Letter to a Weta

Junior Journal 13

We are learning to answer a range of comprehension questions.

What is the name of the person telling the story How do you know?

Annie.  I know because she signed the letter with her name

Why do you think Annie wrote a letter to the weta 

to try and tell the weta to stay out of the gumboot.

Where did Annie find the weta on Monday

in the mail box.

What could Annie have done to stop the weta crawling into her boots

kepp them up side done  at night

List 6 compound words from the text:

gumboot mailbox wood box wetabox inside outside

Imagine you found a weta in your school bag.  Write a letter to the weta about how you felt 

Dear Weta, I am sorry but you can,t stay. you gave me a fright because you was in my school bag. pleas get out now.  From Georgia