1. What am I looking at right now?

This is a list of questions people usually ask when I stream so instead of listening to me answer them a million times, they can check here instead

  1. How do you stream?

I use a Elgato Cam Link [1] to capture gameplay to my PC Desktop [2][3](Phil found it thrown in the dumpster). Then with OBS Studio, I make sure everything is set up and use a RØDE VideoMic [4]as my microphone

  1. Why do you stream?

I stream because it’s fun to play games and interact with people by chatting on Twitch so don’t be afraid to say Howdy. I’m also hoping it grows into a side income if Youtube were to ever fall.

  1. When do you stream?

I try streaming at 6:30pm Central (CST) daily unless I’m busy but there are times when I go on earlier or at random Having to stream with a schedule would drive me insane so it’s at random when I feel like I want to play something live. That said, I am trying to be consistent for 2 hours every Monday/ Wednesday/Friday

  1. How can I be notified when you stream?

Either follow me on Twitch, Twitter (https://twitter.com/JakubTilecky) or even YouTube as these websites should send you a notification stating when I’m Live

  1. How long do you stream for?

It depends on the game, my mood, internet connection, and computer working but I have streamed between 1 to 24 hours before. Tis more common to have about 3+ hour streams with breaks in between but I’ll never do another 24 hour marathon again, tis not worth it  I’ve changed focus to spending more time growing my Youtube channel/editing videos, so the streams will be limited to under 2 hours from now on

  1. Why Does My Stream Buffer?

I don’t know, have you asked it? If the Twitch stream is buffering then tell me as it may be my internet, if everything is running smoothly for the other viewers then it’s from your side. Be sure to check the simultaneous Youtube stream as well by clicking HERE to have the option of lowering your Video Quality Settings and hopefully fixing the problem

  1. How do you achieve less than 5 Seconds of Delay?

Hwell, tis the magic of a lovely streaming website known as Beam. It’s basically similar to other streaming sites except it has near instant response compared to Twitch’s 20 second delay and it also offers Quality Options like Youtube.

  1. How do you stream to multiple websites at the same time?

ReStreamio is free website that enables me to stream on four different websites simultaneously (Twitch, Youtube, Beam, & HitBox are the ones I use). Tis free and easy to figure out as well.

  1. Which Webcam do you use?

I use the very awesome Logitech C920 but don't stare for too long as my beauty may poke an eye out My webcam broke and so I now use a JVC GZ-E300 connected through an AV Cable to my Dazzle DVC 100. It may not be HD but looks close to it

  1. How do you Green Screen?

With a Green Screen

  1. What does the 72 stand for in Jakub72?

I put 72 after my name because it is my favorite number and is easy to remember (I also stole the number from my Step Brother harhar)

  1. Why do you call yourself the Slovak Mountain Man?

It is because I was born in a small European country known as Slovakia, a baby slowly crawling his way through this world that eventually became the manliest of men. Slovakia is also known for its Mountains and I wouldn’t mind living as a lumberjack in the snowy open fields skiing to the babes either. That and the name just came to me one day many years ago so it is here to stay

  1. Why do you talk weird?

My accent is a combination of speaking Slovak and English so maybe that is the reason why… but I also have my own unique style of talking with others. Why do you talk weird?

  1. What’s with the majestic beard and long hair?

Oh you like? Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to grow out my hair and rock out in a band. It also helps that I listen to Metal so the beard is along for the ride

  1. You look like a lady.

Am I the prettiest lady?

