90-Day Ecom Challenge Day 1 Finding Winning Products

To Sell On Your Shopify Store

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( ** Please note that any Shopify Discount mentioned in these videos

are NO longer Active)

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DAY 1 TOPIC:  Finding Winning Products to Sell on your Shopify Store

DAY 1 PRESENTER:  Chris Record, CEO of Tecademics

Chris Record, as many of you already know, is an 8-Figure Online Entrepreneur, Marketer, Product Creator, Affiliate Marketer & the CEO & Co-Founder of Tecademics, School for Entrepreneurs & building the largest community in the world for people selling on Shopify!

Special guest

trainer for Day 1 of the 90-Day Ecom Challenge is Robert Nava. Robert generated $6 Million in sales from a single Shopify business as well as over $2 Million in sales from a product on Amazon! Combined with his online information business teaching people how to make money online with Shopify, he’s produced over $10 Million in sales online in 3 years!


Here is a high level overview of what we are going to cover today:

  • Explanation of the 90-day challenge (goals/incentives)
  • What Is Drop Shipping and HOW Does It Work
  • What Is Print on Demand & How Does It Work  
  • How to FIND Cheap Products To List On your Store and Run FB Ads To Them
  • How to FIND Products Wholesale & Sell Them Retail On Your Shopify Store
  • How To Set Up Your Business.. when you're a BRAND NEW BEGINNER
  • How You Can Set Up & Launch Your ECOM Business with...
    No Coding, No Design, No Inventory, and No Experience Needed


  1. Use Google Site Search to Find Stores:  Search for:  site:myshopify.com


  • You find products on a 3rd party wholesale sites like Aliexpress.com
  • You put the pictures & descriptions of those products on your Shopify store
  • You markup the products from a wholesale cost to retail price so you have profit
  • When your customer orders the product on your site, the money goes to YOU!!!
  • After you’ve made the sale on your Shopify store, you take a % of the money you collect from your retail buyer & use that to pay your wholesale seller for the product
  • The difference between your wholesale cost & retail price is your gross profit!!!
  • You pass along the address/shipping info of your retail customer to your wholesaler
  • The wholesaler then DROP-SHIPS the product directly to your customer but they don’t put their wholesale branding on it so your retail buyer thinks it’s from you
  • The package gets delivered with no branding, as if it came directly from your store
  • If its overseas (like China) it could take 2-3 weeks to get to your customer
  • If it’s in the USA it could take less than a week to get to your customer
  • Most beginners start out with wholesalers from China (zero inventory cost)
  • Then when a product starts selling a lot, you can bulk order it to the USA so you can then have it shipped directly from the United States in less than a week.

Listing & Selling A Drop-Shipped Product On Your Shopify Store

Product Example: Dog Harness + Leash Set

Wholesale Product Cost (Product + Shipping) = $5.00

Retail Price On Your Shopify Store = $24.95 ($25)

Your Gross Profit = $20.00

  • Advertising Cost (Facebook Ads) = $10 in ads per customer

Net Profit (After Advertising Cost) = $10.00 per Dog Harness Sold

250 Harnesses Sales Per Week = $2,500 PROFIT PER WEEK!

Monthly Profit Potential = $10,000/mo In Profit From Just ONE Product!!!

Now let’s say you had an additional $2,000 per month in business expenses such as virtual assistant(s), customer support, etc.

$8,000 NET Profit Per Month

8,000 x 12 = $96,000/yr ($100,000/yr)

How Would Making $96,000 Per Year With 1 Product Change Your Life?


Wholesale Product Cost (Product+Shipping):  $25.00

Retail Price On Your Shopify Store:  $29.95+$10.00s&h ($40.00 collected)

Your Gross Profit = $15.00!

  • Advertising Cost (Facebook Ads) = $5 in ads per customer

Net Profit (After Advertising Cost) = $10.00 per backpack sold

These profits were able to be made with no inventory, no shipping & handling, and never had to touch the product (only used pictures)

Robert had never successfully sold online before ever!!!

Robert Nava’s Rule for Testing New Product

  • Robert’s Testing Rule = 2X Profit Margin
  • For example: If a product has $10 profit, he will invest $20 in ads to see if it sells
  • If the ads are $5/day each - then he will run it for 4 days.

