** Thank you for your interest! I have been very touched by the many people who are circulating a version of this document to their communities. IMPORTANT NOTE: You do not need to have editorial access. Simply download the document, save it to your computer, and modify it to suit your needs! **

A Neighborly Invitation Regarding Coronavirus

Adapted from a communication in London


Dear [NAME],


Hello, from [NAME] at [ADDRESS]. We have lived here since [YEAR] but we don’t know all of you. Given these uncertain times, we thought this would be a good time to change that!


None of us know what the impact of Coronavirus will be on our neighborhood. But we’d like to start thinking about how to adapt should the virus become widespread, should schools and workplaces close, and should neighborhoods or houses become quarantined.


Many of us have our own support systems, families, friends and communities, who we will help and be helped by in challenging times. However, while some of us have support networks in this neighborhood, others do not. In the event of a large-scale shutdown across [CITY/STATE], local support networks will become particularly important.


We would like to facilitate building a ‘hyper-local’ support network right here in our neighborhood.


We envision a network that could help with the following things:


  • Sharing supplies (i.e., Tylenol, Ibuprofen, cleaning products) if there are shortages
  • Bringing pre-cooked meals for families in which everyone or the main caregivers are sick.
  • Checking in (possibly remotely) on elderly residents or those who are in high-risk groups and do not live with a caregiver.
  • Assisting with minor DIY tasks if it becomes impossible to get help.
  • Assisting with teaching young people should schools be closed.

In order to gauge interest in this idea and help build this network, we would be grateful if you could email [NAME] at [EMAIL ADDRESS] the following information:


1. What is your address?

2. What is your name and who else lives in your house? If you don’t want to supply names, ages are fine.

3. Are you interested in joining this network?

4. If you are interested, what is your contact number?

5. Do you use WhatsApp and would a WhatsApp group be a good way to build this network?

6. If not WhatsApp, which means of communication would you prefer?

7. Do you have any particular needs or Coronavirus risk factors that the network could help address?

8. Do you have any skills or anything else you could bring to the network?


Many thanks for your help. We look forward to your responses.