#MBHunt List - Homecoming Fall 2013

Register your team. Take a picture of at least one person on your team at a location or with an item. Upload it to Instagram with #MBHunt, #yourteamname and the item number. Keep an eye on the CSUMB website, Facebook page and Twitter stream for special daily items worth bonus points.

See complete rules at CSUMB.EDU/mbhunt

All items are 1 point in value unless otherwise stated.

  1. With the Bookstore Manager
  2. A favorite Peet’s drink
  3. Of the sunset from anywhere on campus
  4. At the Aquatics Center with the red/orange fish
  5. Getting wild on the Wilderness playground
  6. With an ASAP tutor in the ASAP offices
  7. Attending an Associated Students Senate Meeting
  8. With the latest copy of the Otter Realm
  9. With the dolphin sculpture in front of Marina City Hall
  10. Purchasing fruits, vegetables or flowers at the Everyone’s Harvest Farm Stand
  11. The blue light phones are for emergency purposes, so don’t press the button; but we think it’s important for you to know where some of them are located
  12. Riding the concrete whale in Pacific Grove
  13. At the Lover's Point snack shack
  14. At the top of Jacks Peak taking in the views (2 points)
  15. A decorated Starbucks cup
  16. With your favorite wing sauce at WoW
  17. Find Kuki's food truck
  18. Getting a simple serving at Simple Servings
  19. At the Giant Artichoke in Castroville
  20. A receipt for 30 cents worth of gas
  21. A business card from a local business, double points if the person on the card is named Tom
  22. Playing pool in the Student Center
  23. Whole team doing the Macarena in public (video suggested)
  24. Enjoying the recreation trail
  25. Hanging upside down from the pull up bars in East Campus
  26. Take a picture with a public clock (like the one in Monterey at the MST Transit Plaza) at 2:53
  27. Having a Kung fu battle on the sidewalk in front of the Intercontinental Hotel on Cannery Row (video suggested)
  28. Pose with your favorite on-campus student barista
  29. Doing or attempting to do a handstand in the middle of Freeman Stadium
  30. At the Monterey Farmer’s Market (downtown or MPC) or Marina Farmer’s Market with your favorite fruit or veggies
  31. With all of the Brita water filtration systems on campus (1 point each picture)
  32. With the poster that says “What ASAP Tutoring Center Expects from Students”
  33. With the armillary
  34. Where can you find the garden of musical instruments?
  35. Of the Blues Clues paw prints - all three
  36. Find the Dr. Seuss books in the library
  37. With someone riding a scooter to class
  38. Watching the movie Elf
  39. With a parking officer on a motorized scooter
  40. At the Grocery Outlet doing your grocery shopping
  41. Of a group hug with at least ten people
  42. Playing tennis in East Campus
  43. Make the CSUMB logo out of skittles or m&ms
  44. Someone ordering something at the OE in a super hero costume
  45. Wear a kelp wig at the beach
  46. With a CSUMB sail boat (preferably in the water)
  47. With the green screen in the cinematic arts building (do NOT disturb classes)
  48. Touching Monte’s tail without him knowing
  49. Laying down on the pedestrian section like in the movie the Notebook
  50. Find the blue slide in East Campus
  51. Put on your own play in front of the World Theater (video suggested)
  52. Champion pose in front of the be a champion signs in the gym
  53. With the academic counselor that loves chickens and the Dallas Cowboys
  54. Someone wearing sunglasses inside
  55. The Marina Library, while small, still has many books available for checking out. See if you can find a novel by John Steinbeck
  56. In front of Monte’s with the under construction sign
  57. Of the monkey bars monkeying around on them
  58. Be ninja in the library
  59. Working at the Yorktown garden
  60. With Leon from Alliance (note: he’s on vacation Monday, 12/2)
  61. With the wild turkey(s) on campus
  62. Hiking the closest national monument
  63. Dressed up like Indiana Jones in the forest
  64. Doing a meditation pose under the teepee
  65. With the missing mural
  66. Find “Incoming Tides” that used to be in the OBR
  67. With your RA/PAL (find one if you don’t live on campus)
  68. Ninjas eating chicken wings
  69. With the purple toaster in the DC
  70. Show us how quiet you can be on the quiet floor of the library
  71. Which RA made the coolest door decorations, prove it with a pic - decoration and RA must be in the picture
  72. Did you get a package, did someone you know get a package? Student Housing & Residential Life might also have Otter Pops
  73. Find Ocean Avenue and shoot us a snapshot
  74. Catch someone napping in class
  75. Point Lobos anyone?
  76. Head to the Kelp Forest and work on your soccer skills
  77. Sing with Ingrid at the Otter Express when she has time and song choice is hers (video suggested)
  78. Free swim hours, a great way to spend the afternoon
  79. Do you know what a disc golf basket looks like?
