Social Media -- Top tips for your campaign:

Social media (Facebook and Twitter) is a great tool to get your campaign out there.

  1. Facebook:
  1. Why post on Facebook?
  1. Quick and easy
  2. Very shareable
  3. Personal endorsement
  4. Share your campaign for your friends to share with their friends - chain reaction
  5. People are much more likely to find a petition on their Facebook newsfeed through friends, than getting an email about it
  1. What should you write about your campaign on Facebook?
  1. What’s the objective?
  1. Do you want people to sign a petition?
  1. Write a little bit about your campaign
  2. No more than three lines
  3. Mention ‘please sign the petition’ clearly -- so people know what  action to take
  4. Add link to petition
  1. Do you want people who have already signed the petition to spread the word?
  1. Write something short about your campaign
  2. Add something like ‘pass it on’ or ‘share to expose the issue’ to encourage your friends to hit ‘share’
  1. Getting people to ‘share’ rather than ‘like’
  1. This will spread your post to more people
  2. Remember to keep your post snappy and to the point
  3. Using an image or short video also works really well
  1. Before you post, take a minute to read it yourself -- Ask yourself: is this something I would sign? Or share myself? (based on your short, punchy message)
  2. Don’t forget to tag Jhatkaa in your posts so that the Jhatkaa team can share your brilliant campaigns on our Facebook page as well!
  1. Twitter:
  1. Why post on Twitter?
  1. Very different than Facebook  -- every tweet is public
  2. You can make your campaign even more visible by using hashtags
  1. Just use the hashtag sign before the keywords in your campaign
  2. Anyone who is interested in the issue and searches for these terms on Twitter will see your tweets
  3. Twitter is used by a lot of journalists who look for comments on key issues, thus making hashtags even more important
  1. If they spot your campaign, they may choose to publish a story, giving it even more exposure
  2. Tweeting about your campaign every time the issue is in the news will highlight the campaign for people who are using Twitter to find stories or comments on the topic
  1. What to post?
  1. Tweets can only be of 140 characters -- so keep it short!
  2. Add a picture if you've got a good image
  3. Remember to put the link to the petition in the tweet
  4. You can use the website to create a shorter version of the link
  5. Use relevant hashtags
  6. You can also tweet at people using the ‘@’ sign
  1. Many decision makers, government officials, journalists and celebrities are on Twitter
  2. It’s a quick and easy way to share your campaign with them
  1. Again, don’t forget to tweet @Jhatkaa so that the Jhatkaa team can share your brilliant campaigns on our Twitter page as well!