WAL how to find the perimeter and area of some classroom objects.

Term 4





P= 2 (L + B) mm,cm,m

A = L x B/W

(sq mm,sq cm,sq m)

Maths book

P = 2(l+b)

  2X ( 20cm+25cm)

2X 45cm=90cm

L = 20cm    B =25cm


A =500 sq cm

Modelling book

P = 2(l+b)

2X (40cm+31cm)

2X 71cm=142cm

L = 40cm    B =31cm


A =1240 sq cm

Large Rectangular Table

P = 2(l+b)

2X (160cm+120cm)

2X 280cm=560cm

L = 160cm    B =120cm


A =19200 sq cm

Tote tray

P = 2(l+b)

2X (39cm+27cm)

2X 66cm=132cm

L = 39cm    B =27cm


A =1053 sq cm

                                          My Reflection

At the start I found the whole thing tricky because I had forgotten how to do the length and the breadth but at the end I found it easy.

I found measuring the length and the breadth easy to measure because at my dad would measure things a lot and he had taught me when I was little.

My next step is do more area and perimeter in my spare time.

I enjoyed measuring the objects in the class and I also enjoyed multiplting the 2 by the the centimeters that I added up.