Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


Pit lords were never rare, but a pit lord of Mannoroth’s cunning and ruthlessness was. It was so overpowering that he became “the Destructor” and “the Flayer” while he served under the direct command of Archimonde and Kil’Jaeden. He helped conquer countless worlds and even helped lead the first invasion of Azeroth during what became known as the War of the Ancients.

Though defeated, he was nevertheless pleased with the sheer amount of gore he had left strewn across the battlefields of the young planet.

Come the second invasion, Mannoroth was instructed to work with the orcs of Draenor and fed them his blood, forming a pact that was only broken later by the very orc that had led his people to such ruin.

Jeff’s Choices



Trait- “Reanimate”

After being destroyed by a mighty blow from Grommash’s blade Mannoroth was still a worthy servant of Gul’dan. Gul’dan and his minions sought  to reanimate the shattered remains of Mannoroth so that he may continue to serve the Legion. This is the very Mannoroth that we will see in this Heroes of the Storm kit. In the nexus Mannoroth will start in a skeletal form on the battlefield and gain steppes closer to his “Reanimation” with every bit of damage that he deals to enemy heroes- increasing his damage. If killed on the battlefield Mannoroth will crumble to a pile of bones and once his death time is completed will resummin in the location of these bones, but have to restart his reanimation process.

Mount-  No Mount- Runs on all legs

Q- “Glaive Thrust”

Mannoroth swings his massive glaive forward hitting a target in range. This target is hit with a large amount of damage and given a debuff that increases the amount of damage they receive from getting hit by Glaive Thrust again for a short amount of time. The cooldowns on this ability and the length of the debuff would allow the Mannoroth player about 1.5 seconds to land an additional Glave Thrust for the increased damage amount.

W- “Fel Meteor”

Mannoroth selects this ability and a Fel meteor will fall from the sky- this metor always will fall in directly in front of Mannoroth and will have a fixed distance from him. When this meteor hits the battlefield if it makes contact with an enemy it will push them in the direction that they were hit by the meteor. Think of a Lt. Morales grenade, but you are not able to control the placement or aim it, but it does more damage.

E- “Massive Blast”

Mannoroth summons the fel magic to blast all enemy heroes that are within a small circle area of him. These heroes are pushed back and stunned for a very short amount of time. This ability is in place to help the Mannoroth player deal with poor placement of his respawn.

Heroic 1- “Felseeker”

This is a series of explosions that does damage in a circle area on the battlefield. The first explosion is marked on the ground (similar to an Azmodan Meteor) and land dealing damage to the enemy. This is a series of 3 Explosions that with each explosion the area of effect gets bigger!

Heroic 2- “Mannoroth’s Gaze”

Mannoroth Sets off an AoE Fear that fears one enemy that is close to him. The feared enemy will run directly away from Mannoroth. Similar to the ability in the raid encounter- once the fear is completed the enemy that was feared will take a large amount of damage. This damage is spread out among all enemy heroes that are in range of it. The trick here for the enemy team  would be to have as many players get into range of the affected player and mitigate the damage to more heroes rather than one hero taking all the damage.

Specialty Skin

Godfather Mannoroth- “You doom for me, I doom for you.”



Greased Lightning Dance

Kristen’s Choices






        Cleaving Attack

Mannoroth is so big and fearsome that his sweeping basic attacks always do damage to more than one enemy.


        Fire bursts forth from his legs, fueling his faster gait.


Rain of Fire

In a circle on the ground, Mannoroth summons down fel fire that deals damage to all enemies caught in it and an additional bit of damage for a few seconds after.


Howl of Terror

Exploding outward, Mannoroth’s scream is so frightening to all nearby enemies that their attack damage is reduced. This is shown on him by Mannoroth using his wings as shields.



Bellowing loudly, Mannoroth gallops forward, stabbing wildly with his weapon. This deals damage and knocks back any enemies hit by this charge.



Calling forth power from the Burning Legion, Mannoroth marks a target, transforming them into a demon. As a demon, the target player gains increased attack speed but loses health at a steady rate until they die. Once dead, a demon spawns from the enemy Hero’s corpse and begins fighting for Mannoroth’s team.


        Drink of My Blood

Like with the orcs of old, Mannoroth lays down a vat of his blood, drinkable by all nearby allies that choose to do so. Once drunk, those affected now have increased attack speed and attack damage. However, now that they belong to Mannoroth, he can choose to call them back. Should they choose to ignore his beckoning, they are severely slowed.



Dollar sign around the neck, bejeweled cane and decorative pimp cup for his ultimate are only a small part of this sick skin.



It’s even more impressive because of the extra legs and his extreme weight.