  1. How old are you?

Old enough babeh

  1. What color are your eyes?

I have a “condition” known as Heterochromia Iridum, this means that one eye is a separate color from the other. They’re either, Gray, Blue, or Brown… click HERE to see and decide for yourself. Gorgeous I know

  1. Why are you bouncing?

I’ve replaced my chair with a Purple Exercise Ball and find myself bouncing on it at random, tis fun and gets the glutes toned for the ladies No bouncing to be had here, The Purple Exercise Ball has been sacrificed

  1. Why Do You Show The Green Zelda Pouch During Breaks?

The Zelda Break Sign saves me alot of time when I edit these streams down into 30+ minute parts for YouTube. This technique has proven to be the most efficient way to quickly post past streams on to YouTube for anyone interested in watching the playthroughs at a future time I have a computer now that lets me transition smoothly, the Zelda Pouch is no longer needed

  1. Did you make or buy your costumes?

Every outfit/ costume that has appeared on the stream so far was made by me, from the planning process (Gathering materials, buying fabric, hours of traveling) to final result (Painting, Sewing, Gluing together). I do occasionally ask for help sometimes from Mama J-Steel. I made a video showcasing the creation of my Splatoon Outfit, click HERE to watch it. But some like the Sonic costume was purchased by my babe. I no longer make costumes as they’re too time consuming

  1. Squibbles is adorable, where can I get a squishy kitty like him?

There is nowhere to get a squishy kitty like Squibbles as there is only one in existence. I patiently spent every waking hour throughout the month of December 2014 learning to Crochet Squibbles together as a Christmas gift for someone. Since then, he has made a variety of appearances on the stream and is now the official mascot for my Twitch channel (if I can find him)

  1. What is your favorite game?

I can’t answer that question as there are too many to choose from but some of my favorites are from franchises such as The Legend Of Zelda, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Tomba, Jet Set Radio Future, Donkey Kong, Rise Of Nations, Age Of Mythology, Turok: Evolution, Half-Life, Dead Space, Metroid, Final Fantasy, Mario Kart: Double Dash, Sly Cooper, Ty The Tasmanian Tiger, and more

  1. How long have you been playing games?

Probably most of my life, from the toddler days in Slovakia to now which is quite the long time if I do say so myself

  1. What was the first game you have ever played?

It was either Pac Man for the Atari 5200, Lode Runner on the Nes, or the 9999 in 1 Brick Game. These memories happened in Slovakia at a very young age and I'm not sure which one was first  

  1. When will you play [Game Name]?

Eventually….. I have quite the Game Collection and shall try my best to make my way through the games that interest me. I’d rather be working on Youtube videos instead of streaming though so don’t have high expectations for that happening anytime soon. But if I don’t own the game then I probably won't be playing it either. Feel free to send me games or recommend any for the stream by clicking HERE. (Become one of my Patrons and your game gets a higher priority of mine to play on stream in the future and potentially even a Review but no promises)

  1. Have you played or streamed [Game Title] before?

I’ve played a number of games in my day but the best way to be sure is to visit my Website (Tiny.cc/Jakub72) or the Game Collection, where everything is neatly categorized for your viewing pleasure.

  1. Which consoles do you own?

I currently have a Dreamcast, Gamecube, Nes, Nintendo 64, Playstation 1/2/3/4, Snes, Wii, Wii U, XBox, Xbox 360, and Switch

  1. Which portable devices do you own?

I own a Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy SP, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo 3DS XL, New Nintendo 3DS XL, PSP, PSTV, and a Clear TI-83-Plus Silver Calculator (Yes this is included as I would play games on it during study hall)

  1. What’s the story behind the Green GameBoy Color?

I decided to retell a childhood story of How I Stole A GameBoy Color and for some reason that video has become viral. It’s my most viewed creation on the entire channel at over 650,000 views as of writing this. So don’t be surprised to see a random oddball mention it during the Live Streams. If you don’t want to be that oddball, then click here for an in depth Q&A as your question has most likely been already answered.

  1. Do you still have the Green GameBoy Color?

Yes, I have the one used in my video as a prop. But not the one I stole back in the toddler days that this story was based on. I don’t know what happened to it, probably lost it while moving a long time ago (how ironic)

  1. If that’s true then how do you still have the original Pokemon Crystal?

I was looking through the basement at some old boxes from the toddler days of mine and found a “time capsule”. Which is when I found the Pokemon Crystal cartridge, reminding myself of the memory. I don’t know where the GameBoy Color went but this inspired the creation which eventually turned into the How I Stole A Gameboy Color video.


