-Tracked in 1/4hr increments

Hourly Studio Recording


$100 Production Fee per session

When your session time arrives, we will be setup and ready to go ready to start establishing sounds for your unique creative project

-Production fee covers all pre-production planning and session setup and tear-down time

-Hours are tracked from establishing sounds to the end of tracking.

-Includes recording engineer (and assistant as needed)

-Access to all recording spaces and house instruments

Tiny Session


Just you and a guitar? Solo piano work? Laying down some lyrics to a beat? For sessions requiring 3 mics or fewer, time is tracked at a simple hourly for all time spent.

-Includes recording engineer

-Access to all recording spaces and house instruments



Combining your vision and creativity with our professional experience and array of powerful software we will work together to achieve your creative vision for your project. After establishing your initial sounds based on your preferences and ideas, we will work to manipulate your audio in a manner consistent with the sound you are trying to achieve.



Mastering is the process of taking the final tracks and setting them properly in their order, give them their final spacing for the disc, applying intricate and powerful compression and EQ tools to both make the tracks “shine”, remain “up to volume” for playback, and stay consistent in their sound. For us, we do listen-throughs and tweaking on up to 5 separate playback speakers including earbuds and vehicles. The purpose is to maintain the best overall sound quality in any setting.



Work with one of our producers to help write, arrange, plan, and run your recording project to take it to the next level of professionalism. Our producers will work with you in rehearsal, assist with writing and the complicated world of audio production elements to give your sound a unique feel and make sure you are creating and recording at the highest level.


Daily Studio Recording


Lock out a full calendar day and ignore that pesky clock. Come in and get comfy, rehearse a bit and track at your leisure for one price.

-Includes recording engineer (and assistant as needed)

-Access to all recording spaces and house instruments

-Full calendar day lock-out for the studio spaces

Full Weekend Studio Recording

$1500 (Friday evening and all-day Saturday and Sunday)

Working for the weekend? Well this weekend, come in on Friday evening and get yourself setup and rolling early so you can spend your Saturday and Sunday laying down your music.

-Includes recording engineer (and assistant as needed)

-Access to all recording spaces and house instruments

-Full calendar day lock-out for the studio spaces for Friday after 5p, Saturday, and Sunday

Weekly Studio Recording


Lock out a seven-day period so you and your musicians can focus and spend the intricate time rehearsing, writing, experimenting, and ultimately… recording.

-Includes recording engineer (and assistant as needed)

-Access to all recording spaces and house instruments

-7-calendar day lockout for the studio spaces.

Live at the Union (include Union logo)


Do you want to capture your sound in front of a live audience? Perform live at Kalamazoo’s premier live music club, the Union Cabaret and Grille. You bring the music, The Union will sell the food and drinks, and we will bring the multitrack recording rig!

-Includes recording engineer

-Recording of 3 sets (up to 3.5 hours)

-Subject to The Union Cabaret and Grille rules, regulations, and contracts

-Booking also subject to availability at the Union. (Ask about Sunday PRIVATE event performances)

-Tracking of music only - Live sound engineer at additional cost.

KBR Session (Capture Only)


Book a KBR Session for your group and perform an hour set in our Kevin Brown Live Room in front of an audience of your guests. We will capture the live performance in a studio-recording style and we will capture your performance in HD video with up to 5 different cameras.

-Limited to 1-hour performance.

-Includes recording engineer and live-sound/lighting engineer

-Includes house manager

-Includes up to 5 cameras/camera operators as well as a director of photography

-Sponsors may provide food/drink and tickets may be sold

-Use of house instruments

-Capture only (mixing/video products at standard hourly rates)

Guest Engineer



Looking to track in our space with your own engineer? Well you are welcome to come in for a special rate. Track, Mix, or Master using our recording space and HD Pro Tools system and take it back to mix it in your studio.

-Includes an assistant engineer to help around the studio.

-Hourly for all time spent in the studio (Daily after 12hrs)

-Access to all recording spaces and equipment

-Use of house instruments on a limited basis.

-Rate subject to approval

Oversize Ensembles

For very large groups requiring more than 30 microphones AND more than 8 cue (monitor) mixes at once, more people and production will be needed to capture the best sounds. Groups like these might include: Individually miced orchestras, bands, big bands, and vocal ensembles…

Hourly - $85/hr (Production fee $150)

Daily - $950/day

Weekend - $1900/weekend

Weekly - $4500/week