Friends of Discovery Park

Annual Meeting



Fruit platter, cheese & cracker tray, donuts, & beverages

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER at 10:04 AM by President Will Newsom

28 Paid Members

        10 Board Members (2 no-shows  )

          18 Paid Members other than Board Members

7 Invited Speakers

23 Guests

58 total bodies

PRESIDENT’S REMARKS:  Welcome - lots of things on the program, so we will just go straight to that

OFFICIAL BUSINESS (Consuelo Larrabee, VP)


                FreeMaps $2,275.43

                Storage Unit $625/yr going up to $768/yr         October 1st

                Utah Pond Project – shoreline repair and viewing jetty        

                Northern Pedestrian Pathway connecting North Parking Lot with City                                 sidewalks at W Lawton St and the Army property

                Replacing Tulip Trees in North Parking Lot planting strips


The following members have been re-elected to the Board for a 2-year term:  Tony Gumbrell, Consuelo Larrabee, Del Mercure, Will Newsom, Mason Rhoads

PROGRAM - SPEAKERS PANEL (Gary Gaffner, Moderator)

BELINDA CHIN – Environmental Learning Center

  1. Accessibility – how people find programs etc.
  2. Sustainability – staffing impacted over the past 4 years
  3. Opportunity – some communities do not have the opportunity to access natural resources
  4. Impact of on-off events – offer opportunities that continue over person’s lifetime and cultivate a culture of stewardship

PATTI PETESCH – Discovery Park

FoDP members are the eyes and ears out in the Park to share help and concern

Discovery Park is a Regional Park

1.  Mowing

2.  West Point Light Station

3.  Navy and Forest City In-holdings

4.  Forest Steward Volunteers

5.  Green Seattle Partnership

6.  Capehart Fence

7.  United Indians of All Tribes Foundation

8.  Shakespeare in the Park

9.  Staffing

ERIC FRIEDLI – Park Department

“Runs” DPR along with Chris Williams, Superintendent

AL WILLIAMSON & DAN GRENET - West Point Treatment Plant

Six projects are underway or coming soon at WP Treatment Plant:

1.  Co-generation (waste to energy)

2.  Centrifuge replacement

3.  Influent screenings

4.  Intermediate pump station impellers

5.  Raw sewage pump engine emissions

6.  Upgrade control system

Tours will be offered on Friday April 25, 2014 at 9AM and 1PM.  Space is limited, so anyone who wishes to participate needs to RSVP (info on the FoDP website)

MONICA VAN DER VIEREN – King County Wastewater Treatment Division Community Relations for Magnolia CSO Project and West Point Projects

1.  Update on Proposed WP Security Gate

2.  Biosolids trucks

Q&A and Comments

Q = Is there a Shuttle Bus to the Beach for seniors

Q = What ELC programs would be enhanced by a MPD

Q = How improve the Beach Parking Permits Program i.e. tighten up the system

Q = Explain ADA access at the Beach – shuttle, restrooms, Light Station


Q = How many acres is the WP Treatment Plant

Q = What is the flow of human waste vs storm drainage, and is it increasing or decreasing

Q = Any plans to move the WP Treatment Plant to the SoDo area of the City – now is the best window of opportunity to acquire the land to do this

Q = How will the campaign for an increase in the minimum wage impact a MPD or DPR eg how many people currently work for Parks and make less than $15/hour

Q = What about other options for the Loop Trucks eg a staging area and handing off trailers to new drivers

Q = Can LOOP trucks use the HOV lanes on the Interstate

Q = Why is the Gate Project looking at 3 issues:  security, beach access, and vandalism

Q = What about the Parking signage at the Beach

Q = Any closer sites for Biosolids than eastern WA

Q = When will Smith Cove Park be open to the public

Q = What happened to the plan to clamp down on off-leash dogs in Discovery Park

Q = Chapel Building is deteriorating - any chance to renovated it and then use it to generate revenue

Q = Have there been any public emergencies at West Point in the past 5 years where police or fire were unable to respond

Q = What about Biosolids vs discharging into Puget Sound

Disposable wipes are NOT disposable and cause significant problems to the system

KC continually works not only to meet but also to exceed regulations based on research

Education is an on-going big effort to keep stuff out of the system

Q = Off-leash dog signage:  Increased signage was discussed last year, none has been provided, and the problem is worse this year – we need better signage that “shames” owners ie lets them know they are being disrespectful of other park users and their dogs are killing park wildlife

C = Install Parking Meters at the Beach to do away with the current unfair and non-functional parking Permit system

Q = What is KC going to do when there is a landslide that takes out the road to West Point – doesn’t appear that emergency planning has been done

Q = People want access to the Capehart Site – what about public tours provided by Park staff or Docents as a solution

Q = What about we start charging people to use Park services

Q = Any update on the sale of the Forest City property

Q = Will Park Rangers issue citations for off-leash dogs

C = At the last public GATE meeting, someone from KC did say that there used to be a road that ran from the North Parking Lot down to West Point – but they were wrong – look at the aerial photos and historical maps = there is not and never was such a road

Q = What is the emergency plan if the road to West Point is destroyed – surely you must have one

C = Public announcement about the upcoming public meeting on changes to Metro Transit Bus Service

MEETING ADJOURNED @ 12:40PM (Will Newsom)

Further discussions one-on-one and polish off more yummy food   


Update Board Roster on web site, Google Drive, and to Board (done)