The Ascended and Unified New Earth Life

The Ascended and Unified New Earth Life is empowering the New Earth Ascended Masters of Creation and Civilization to create the New Earth Original Living Creation and Civilization. This is the beginning of the New Earth and New EarthStar Planetary/Universal Creation and Civilization which is the destiny of this planet.

The New Earth is a model of ascended physical life for the entire greater universe that is now becoming empowered to create this destined Avatar Planetary/Universal Ascended Life Organism.

As this ascended and unified New Earth and New EarthStar Living Creation Organism continues to develop, it is beginning to function and to increase the ascension of all life and all spacelife throughout the entire planetary/universal system.

It is also blessing the servers of its ascended and unified life with the abundance of it's New Earth and New EarthStar creation and civilization.