  1. My name is Chris and that was my GameBoy Color, can I have it back?

No, Chris is the default name in Pokemon Crystal. That and the How I Stole A GameBoy Color video is a story that happened probably around 2001. Even if you lost a GameBoy Color, I bought this one on Ebay for $5. Watch the Q&A, it does not belong to you

  1. Why don’t you stream any PC games?

I play older PC games and occasionally use Steam but not often, the reason for this is because my streaming computer is a piece of junk and doesn’t perform well if too many programs are open at once. It just can’t handle it, I’m surprised to even be able to handle streaming console games

  1. Can I add you as a friend online?

I don’t really play that many online games except for Mario kart 8, Super Smash Bros., Pokemon Y/Moon, Splatoon, or Theatrhythm: Curtain Call but ask me during the stream

  1. What is your 3DS Friend Code?

3711 - 8296 - 2307

  1. What Is Your PSN?


  1. How Do You Record DS/3DS Gameplay?

I don’t have a 3DS Capture Card so the 3DS is put onto a table instead and my webcam points down at it from above, then the edges are cropped and framed in OBS Studio to fit the screen. My new method is using NTR Preview 2 to wirelessly stream my New 3DS’s footage directly to the computer (Do your own research as this method is risky and may brick your system so don’t blame me if it does). As for DS Games, the Wii U has a number of playable titles from the EShop

  1. How Do You Record PS3 or PS Vita Gameplay?

I bought a PSTV during Black Friday for steal of a deal which lets me play Vita games and output them through a HDMI cable, that cable is then connected to my Elgato Game Capture HD through a HDMI Splitter to remove Sony’s HDCP Restriction. The same method is used for PS3 games.

  1. Do you use Miiverse?

Yes, my name on Miiverse is Jakub72 and I create fancy doodles on there all the time so stop by for a look Miiverse has been discontinued on November 8, 2017 but luckily I have posted all of my doodles onto my website so take a yonder for those there

  1. What games do you have?

Take a yonder at (http://www.backloggery.com/jakub72) to see a list of my games. I update it every time a new game enters my collection

  1. How do you have so many games?

I have been slowly collecting them for a number of years now by purchasing from Flea Markets, Thrift Stores, Ebay, Amazon, Book Stores, Viewer donations, etc

  1. You must be rich… are you?

Rich in heart... yes. But as of money, No I am not rich at all and don’t even have that much money let alone a way to make some

  1. Why don’t you get a job?

I thrive towards a future that lets me make a steady income by streaming and creating videos as an independent creator. But I’ve tried and am still searching for a way to earn some income. Patreon seems to be the closest thing to that but as for “traditional” work…. many employers don’t seem to contact me back, either I don’t have enough experience on my resume or my professionally good looks are too much to handle.

  1. That makes me eternally sad.

Same here but worry not as this is the way of life

  1. Can I support the stream?

It is not required to make a payment if you want to enjoy my content but your generosity means alot. Even a few dollars go a long way so follow this link to make a Donation HERE (I normally can’t see these on stream though). Tis recommended to join my Patreon instead and receive extra content as a Thank You.

  1. What is Patreon?

Tis a platform that lets fans directly support their favorite online creators either monthly or per post to continue doing what they love. Here’s my Patreon Video better explaining exactly how the website works. But pretty much for your contribution, I give you extra content such as Vlogs, Behind The Scenes footage, Editing Sessions, Movie Streams, Cooking videos with Pap, and much more. I think it’s probably the best way someone can both help and get to know one another abit better than just a viewer and streamer. $1, $2, and $5 are the three different Reward Tiers I have setup and can be cancelled at anytime. Feel free to visit my page itself for more information at Patreon.com/Jakub72.

