Learning Intentions:

  1. identify and understand main ideas
  2. Use reference books, for example dictionary, thesaurus, atlas
  3. use a large and increasing bank of high frequency words to make meaning

Success Criteria:

Ongoing Tasks


Chapter Title Assignment (Toolbox: Inspiration or Pages on computer or iPad)

  • Type in the first chapter title, in the box below, type what you think that first chapter is about, read the chapter, then type in what the chapter was really about.
  • Do this for every chapter.


Character Diary Choose one of the main characters and write a Character Diary for that character


Describe this character (Toolbox: Inspiration or Pages on computer or iPad) Download Describe this Character  and as you find information that helps you to describe the character fully, add it

  1. Percy
  2. Grover


Excitement Chart Choose 3 chapters and write each of them up on their own excitement chart


Trading Cards Make Trading Cards about the Characters in the story, laminate them and trade them with your friends (Find more information here)


Vocab Log (Toolbox: Google Spreadsheet on computer or iPad)

  1. add words to your Vocab log as you find them. Share them with your group at Novel Study Group

Optional Tasks

A-Z Keynote of events and characters in the book. Every slide has a letter of the alphabet and you have to find a picture that starts with that letter and write a sentence about what it means.

Story Cube: Take 6 main events from the story and add pictures to each face off the cube. Remember to look at your Digital Toolkit to see the different ways you could do this activity.

Make A Wanted Poster: Choose a character from the story and make a wanted poster, make sure you include the character’s name, age, height, what he is wanted for, and how much the reward is.

Create a Wordle of all the new words you have discovered

The questions in purple are for you to answer on this document. The teacher will be responding to your answers.

The questions in normal text are for you to do on your book on the Kindle using the highlight, dictionary and note taking features. Where there is a blue link, this will lead you to your activity which when finished needs to be saved to your folder in Dropbox.





Read the first chapter. ‘Accidentally vaporize my maths teacher’

  • Highlight (Orange) all the words you don’t know, find the dictionary meaning list them in your Vocab Log
  • Think about: What makes Percy a troubled kid? (Highlight passages that illustrate this)
  • Are there any clues in this chapter that tell you what this story is about?
  • Highlight in yellow any words that describe Percy
  • HIghlight any descriptions of monsters in Blue

Activity: Theatre Reading read through 2x and then record it with Puppet Pals


Three old ladies knit the socks of death

  • More unusual events are happening in this chapter. List them.
  • Highlight in yellow any words that describe Percy
  • HIghlight any descriptions of monsters in Blue


Grover unexpectedly loses his trousers

  • Percy seems to be developing powers, what power did he use in this chapter?
  • Highlight in yellow any words that describe Percy
  • HIghlight any descriptions of monsters in Blue
  • Do you think this was a good title for this chapter?
  • Think about Percy’s dream. What do you think it means.

Activity Choice:

  • Character Collage find pictures of what you think the characters look like and find a quote of something
  • Jackson Family Timeline: There are at least 8 events in this chapter that talk about Sally and Percy’s timeline i.e Sally meets Percy’s father on the beach, Percy strangles a snake. Create a timeline that identifies each event in the correct sequence (you can use Inspiration or a paper template)


My mother teaches me Bullfighting

  • This is the first time we meet a Minotaur, draw a picture of what you think it looks like from the description provided, bring it to the Novel Study group
  • What happens to Percy’s mother?
  • Who do you think the familiar face is that Percy thinks he sees?


I play Pinochle with a Horse

  • The Director says that Pac-Man is the greatest game ever made by humans. Play the game on your wiki page and answer the question on the poll
  • Read some more about Chiron
  • There is a clue in this chapter that points to who Percy’s father is. What is it?
  • Put at least one note per page next to
  • something you don’t understand (write a question about it)
  • something you do understand and can relate to (make a comment like ‘I felt this way...)