Chris Record’s Simple Method To Making Your First $100 In Sales


  • Product Costs You $4.00 (Product Cost + Shipping Cost)
  • You Sell the Product for $9.95 + free shipping
  • You collect $9.95 from the customer
  • You pay $4.00 to the wholesaler
  • Your cost in Facebook Ads to get a customer = $4.00
  • After advertising, your profit is - $1.95 per product

To do this, DO NOT mention price of product or shipping in your advertising!!!!

  • This is the preparation to find a product that you can scale up.
  • This strategy is ONLY for products you are running ads to.
  • You can have all the other products in your store set at high markups.
  • Example: Let’s say you have 50 products in your store, you are likely only going to be running ads to 3-5 of them.  That’s where this strategy applies.


1-5 - Start with $4.95 + free shipping (losing $3.00 per sale) - Be okay with losing a little

5-10 - Sale for $4.95 + $2.95 shipping (breaking even) - Be okay with breaking even

10-20 - Sale for $9.95 + free shipping (profit is $2.00 per sale) - Be okay with little profit

20-50 - Sale for $9.95 + $2.95 shipping (profit is $5.00 per sale) - ready to scale

50-100 - Sale for $9.95 + $4.95 shipping (profit is $7.00 per sale) - ready to scale big

100+ - Scale out like crazy - if it doesn’t work, go back to previous pricing

TIP TO UNDERSTAND:  Facebook gets smarter with every sale you make on your store. They will start optimizing your ads to target more of the people likely to buy based on those who already bought. So, by getting more sales (even if you are losing or breaking even on some), you will mature a PIXEL & then be more likely to make more sales.

Advanced:  Maturing the pixel means Facebook optimizes your ads to perform better so the for the same ad spend, you are making more sales because of this strategy!!!

In order to sell, you need the following to be good:

  1. Right Product
  2. Right Audience
  3. Right Advertising
  4. Right Copywriting
  5. Right Trust/Store/Working
  6. Right Product Price
  7. Right Shipping Price

Niche Store vs. General Store (which is better?)

  • Niche store sells items in a specific niche
  • General stores sell items in several niches

General stores have categories that are niches, so you can test out products.

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90-Day Ecom Challenge Day 2 Print on Demand for Beginners

DAY 2 REPLAY:  https://fb.com/groups/tecademics/permalink/825920827590695/ 

( ** Please note that the Shopify Discount mentioned in this video is NO longer Active)

DAY 2 TOPIC:  Print on Demand for Beginners (How to Integrate with Shopify)

DAY 2 PRESENTER:  Chris Record, CEO of Tecademics

  • What is Print on Demand (aka POD)?
  • POD - Is where a company has the ability to print something but they don’t until they receive an order.
  • For example, you might upload an amazing design to a print on demand company to be printed on cell phone cases, hats, t-shirts, mugs, etc.
  • They won’t actually print and deliver the item until an order comes in.
  • This creates ZERO inventory of that printed item.
  • Thus reducing the risk of inventory and high overhead.
  • Because what if that product doesn’t sell?  You would be stuck with thousands of mugs for example, with your design on them, that you would have to pay for.
  • With print on demand, you can test many different designs on many different items, and only pay for it to be printed and shipped after you receive money!
  • What are some POD Companies?
  • Example Mug:  I Love My Wife
  • Cost:  $19.99
  • Shipping:  $4.95
  • Base Cost:  $9.95
  • Total Units Sold: 13,759
  • Total Income Generated:  $342,599
  • Total Profit Before FB Ads Per Sale = $10.00
  • Total Profits Before FB Ads:  $137,590
  • Cost per FB Ad to Acquire Customer = $5.00 (assumption)
  • Cost Per FB Ads on the total campaign = $68,795 in ad spend
  • Total Profit Per Sale after FB Ads = $68,795 is your PURE PROFIT!!!
  • Here is a video showing how to integrate gear bubble with Shopify:

Example for this training video:  

  1. We created a graphic (country girls + shotgun graphic)
  2. We uploaded that graphic to gear bubble
  3. We chose to put it on a hoodie
  4. We priced the hoodie at $29.95 + shipping
  5. We took a screenshot of the finished hoodie with graphic on it
  6. We created a facebook page in the country girls niche
  7. We uploaded that as an image to the fan page with links to buy it
  8. We ran a $5/day ad to women 21+ USA who like country music & shotguns
  9. Then we sit back and see if any sales come in over the next 2-4 days
  10. Our profit is $10 per sale (roughly)
  11. So we can spend up to $10 to acquire a customer and break even
  12. Our goal is to acquire customers for $5 or less
  13. We keep experimenting until we find an advertising audience that works
  14. If we can’t find one, then we create a new product & new audience and try again
  15. When we find a winner - we scale it up by creating more ads to run per day


