Mt. Hope High School Summer Reading 2019


Reading can be enjoyable for all students, and is a skill that can and must be developed through practice.  Summer reading offers an opportunity to exercise young minds, to celebrate literacy, and to cultivate a life-long love of reading.


The primary goal of summer reading is for students to maintain essential skills and to encourage them to read challenging and appealing books that contain an important theme.  


We strongly encouraged students to challenge themselves and read as many books as they can (during the summer months).  Students are also encouraged to discuss the books they have chosen to read with their families and friends.

Statewide Summer Reading Program

Students and families are encouraged to participate and take advantage of the Statewide Summer Reading Program sponsored by the Rhode Island Office of Library and Information Services (OLIS).  This yearly program is a cooperative effort among libraries in Rhode Island to motivate children and teens to read for pleasure and to help them maintain their reading skills during the summer months.

Summer readers may earn free admission to a number of Rhode Island attractions by participating in the Summer Reading Program at their local public library. Requirements for earning a wallet card, which is only available at your public library and serves as an admission ticket, may vary. Inquire in the Children's or Teen Services department at your local public library.


Selecting Books

Students may select books recommended below, or any other books of their choice.  Books can be borrowed and eBooks downloaded from the school and public libraries.

The books suggested include recently published award winning young adult literature and books included in local literacy initiatives.

Notice to Guardians

Although the books suggested are appropriate for high school students, both students and guardians should be aware that books on any of these lists may contain adult topics with adult language and/or controversial material.  Different families have a variety of perspectives on what is most appropriate for a student’s interest and comfort level. Please review the books carefully before deciding which ones are most appropriate for your child.

Additional summer assignments may be given to students enrolled in particular courses (i.e. Advanced Placement and Pre-Advanced Placement courses). Information regarding those assignments will be distributed by the course teacher.