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Fourth Grade Newsletter No 38

May 29 - June 1, 2017

Mrs. Garr | (916) 331-7377 ext. 318

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Dear Parents,

We are in the last week! Let’s finish strong and do our best! I am proud of our growth this year, and look forward to their development throughout the rest of their schooling.

8th Grade Graduation Ceremony -  Thursday, June 2nd, 7PM in Main Sanctuary

Join us to celebrate our 8th Graders! Students will have orchestra practice on Wednesday and Thursday mornings for the eighth grade  graduation.  All students need to be at the graduation Thursday evening to play in the orchestra. Students are to be in the Sanctuary by 6:20 for rehearsal.  Dress code is chapel attire.  The ceremony will begin at 7:00 and the orchestra will be done by 7:15.  You may pick up your child in the foyer at 7:15 or remain for the rest of the graduation ceremony.

Vocabulary Quiz 5/29

Bothersome - irritating, causing problems
Brute - a beast
Curiosity - a desire to know something
Delicate - soft or light, easily broken
Desire - to want or long for
Flounder - to struggle awkwardly
Haphazard - not planned, casual
Havoc - great destruction
Idle - not busy
Profit - the money left over after costs are covered


Memorial Day - no school


Vocabulary Quiz

Grammar Quiz

Math - Lesson 110, Simple Probability, 721-726

Wednesday - Bring Violin

Awards chapel at 2pm

History Test

Turn in all corrections

Thursday - Bring Violin

Last day of school! - Full day, daycare available,

Math Final Exam

Grammar Test

Ice Cream party and movie


No School - Summer break!