  • Great way for beginners to get started
  • Most POD companies can integrate with your Shopify Store
  • Little to ZERO overhead required
  • Ability to create products in ANY niche that you want
  • Mostly dealing with USA vendors instead of China
  • Some companies offer automatic fulfillment
  • Must be GOOD at coming up with design ideas
  • Must have access to a designer to help you (can find one on http://Upwork.com)
  • Must have a good EYE for design (you might think it’s good but it’s not!!!)
  • Bottom Line is that you should have some print on demand items in your store
  • Just play around and add some to see how it goes
  • We will teach more on this topic during the 90 days
  • For now, do some research by looking at tons of existing examples on sites mentioned
  • Find some examples by searching your niche or items you know about

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90-Day Ecom Challenge Day 3 Setting Up Your Shopify Store

DAY 3 REPLAY:  https://fb.com/groups/tecademics/permalink/826472987535479/ 

DAY 3 TOPIC:  Setting up your Shopify Store - Beginner Friendly Overview

DAY 3 PRESENTER:  Chris Record, CEO of Tecademics

  • You must have a shopify store and be an admin to benefit from this training
  • When you set up a store, you choose a store name (that becomes your username)
  • For example if your store name is “Chris Record General Store”
  • Then your store url would likely be http://chris-record-general-store.myshopify.com 
  • Don’t worry, you can always purchase a domain name and “map it” to your store
  • Then your domain name could become http://ChrisRecordGeneralStore.com 
  • This is how you can begin to brand your own store - so username doesn’t matter.

SHIPPING SECTION EXPLAINED - Generally 2 options for Shipping Rates

  1. Price Based Shipping
  2. Weight Based Shipping

Price Based Shipping - Is often the most popular for traditional small business owners who have inventory and are handling shipping themselves**** *generally speaking...

Weight Based Shipping - Is often the most popular method for sellers who use drop shipping and have another company fulfill the order for them**** *many others use this method too...

So which one should most of YOU use for your store?  Weight Based Shipping.

Or you can use a combination like this:  

Price Based Shipping with one option for orders over $75 to get free shipping:

Edit price based rate

Name:  Free shipping on orders over $75

Minimum Order Price:  74.99

No limit max

Rate:  Free Shipping Rate

Price Based Shipping

Weight Based Shipping

edit price-based rate.png

weight based rates.png

Example:  Surviving the Storm Bracelet on AliExpress

Price: $1.24

Shipping:  $8.95

Total: $10.19

Your Wholesale Cost:  $3.50

Your FB Ads Cost:  $3.00

Your total expenses are $6.50

$10.19 - $6.50 = $3.68 Is Your Profit after expenses per order x as many as you can sell

3 examples of selling the same product for the same price but in different ways:

  1. FREE (just pay $9.95 s/h) = $9.95
  1. $9.95 (free shipping) = $9.95
  1. $Any Price (some shipping) = $9.95
  2. $2.00 (plus $7.95 shipping) = $9.95
  3. $5.00 (plus $4.95 shipping) = $9.95
  4. $7.00 (plus $2.95 shipping) = $9.95

Both options you collect $9.95 up front and pay the wholesaler $3.50

You can choose any number of marketing strategies that work for your products.


  • If you are using FB ads to drive traffic, then.........
  • Most of your users will only see your individual product page on mobile!!!!!!
  • So, don’t worry so much about your theme!!!!!!
  • Amateurs will spend hours upon hours getting their theme perfect
  • This is ONLY helpful if you have multiple sources of high traffic
  • Or, if you are highly focused on building a brand/image for your store
  • 99.9% of you are focused on FB ads to individual product pages (beginner)
  • When you are looking at themes, focus on individual product pages
  • And focus on how it looks when viewed from a mobile device!!!


I recommend using GODADDY for the domain names for your store.

The reason is that it’s the simplest to use, and easiest for us to ensure it works properly.

And, there are coupon codes to get domains very cheap at godaddy online.

Try searching for $0.99 coupon codes (2017), and $2.95 coupon codes.

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90-Day Ecom Challenge Day 4 Finding Hot Niche Products

To Sell On Your Shopify Store

DAY 4 REPLAY:  https://fb.com/groups/tecademics/permalink/827136424135802/ 

DAY 4 TOPIC:  Finding Hot Niche Products to Sell on your Shopify Store

DAY 4 PRESENTER:  Chris Record, CEO of Tecademics

First, let’s talk about a list of ways that you can find what niches are selling well!!!