  80. With the #MBhunt winners from last Homecoming (hint: there are 4 people)
  81. At the dog park park in East Campus - extra point if a furry, four legged friend is in the pic
  82. With your favorite professor - with their name
  83. With someone in a wetsuit
  84. With an out of state license plate on a car that’s on campus - please make sure you just get the license plate and not the make and model of the car
  85. Of a parking ticket on someone’s windshield (hopefully not yours)
  86. With a blue book for a test
  87. By the Watershed Restoration project on the shore of Carr lake in Salinas
  88. Carmel Beach - need we say more?
  89. With a CSUMB alumni - include their name and the year they graduated
  90. With the tallest building on campus
  91. Find a well in one of the gardens of downtown Monterey
  92. Hugging at least 3 random people (put in one pic)
  93. Roll down the sand dunes at Marina State Beach
  94. With the broken light switch in the gym
  95. Find a jackfruit in a Marina asian market
  96. All decked out in MB gear - colors, facepaint - the more the better
  97. Eradicating some ice plant
  98. Sit on a couch at the Last Chance mercantile
  99. Team photo (first day)
  100. With a speed hump on hump dayyyyyy!
  101. In front of the inflatable holiday fair in East Campus
  102. With new soccer scoreboard
  103. With the CSUMB sign in the Monterey Airport
  104. With someone playing Simpson’s Tapped Out
  105. With the CSUMB jersey at Buffalo Wild Wings
  106. Find the yellow porta potty on campus
  107. Swinging a club in the Dick's Sporting Goods golfing cage
  108. With the Community Service Honor Roll Banner at the Service Learning Institute
  109. Monte Rey has been making appearances at Trader Joes in Monterey, but if you can't find the real Monte Rey, look for the smaller, fuzzier one inside the store.
  110. VIDEO: Scream "We Are MB" & do the wave at numerous places - pool, soccer field,baseball/softball and/or gym
  111. At the Steinbeck Center - downtown Salinas
  112. At the Student Rec Field (if gates are locked, take pic in front of the gates)
  113. With the Christmas tree on Cannery Row
  114. Wearing an In n' Out hat at In n' Out Salinas
  115. With one of the three Community Director’s from Area 1, Area 2 or North Quad. Three points if ALL three CD’s are in the pic together, two points if two CD’s are in the pic
  116. On a swing in East Campus
  117. Playing volleyball at North Quad (video suggested)
  118. A team member wearing a bow tie
  119. With a Safe Zone certified staff/faculty member and their Safe Zone sticker
  120. At the Bike Center renting, fixing or getting ready to ride a bike
  121. With a monarch butterfly at the sanctuary will be easiest
  122. With the flag pole that has the MB flag on it
  123. "Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica," as Dwight Schrute would say. In this case, you're just looking for the bears on the lawn in front of a historical building
  124. Bears part 2: A brown bear was seen and caught rummaging around this shopping area a few years back. There's a sign in honor of his/her visit
  125. There's a giant anchor here and makes for a great photo op
  126. This long time faculty member is currently the Advisor for the LGBT and Allied Advocates, a new club on campus
  127. The Marina Teen Center offers a variety of recreational opportunities for the teens of Marina and surrounding communities - stop by and see what they have in store for the #MBHunt
  128. Printing something in a computer lab
  129. With the tackiest thing you can find in one of the tourist shops on the Wharf
  130. Making smores in your Residence Hall kitchen or apartment
  131. With an Admissions tour guide while they give a tour
  132. With the hairiest person you can find on campus
  133. Working out at the Otter Sports Center
  134. With someone playing the ukulele (video suggested)
  135. Have you ever seen the Poseidon Cup? We hear it’s somewhere in the Student Center
  136. WIth foreign money (make sure to identify the country it’s from)
  137. Eating Twinkies
  138. Someone wearing Mickey Mouse ears
  139. In an ugly Christmas sweater
  140. A team member with a photo of their celebrity doppelganger
  141. At the main entry sign on Lightfighter and Gen Jim Moore
  142. She’s the Coordinator of the OSU & BBC and can be busy in meetings, but try and get a pic with this hardworking woman
  143. With any of the maintenance/moving trucks on campus. Extra point if one of the workers is in the pic.
  144. Enjoying the Great Gatsby at one of the AS Movie Nights
  145. In the lobby of the Student Services Building
  146. How many Tyler’s can you put in one picture? Make sure to identify the Tyler. One point for each Tyler
  147. Conference and Event Services staff are a friendly bunch. Come visit them and pose for a pic at the front desk. Treats are welcome
  148. Help the DC Workers by sorting your dishes and waste
  149. Go see if the solar panels are working
  150. In all the elevators on campus that you know of