Position:  Runner (FFC)

This position supports the smooth running of the convention in the FFC Venue.  Please review the “General Information” document for a full description of expectations for all InCON volunteers.

This individual will report directly to Courtney Pozzolo and/or Alex Greenwood - referred to as the ‘volunteer coordinators’ (position: Organizing Committee Member - Volunteer Coordinators)

The convention will be using both floors of the Florence Filberg Centre.  Runners will remain in this venue unless an issue arises that would take them into the other venue (Native Sons Hall).    

Job Description:  

Runners are going to be supporting ALL the different areas within the venue by providing a ‘gopher’ service to the convention Special Guests, volunteers and vendors.  It is imperative that Runners are familiar with the physical layout of the building and where all the different activities are happening.  Runners’ responsibilities will include (but are not limited to) manning tables for ‘bathroom breaks’ if there is only 1 person overseeing the table, fetching drinks and meals, manning the food/drink cart, responding to requests of Special Guests (or from their Support Staff volunteer) and running information between Coordinators and Volunteers as required.  They will also ‘step in’ to another Volunteer Position to provide a 15 minute break or a meal break specifically for volunteers who are working for more than 4 hours.   Should there be other duties required, this individual will be available to perform these duties to ensure the smooth running of the convention in the FFC.  

Position Requirements:  

Runners should be physically able to walk quickly and sustain a busy pace for the duration of their shift.  This individual should be easily adaptable to different situations and be flexible with changing tasks.  Being front-line with convention attendees and working along-side other volunteers and convention guests and vendors, Runners must be friendly and personable.  

This document is a fluid document, being a guideline only.