The Chinese Dragon, Red Dragon

Designing our project was...

Designing our project was really fun because it shows the inner creativity of everyone in our group. It is also really fun because we get to show it in real life and really see what others think about our idea. It is nice to know what the world thinks about your appearance and how some of us are getting judged for it.

Reasons I liked working with my group

One of the reasons I really like working with my group is that although we don’t really know each other, we get to do everything as a team. We still get to laugh and get our work done in the same time. Everyone in the group was also really cooperative and always being productive.

ATL skills that I used well

The ATL skills that used well during the project was collaboration. I try to put myself into whatever the group is doing. I will try to help them and get everything done. Another reason that makes me use the collaboration skills really well is that everyone in the group was all very supportive and it makes me feel more confident to work with.

Great moments along the way

Some of the great moments along the way is that we always have fun together even when we are working really hard. We also walk around the school while holding a poster saying you are beautiful. Then we get to see everyone’s beautiful reaction and they are amazing. They were all smiling and it makes us all feel good.

One thing I learned from another group

One thing that I learned from another group was that everyone in YIS together are dragons. We can do a lot of things and it can show a lot about us. It is a school with a lot of talents and amazing people.

Next time, I will

If I have a chance to do this again, I will try to be a leader. I will try to communicate more and put in a lot more ideas to the group so that we can put all the ideas together and make it an amazing project.

Something awesome that I contributed

Something awesome that I contributed was making the posters, walking from home to school in weird clothes to find out what people think about me. I feel like by contributing this, we all get to see how other view us