on their similarities. Each participant was then given stars to go around and place on any idea they completely agreed with .

Followed by  a roundtable discussion. Pretty cool PD experience.

Closing Keynote: It was pretty  awesome to see myself on the screen next to the Co- founder of pledgecents in front of thousands of people. Not only to show that you can #Get2ISTE but that making connections with your network is valuable and can provide experiences you never thought was possible.

Sheryl Logan: Assistant Superintendent

How to use social media to tell the story? Competitions between schools and principals

Josh Stumpenhorst- funny,  a few plugs

Pushing the Limits You are never ready for anything until you do it.

How do we push the limits? Ask the question 1st? Why? If you don’t have the answer to why the how becomes irrelevant.

Comfort zone allows us to push the limits and move on

@pernilleripp “Global Read Aloud