Product Ideas -

Design an advertisement

Curate and hang an art exhibit

Write a biography

Draw a blueprint

Design a board game

Make a book

Create a card game

Create ceramic pieces

Do a charcoal drawing

Create a detailed chart/diagram

Perform a choral reading

Write a cinquain

Create a coin collection

Make a collage

Illustrate a book

Write a letter to a politician

Compile a short story collection

Draw a series of comic strips

Write a computer program

Create a crossword puzzle book

Design & sew a costume

Choreograph a dance

Schedule and do a debate

Keep a journal/diary

Build a diorama

Set up a display

Direct a play/musical

Perform a monologue

Design the sets for a play

Write an editorial

Create an elegy

Write an essay

Do an etching or print

Do an experiment

Write a fable/fairy tale

Travel to ____________

Make a pizza from scratch

Gather/make props for a play

Raise money

Put on a talent show

Host a craft show

Design a t-shirt

Have a rummage sale

Write a grant

Build a computer

Start a CD burning service

Live Demo

Record a family tree

Make a film/video

Create a glossary/dictionary

Create a graphic design

Design a series of greeting cards

Fund & invite a guest speaker

Write a series of haikus

Write a children’s book

Give a lecture

Write a letter to the editor

Design a teacher’s lesson plan

Write a series of limericks

Create a scale drawing/model

Write/submit a magazine article

Draw a map with legend

Create a mobile

Do a movie montage

Paint a mural

Display a museum exhibit

Compose a piece of music

Broadcast the news

Write a newspaper article

Write a novella

Create an oil/acrylic painting

Design a product package

Lay out a pamphlet

Perform a pantomime

Create a pattern w/ instructions

Create a photo essay

Take/develop photographs

  • Make a poster
  • Put on a puppet show
  • Perform a radio show
  • Do Readers’ Theater
  • Write a science fiction story
  • Create a scrapbook
  • Create a sculpture
  • Do silk-screening

Write a play

Hold a sale

Create a TV show

Learn a language

Create a comic book

Write a guidebook

Start a business

  • Put on a skit
  • Do a slide show
  • Make a compilation CD
  • Write a sonnet
  • Do stitchery
  • Survey & collect data
  • Record a song/CD
  • Construct a terrarium
  • Build furniture
  • Write a textbook/manual
  • Create a timeline
  • Design a travel itinerary
  • Make a documentary
  • Design a video game
  • Create a watercolor painting
  • Write a report
  • Put on a fashion show
  • Sew clothing
  • Reupholster a chair
  • Do colored pencil drawings
  • Publish a magazine
  • Start a hotline
  • Start an organization
  • Design a website
  • Create/sell bumper stickers
  • Build a ______________
  • Host a competition
  • Do a demonstration
  • Create jewelry
  • Clean a park/river/etc.
  • Take action on an issue
  • Cook an international dinner
  • Sew a flag
  • Make wallpaper
  • Learn a musical instrument
  • Make candy
  • Start a band
  • Construct a toy or puzzle
  • Write the history of ______
  • Recite a speech
  • Reenact an event/battle
  • Make a uniform
  • Do a comparative study
  • Make your own tools
  • Bake a pie/cake/etc.
  • Write/test a recipe
  • Put on a cooking show
  • Run a contest