  1. What genres do you like the most?

Usually anything such as Horror, RPGs, Rhythm, Adventure, Action, RTSs, Mystery, or Puzzle

  1. What do you do beside streaming on Twitch?

I sleep, eat, watch movies, shower, breath, walk, doodle, explore, travel, chill, photograph, read, cry, get the babes, smell, tell cheesy jokes and make Youtube videos

  1. How Do You Make Your YouTube Videos?

I usually come up with a random or interesting idea for a video first, which then is turned into a script. This script usually falls into two categories: either written or storyboard. The written version is a format similar to essays with endless amounts of paragraphs that serve as my lines which help tell stories in a more fluent and informative way. Storyboarding is my preferred method as it’s a visually quicker process that sometimes make for the funnest videos. After this, I record my footage with either a Flip UltraHD, GoPro Hero 2, Logitech C920, or Canon 7D for later use. After the acting and scenes are fully complete, I transfer every file to my computer and open Adobe Premiere Pro. After years of editing, it’s the program I am most familiar with and have been using ever since i taught myself the necessary skills. Editing is usually the longest and tedious part of this entire process but time flies as my passion takes over and eventually cause a number of sleepless nights. Once finished, I watch the video a few times for errors and upload to YouTube

  1. When is the next YouTube video?

When I stop streaming and actually spend time either working on the script, recording footage, or editing the video itself. I can’t do both at once and would rather work on growing my Youtube channel with quality content instead. Depending on the video, they take awhile to complete as I normally do everything myself (aside from the occasional camera help or acting from my brothers). The hiatus between videos drives me crazy as well but I keep Patrons updated weekly with Vlogs and other content if that interests you.

  1. When is the next stream?

When I feel like streaming. I have a life outside of videos and streams which includes spending time with friends, family, the babe, or just doing personal things for me. Which I hope should be common sense as I am but one person. Similar to the videos, I do all this myself and most of the time don’t feel it is worth fighting with my computer difficulties just to force out a live stream. Being an old hag, I’m also trying to find means of supporting myself and streams don't seem to be doing that at the moment.

  1. Do you watch anime?

I do but it has been awhile since I’ve enjoyed one. Here is a LIST though of anime that I have seen or want to watch in the near future

  1. Do you like to read books?

I like to read Metal/Rock Biographies, Film/Behind The Scenes Stuff, Survival/Travel Books, Horror, Manga or anything awesome

  1. What movies do you like?

Anything good or cheesy, I’m a huge fan of Horror, Animations and 80’s films. I’ve also created a list of movies seen since October 2011 so take a click here to see it (http://www.imdb.com/list/ls003691957/)

  1. Do you like any shows?

I really like to watch Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, The Amazing World Of Gumball, Code Lyoko, Nu Pogodi!, Edd Edd N’ Eddy, Samurai Jack, He-Man, Powerpuff Girls, Rugrats, YuYu Hakusho, Invader Zim, Action League Now!, Stranger Things and more recently South Park

  1. Do you watch movies on stream?

The Patrons and I do Movie Buff streams quite often, which consist us getting together for a few hours to enjoy a film of their choice and just have a hoot of a time all around.

  1. What music do you listen to?

80's Metal/Rock which means the good stuff from Bon Jovi, Ozzy Osbourne, Kiss, Marilyn Manson, AC/DC, Twister Sister, Slipknot, and Nightwish just to name a few. I also jam to a variety of other tunes such as Game Soundtracks, Classic Instrumentals, Bob Marley, IZ, or anything that sounds beautiful

  1. You're an awesome dude, where else can I contact you?

You are even awesomer for saying this but if the show was awesome enough for me to deserve a personal message of gratitude then either send them to my Website, Action Channel, Gaming Channel, Twitch, Patreon, or Twitter. I try to check them regularly

  1. If there are any questions I did not answer here then ask me in the stream and I’ll be sure to answer them as well as update this list

[1] Outdated: Elgato Game Capture HD (USB stopped connecting to PC)

[2] Outdated: Streaming Laptop (Fell apart and died)

[3] Outdated: Streaming Laptop (Overheats quickly and is loud).

[4] Outdated: JK MIC-J 044 (Fell Apart and died)