First impression of Win10. Google - Material Design.

Yes this is what I saw from login screen to desktop. MS is following Google.

First good news.

FARR runs, hurray.

All my apps run without any error, I can sleep peacefully.

Now not so good news.

Login photo now in round frame just like Google+. Why ? MS following Google !!

Tray icons black and white clipart. Hard to understand which is what. Who told MS that users are color blind ??

Windows title became white, same as body, no separation mark / line etc. Looks like MS is copying material design of Google but forgot that Android apps do not have a title bar which user need to click and drag to move the window.

ie and file explorer.png

Start menu looks like a dark menu bar attached with a WinPhone with those tile apps.

start menu.png

All icons in task bar now show smaller in size. Bigger icon in Win 8.1 was easier to see.

Settings looks like a webpage, flat. This is advancement ??

But the the killer is child window display. My program which has a main window and child windows for entry, report etc. show very odd. It shows WinXp button in child windows !!

my program.png

More news.

Solitaire exist and it is free.

Cortana disabled in India, so will know after I meet her.

I understand that Win10 is work in progress. So many of the problems may get fixed in auto updates. I also understand that MS think most user are in Android so are habituated to seeing such windows.

But like most users, I also request MS to understand desktop users too.