#215 - The Angry Chicken: “Don’t Picnic”


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Triple-Headed Chicken Stream next Monday

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There will not be a TAC on Tuesday next week. But there will be a live TAC at Nerdtacular in the side hall. Still figuring out time.

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More HS History from Ben Brode

TheTfboy’s post “Cards that add other cards to a deck are some of my favorite cards in Hearthstone.” prompted a new Hearthstone history lesson from Ben Brode:

Funny story about Forgotten Torch - it was actually one of the major mechanics of League of Explorers until we focused in more on Discover.

That, and it was really the best design of the cycle. I think we had a Priest card that was (2) Mysterious Book - Draw a card, shuffle an Awesome Book into your deck.

(2) Awesome Book - Draw 3 cards.

There were a couple other shuffle-ins, too. Only Torch, Elise, Entomb, and Ancient Shade survived.

DreamHack Summer

Grats Orange! Brought Jade Druid, N’Zoth Pally, Miracle Rogue, and Token (Evolve) Shaman


Twitch Viewership Chat

Yesterday Hafu tweeted that recent statistics were “concerning for the viewership of Hearthstone -love the game, but think we need more frequent updates - charts are past 30 days” and included line graphs showing consistent declines in average viewers among Sog, Thijs, Kripp, DisguisedToast, Savjz, and Amaz’s streams.

The tweet made it’s way to r/hearthstone where it currently has 2543 upvotes and just shy of 1000 comments.

The top comment from Brian Kibler shows Hearthstone’s average daily viewer numbers going all the way back to mid-2015 showing that this drop off is fairly typical of the Hearthstone expansion cycle.

Kibler’s graph along with the expansion release dates

Garrett’s altered version of Kibler’s graph with lowest points and estimated lowest numbers

Summing it up



Talking Points

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HS Replay: The top Un’Goro cards

HS Replay has a great tool if you want some Hearthstone card stats in your life. Go to the ‘Cards’ section at HSReplay.net and sort to your hearts content! Today we’re taking a look at the top Deck winrate cards from Un’Goro.

Getting the disclaimers out of the way:

Top Deck Winrates: Un’Goro Cards

  1. Gentle Megasaur
  2. Rockpool Hunter
  3. Sunkeeper Tarim
  4. Primalfin Totem
  5. Hydrologist
  6. Spikeridged Steed
  7. Kalimos
  8. Nesting Roc
  9. Jeweled Macaw
  10. Crackling Razormaw

7 - 10 definitely surprising me. Not seeing a lot of Hunters and when I do they’re typically unsuccessful. And then there’s Kalimos.

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Greetings Garrett-Raging Gumps

I was curious about the standard rotation that exists. At the beginning of the year, 3 expansions leave the rotation for one new one. Eventually 2 more arrive by the end of the year but why not have one leave when one is released? Do you feel this would be a better meta change instead of so many cards leaving at once with not as many to replace them?


Hello podcasting chickens,

Let’s discuss card trading: I got Tirion in my brawl pack this week, which I already have. One of my sons does not have Tirion and I wish I could have given him my 2nd Tirion make a trade for either gold, dust or a selection of cards for equal dust value.

Wouldn’t be great if there was a way to do this? What if Players could only trade when they are logged on the same network, meaning being most likely physically together in the same room, which is like physically trading cards in person. This would be a great way for blizzard to promote fireside gatherings and interactions between players.

Your thoughts?


Greetings to my favorite feathered friends,

After listening to last episode and hearing about bringing characters from HS into HotS, I was thinking about how amazeballs it would be to bring characters from other blizzard games into HS. They already gave us a Diablo card back, so why not give us Valla? Hero power can fire a single bolt dealing 1 damage to a random enemy target, and maybe only cost 1. Speaking of which, why haven't we broken the mold of hero powers ALWAYS costing 2?!? Another character I'd love to see in HS would be Probius! Imagine having a hero that can summon structures like pylons which then allow you to "power" photon cannons. Maybe certain structures will only power on after having 2 or 3 pylons present on board. Just wanted to throw my thoughts out to you all because I think it would be a super fun and new experience, and wanted to know what you think!

Thanks for your podcast and keep up the great work!


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TAC is supported by our epic Patrons. You can become a TAC Patron by going to Patreon.com/tac. Becoming a TAC patron gives you access to the TAC Skype account for the Patron Call-in episodes as well as the aftershow video.

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