#143 - The Angry Chicken: “Title”

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Old Gods Release Date Rumors

This all came about as a result of the Naxx bundle in the Battle.net Shop receiving a warning message saying: “Starting April 26, 2016 cards from this set will only be playable in Wild”. This has lead many of us to assume that Tuesday, April 26th is the release of Whispers of the Old Gods.

HearthPwn also pointed out that there are still enough streamers for 2 more weeks of voting card reveal content bringing us to the 18th, leaving room for another week of reveals or a large dump of cards.

Brode Tweets!

Ben Brode has been pretty chatty this week on the subject of the User Interface in HS and changing up the Mulligan Phase.

Will "show standard only cards" filter be added when standard format comes out?


@venom1950 lots of UI changes when Standard goes live. Specifically for sorting of sets

Will the mulligan phase ever see change? Just drawing the cards after both players click confirm would be good.

@tomaskrag yes, it's something we'd like to do

Standard or Wild in Adventures?

When I build a deck for past and future HS adventures, will I be building it Standard or Wild?


@wundertunge Wild is our current thinking.


I know you guys are in a non-canonical space, but is your artistic image of N'zoth how he'd be in WoW or is it independent of that?

@TarikAbdallah hard to say what N'Zoth would look like if it ever appears in WoW, but it's intended to be a canonical image of it, yes.

Did you have a lot of discussion w/the head Warcraft lore ppl regarding what N'Zoth might look like? Or just go w/your own ideas?

@Zaalbeth we collaborated a lot. One of the lead artists on WoW actually did the illustration for the HS card.

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More Old Gods Reveals

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Well Met, Chickens,

First, I wanted to thank you for putting on a great show. I look forward to listening each week as I attempt to absorb the knowledge you have of this wonderful game.

I'm a returning player that took a roughly one year break and I'm looking for some pack buying advice.  I'm currently sitting at a 75% Classic cards collection (545/723 missing most Legendaries), all Adventures completed and the next expansion preordered, but only 39 TGT cards and a little cash burning a hole in my pocket and I'm wondering how to proceed.

Would you suggest filling out the TGT set? Working towards a complete Classic set? Save it and add to the New Gods packs I've already preordered? Maybe I am the only one, but I would love to hear your pack buying strategy and suggestions on the brink of the Standard/Wild change.

My thanks.


Hey angry chick and roosters,

I'm very excited like a lot of people with standard coming and cards being toned down and a bigger focus on more end game control but I am super worried about face decks.

I like playing control type decks and such but have a major problem with rush decks destroying me before I even get going.

Examples being hunter & shaman at the moment. With the loss of Naxx & GvG I feel they won't be affected too much since the tools there aren't massive loses to them unlike control who have to depend on the taunt minions and heal which will be leaving with standard.

Again not seen the whole set but I am super worried especially with shamans and master of evolution (stats and battlecry).

I not sure if they is even a question here but should I be worried as much as I am because those decks ruin my fun of this game?


Dear (wait for it...) Angry Chickens,

What do you think about the introduction of more "concede cards" in Whispers of the Old Gods?  Reno is already a card that often causes the game to be conceded rather than played out.  It looks like the old gods will make this happen more often.  To me, that's "not particularly fun or interactive."  And what fun is it, even for the winning player, to have a card that does something really cool-sounding, but really just makes the game over rather than more interesting?


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