  1. Google Search:  site:myshopify.com “niche keywords”
  2. AliExpress: Top selling, browsing categories, searching features
  3. Facebook Search: type in keywords that sellers would use in their posts
  4. Print on Demand Sites:  Organized by top selling categories (niches)
  1. Teespring
  2. Viral Style
  3. Gear Bubble

Get Ideas for Store Names at http://www.leandomainsearch.com/ 

  • OPTION 1:  General Store (flex) - Sell any products, in any niches (ability to experiment to find out what niche might work and what audience might work, ability to practice)
  • Best Practice: Each Category is like a mini-niche store.  You focus on niches as categories instead of as their own store.
  • Example General Store:  PhoenixSuperStore.com
  • Categories Might Include:
  • Indoors
  • Home Gyms
  • Weights
  • Gym Equipment
  • Gym Accessories
  • Gym Clothing
  • Man Caves
  • Vintage Signs
  • Men’s Furniture
  • Video Games
  • Electronics
  • Wall Art
  • Cell Phone Cases
  • Funny/Gag Gifts
  • Traffic goes straight to product pages
  • Mostly be mobile users that visit
  • So they won’t see most of your store
  • Outdoors
  • Fishing (might include 10 categories, 5 products per category, with 2-3 hot selling items to lead with FB ads)
  • Fishing Rods
  • Fishing Reels
  • Fishing Bait
  • Fishing Lure
  • Fishing Accessories
  • Fishing Equipment
  • Fishing Clothing
  • Fishing Misc.
  • Hiking
  • Hiking Clothes
  • Hiking Accessories
  • Hiking Equipment
  • Backpacks
  • Water Packs
  • Horses
  • Horse Equipment
  • Horse Clothing
  • Horse Accessories
  • Horse Jewelry
  • Barrel Racing
  • If this one sub-category takes off, you might want to consider launching an entire store based on this topic or general topic.

  • OPTION 2:  Niche Store (targeted) - Visitors are more comfortable when the store perfectly matches their passion - ability to laser target and convert better.  But you lose the ability to experiment with multiple niches)
  • Example Niche Store:  FishingZilla.com
  • Categories might include:
  • Fishing Apparel
  • MEN'S
  • Shirts
  • Pants & Shorts
  • Jackets
  • Bibs
  • Sunglasses
  • Shoes & Boots
  • Waders & Wading Boots
  • Sweatshirts
  • All Men's
  • Shirts
  • Pants & Shorts
  • Jackets
  • Bibs
  • Sunglasses
  • Shoes & Boots
  • Waders & Wading Boots
  • Sweatshirts
  • All Women's
  • Men's
  • Women's
  • Costa
  • Salt Life
  • Maui Jim
  • Smith (Action Optics)
  • Accessories
  • All Sunglasses & Accessories
  • Jackets
  • Bibs & Pants
  • Boots
  • Stormr
  • Grundens
  • Simms
  • Huk
  • All Rain Gear
  • Hats
  • Gloves
  • Socks
  • Sun Protection
  • Watches
  • All Accessories

  • OPTION 3:  Micro-Niche Store (laser targeted) - This is where you dive in deep to a sub-category as it’s own store - to stand out in a very busy advertising world, and to pull on the emotions of your passionate audience with a store that feels like it’s made for them.  This converts very very very well, BUT, it’s risky because less room for experimentation.
  • Example:  WormFarmingWorld.com
  • Indoor Composting
  • Outdoor Composting
  • Composting Books
  • Fertilizers
  • Worms For Sale
  • Seeds for Sale
  • Pest Control
  • Worm Farms
  • Example:  SustainableFarmingClub.com
  • Worm Farming
  • Organic Composting

These are examples of how to decide between a general store, a niche store, and a micro niche store, as well as how to find products for each of your categories.

Now, let’s talk about FINDING HOT NICHE PRODUCTS!!!!

