Akaicon 2018 Panel Submission Rules and Policy


- 1. All panelists must be at least 15 years old or older. Panelists for 18+ panels must be at least 18. Exceptions may be made for panels geared toward children, but the panel must still be supervised by someone 15+.


- 2. For every panel that is accepted, the lead panelist (and only the lead panelist) will receive $10 off their badge price.


- 3. Our goal is to offer as much panel variety as we can. If we receive too many different submissions on the same general topic, panelists may be asked to merge into one panel. If panelists are incapable of making friends and working together, the first group to offer us a well-executed outline (i.e. the first group to prove to us you know what you are doing) will be given priority.


 With that being said, we will be accepting a maximum of 3 panels per fandom. So make sure you clearly outline your panel. In character Q&As are fine… just make sure you know your series! We want to give everyone and every fandom a chance to shine.


- 4. Scheduling. Please note that while we cannot promise any given time slot, we will do our best to accommodate you, but we need your help with that. Specify all times that you are available on the submission form. Just because you want to be at 4pm on Saturday doesn't mean you will be, and if that's the only time you tell us, we may set you at some other time when you're unavailable. Give us as much to work with as possible.


- 5. Panelists must specify any requested equipment at the time of your application submission. We will let you know what we can provide if/when your panel is approved. All panel rooms will be equipped with a projector and projection screen, and HDMI output for the projector, 2 mics, and an external 1/8th inch audio jack.


- 6. Any panelist(s) wishing to run a panel on the Japanese language must demonstrate some level of proficiency in the language. This will be dependent on the level of panel you wish to run. You will be asked to interview to show proficiency prior to receiving approval.


- 7. You must notify us beforehand if you plan to hand anything out during your panel.


- 8. All panelists MUST have a badge.


- 9. Panelists are expected to plan for setup and tear-down time in their panel application. Staff will enforce that you end in time for the next panelist to get started. If you arrive and start late, you will not be granted extra time to make up for your own lateness. Please arrive to your panel in a timely fashion.


NOTE: If you are more than 15 minutes late, your panel will be canceled.


- 10. Panelists and co panelists may NOT drink alcohol just before or while conducting a panel.

- 11. If you are running an 18+ panel that is showing hentai, yaoi, yuri, etc. You must not go any longer than 15mins without taking a pause and providing an educational talk.



5/4/18- The cutoff date for panel submissions.There will be no other submissions take after this date.

5/18/18- Panelists will be notified by this date as to whether or not their panels have been accepted.

6/29/18- Panelists will be notified by this date with their date/time slot. During this time we will correspond with you to make any changes if applicable.

7/13/18- After this date, there will be NO EXCEPTIONS made to date/time slots. Any changes must be brought to the attention of the programming staff before this time.


Thank you for your interest in conducting a panel at Akaicon 2018. We look forward to seeing your submissions! Any questions may be referred to  akaiconpanels@gmail.com.

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