Woodlake Garden Patio Homes Board of Director’s Meeting.

October 7, 2013 6:37 PM – held at Ross home Mariner Rd.  Meeting called to order.

Present:  Directors; Nancy Ross, Allen Wright, Sandi Stone, Lin Williams, Brenda Hosegood and Pat Wagner

Also present as owner observers;  Krystal, Jed, Sussan, Beth, Barbara and Larry


Secretary's Report:

Minutes of the previous meeting read and corrected as noted (in checking, savings balances, sign costs.)

Sandi moved to accept minutes as amended, Brenda seconded.


Treasurer's Report:   As of September 30, 2013

Savings balance:  $4,381.16, Checking balance:  $2,941.49

2 delinquent assessments were recently received.  4 assessments are still being pursued.

All the current past-due residents have again been mailed letters.

No amendments to the treasurer's report; Brenda moved to accept, Sandi seconded.


Old Business:

Floor opened for discussion. After signs were installed, mulching and bordering of the 2 signs was completed this past weekend.

Final costs for signs and landscaping were unanimously accepted by the Directors.  Installation was contributed by volunteers. The general consensus was that the new signs and landscaping were a positive upgrade to the neighborhood and added to our community’s attractiveness. It was noted that many positive comments from residents had been exchanged regarding the new signage and appreciation was again extended to all the volunteers that participated.


Nancy mentioned we had extra printing costs since last meeting which included new copies of the Deed Restrictions and By Laws for distribution.

The Newsletter was favorably received. Cost is $50 for printing. It was proposed that the Newsletter be updated quarterly and distributed throughout the neighborhood. Allen moved to continue the Newsletter quarterly and Lin seconded. Motion carried unanimously.


Nancy commended our beautiful website with Allen and Krystal's and Jed's efforts to bring the site to life.

The website was demonstrated, showing all links and updates that have been posted to the site, to the present. A long list of community announcement features were a hot topic including the news feed account and calendar, connecting us with many city and county agencies that will send notifications of updates to our website. Links to download the governing documents was demonstrated. Many comments were made by those in attendance about the beautiful pictures of the neighborhood on the website and the website’s useful features for residents. Nancy commented on  that the newly designed logo has been implemented on the website, newsletter and new signs for a complementary look.

New Business:

Recycle bins were delivered to every household (except Brenda's).

Updated news: as of July it is recurred that all HOA's have to be registered with the DBPR. There is not a fee for registering at this time.

Paid, professional property managers were notified, but not necessarily volunteer HOA board associations.  It is to this end that the registration is required so that the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) has all Associations information.

Also, any new (oncoming) member must sign affidavit that they have thoroughly read and familiarized themselves of all the underlying association documents or take online free course.


Susan Needham has resigned from board of directors.


Pat mentioned the trees in the circles need to be trimmed. We will get Richie to give us a quote for trimming.

Sussan Ford had submitted a request to speak at the meeting whereby she mentioned the lack of street lighting on the end of Mariner Rd.

The Architectural Committee agreed to inquire about the matter to the City of Lakeland.

There has been a complaint registered regarding the use of substitute and unusual drying methods displayed in front of resident's garage.

The Secretary will send a notice of compliance to the owner.

A discussion also ensued regarding the apparent problem of the building of structures that call for a city building permit and follow up inspections.

The City of Lakeland is to be notified of such infractions.


Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 2. Location: Lin William's home on Whitman Dr.


With no further business, call to adjourn – moved by Lin; seconded by Brenda. Adjourned at 7:55 PM.