Studio - Guest Engineer


Studio - Assistant Engineer


Studio - Overneath Staff Engineer


Studio - 4-hour block


Studio - 8-hour block


Studio - 12-hour block (Day Rate Lockout)


Studio -  Weekend

$1200 (Friday evening and all-day Saturday and Sunday)

Working for the weekend? Well this weekend, come in on Friday evening and get yourself setup and rolling early so you can spend your Saturday and Sunday laying down your music.

-Includes recording engineer (and assistant as needed)

-Access to all recording spaces and house instruments

-Full calendar day lock-out for the studio spaces for Friday after 5p, Saturday, and Sunday (Can be moved to other 3-day periods if available)

Studio - Week


Lock out a seven-day period so you and your musicians can focus and spend the intricate time rehearsing, writing, experimenting, and ultimately… recording.

-Includes recording engineer (and assistant as needed)

-Access to all recording spaces and house instruments

-7-calendar day lockout for the studio spaces.



Combining your vision and creativity with our professional experience and array of powerful software we will work together to achieve your creative vision for your project. After establishing your initial sounds based on your preferences and ideas, we will work to manipulate your audio in a manner consistent with the sound you are trying to achieve.



Mastering is the process of taking the final tracks and setting them properly in their order, give them their final spacing for the disc, applying intricate and powerful compression and EQ tools to both make the tracks “shine”, remain “up to volume” for playback, and stay consistent in their sound. For us, we do listen-throughs and tweaking on up to 5 separate playback speakers including earbuds and vehicles. The purpose is to maintain the best overall sound quality in any setting.



Work with one of our producers to help write, arrange, plan, and run your recording project to take it to the next level of professionalism. Our producers will work with you in rehearsal, assist with writing and the complicated world of audio production elements to give your sound a unique feel and make sure you are creating and recording at the highest level.

Production Setup


Setup and reset of the studio can range anywhere from 1-6 hours of time. To have your session setup and teardown time not part of your hourly, 4-hour or 8-hour block, add this to have your session setup before your booked time and torn down after your end time. When your session time arrives, we will be setup and ready to go ready to start establishing sounds for your unique creative project.