Activity: Discuss these notes with a partner


I become Supreme Lord of the Bathroom

  • Think about why Percy asked Chiron about the Underworld, what do you think ‘The beginnings of an idea - a tiny hopeful fire - started forming in my mind’
  • Percy has released another power, highlight it

Activity: Now Percy is at Camp Half-Blood and several of the Olympian Gods names are coming up  Complete the Gods of Olympus mindmap


My dinner goes up in smoke

  • Why does Percy ask for a Blue Coke?
  • What does he wish for as he puts his dinner into the fire?
  • Percy learns more about the Gods. Highlight any new information you find in blue, add it to the Gods of Olympus mindmap


We capture a flag

  • Percy has discovered a new skill, highlight it, add it to your Character Description
  • Percy learns why Satyrs are so important. Why are they so important?
  • We find out who Percy’s father is and what his strengths will be, what are they?

Activity: Continue to add to the Gods of Olympus mindmap more things that you discover about the Gods


I am offered a Quest

  • Have a look at the Oracle of Delphi What was it? Why was it important?
  • What is Percy’s quest? What did the Oracle say that he had to do?
  • Why does Percy have to travel overland?


I ruin a perfectly good bus

  • What weapon does Percy take? What does it do?
  • How do you think he feels about his quest?
  • Why couldn’t he wear the ‘winged’ shoes?

Activity: What do you think a fury would look like, do a drawing and bring it to the next Novel Study Group and share (you can use any medium you like)


We visit the Garden Gnome Emporium

  • As you read about the statues what are you thinking?
  • Find out more about Medusa by looking at some of the resources we have in the classroom
  • Percy called Grover ‘The Red Baron’ read the second paragraph in this article, why did Percy call him that?


We get advice from a poodle

  • Percy finds out why Grover wants to be a searcher. Why does he want to be?
  • Go to iTunes and do a search for Motzart piano concerto no 12 to hear the music Grover played
  • What happened in Percy’s dream, what do you think it meant?


I plunge to my death

  • What were your thoughts when Percy jumped?
  • What new information do you find out about Annabeth in this chapter?

Activity: Google images ‘Gateway Arch’ and ‘Parthenon’ These are monuments. If you were Annabeth what sort of monument do you think she would build. Annotate your drawing. You could draw on paper, on a drawing app, on Lego Digital Designer or Sketchup


I become a known fugitive

  • In this chapter we discover another of Percy’s talents, add it to the Character Description
  • What was the message Percy was told in the water?

Activity: Trading Cards Make Trading Cards about the Characters in the story, laminate them and trade them with your friends


A God buys cheeseburgers

  • How did Percy change when Ares arrived?
  • Percy hates being teased and tricked. How was he teased and tricked in this chapter?
  • What super powers did Percy use this time?


We take a zebra to Vegas

  • If you stayed in that hotel what would be the things that would keep you there for ever? See if you can make a list of 10 things you would like to do.
  • There are 3 parts to Percy’s dream. What happens in each scene, highlight them.


We shop for Waterbeds

  • Read more about Procrustes. What sort of person do  you think he is?
  • Why doesn’t Riptide work on the kids in the alley?
  • How does Percy find the address for the Underworld?


Annabeth does obedience school


We find out the truth, sort of

  • Read some more about Persephone and here. How does her story relate to the seasons of the year?
  • So who do you think is the God that has tricked Percy?
  • You may like to add a Hades card to your  Trading Cards
  • Draw a map of the Underworld based on the description in the book. When you have finished compare it to this map. What are the same and what is different?


 I battle my jerk relative

  • Percy battles Ares. Who is it that helps him?
  • Who is it in the pit?


I settle my tab

  • How does Zeus reward Percy?
  • How do you think Poseidon fees about Percy? How can you tell?


The Prophecy comes true

  • What happens to Grover in this chapter? Do you think he will ever come back?
  • What is unusual about Luke’s new sword?
  • Do you feel any sympathy to Luke? Why or Why not?