Resources:  Print on Demand Sites, Facebook Search, Google Search, Hot Selling Sites

Example:  Wish.com to find trendy products to sell

You are looking for HOT NICHE ITEMS that have:

  • PICTURE appeal (curb appeal in real estate)
  • PRICE appeal (price is a great deal)
  • URGENCY (in your marketing message)
  • SCARCITY (in your marketing message)
  • VIRALITY (would viewers want to tag their friends)
  • NICHE specific (does it precisely match your advertised audience)
  • EMOTIONAL appeal (does it pull on their heartstrings)

Let’s look at some example niches and find some example hot products

Example 1: WINE Niche - Wine Stoppers - Combination Lock Wine Stopper


In this example, you could potentially target PARENTS who love WINE and hit the angle of locking the bottle to prevent children from opening (even teenagers!)

  • How to Target Parents who Love Wine for the right audience for your hot niche product
  • First, target parents on facebook (maybe even parents of an age group like teenagers)
  • Next, target wine terms by a specific group (such as brands of wine, types of wine, etc)


Must also match


  • WINE
  • Types of Wine
  • Red Wines
  • Cabernet
  • Merlot
  • White Wines
  • Brands of Wine
  • Silver Oak
  • Beringer
  • La Crema
  • Blackstone Winery
  • Bogle
  • ETC

Example 2:  Survival Niche - Camouflage Tape - Free + Shipping Offer


In this example you target people interested in TACTICAL keywords on Facebook, as well as survival niche keywords, and find ways to bridge the product to niche audiences

For example:  Adhesive Elastic Tape

So what related niches, might want tape, that you can intersect with your audiences???

Hiking, Cycling, Fishing, Outdoors sports, Hunting, etc.

Place an ad to each intersecting audience

  • (survival keywords list) + must also match + (fishing keywords list)
  • Your ad copy can show how FISHING fans could use this tape
  • (survival keywords list) + must also match + (hunting keywords list)
  • Your ad copy can show how HUNTING fans could use this tape
  • (survival keywords list) + must also match + (archery keywords list)
  • Your ad copy can show how ARCHERY fans could use this tape


In today’s training we talked about how to research and find hot niches by looking at various sites to find niche categories, then matching products, then looking for products that stand out visually and that are a good deal, then matching them with targeted audiences on your store.

One of the things that makes an item HOT is when a viewer sees it on facebook and thinks if they don’t buy it right then, they will NEVER be able to buy it again, because there is no way that it can be found in stores.

These are called IMPULSE PURCHASES and are the backbone of our sales model.....

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90-Day Ecom Challenge Day 5

Facebook Ads for Beginners

DAY 5 REPLAY: https://fb.com/groups/tecademics/permalink/827795767403201/ 

DAY 5 TOPIC:  Facebook Advertising for Beginners - Step by Step

DAY 5 PRESENTER:  Chris Record, CEO of Tecademics

Facebook Advertising can be tough.  The reason is because when we are new, it’s difficult to place ads that generate a profit.  Therefore, we are ultimately LOSING MONEY while we are learning this strategy!  Who wants to lose money? Nobody.  Which makes it very tough.

When I first started with Facebook Ads, there wasn’t much training available online.  There weren’t very many mentors, or people that were offering help. You ALL have a significant advantage over us from when we first started.  

Now there are many opportunities to learn from very successful advertisers.  There are blog post, youtube videos, facebook groups, digital courses, bootcamps conferences, etc.

Not much of that existed several years ago when we first got started.

When I first started, I LOST my first $2,000 that I invested into ads.

Then, I almost gave up.  But instead, I decided to get help and get training and then I was able to flip my next $1,000 in ad spend into over $10,000 in revenues. From there, I started scaling like crazy and I’ve never looked back.

Let’s be REAL.  It’s a tough code to crack.  But for those of you that crack it, you can literally place ads, and go to sleep, and have profit when you wake up!!!

Literally, if/when you crack the code, your entire life and business will change.  That alone in my opinion makes it all worth it!!!!!!!!!

REASONS WHY MOST PEOPLE LOSE MONEY (and how they can reduce that)

  • We will come back to this later

Today’s training will focus on BEGINNERS who might have never even placed an ad before.

START HERE:  http://google.com - Search Facebook Ads - Find Facebook Help Section

Here is a HIGH LEVEL OVERVIEW of Facebook Ads for Beginners

  • There are 3 main sections to manage your facebook ads account
  • 1. Ads Manager
  • 2. Power Editor
  • 3. Business Manager
  • The 3 areas of a Facebook Ads account that I spend 90% of my time are:
  • Ads Reporting
  • Ads Manager
  • Power Editor
  • Choose Your Campaign Objective
  • My top 3 objectives I use are:
  • Engagement
  • Conversions
  • Video Views
  • Create an Ad Set and Choose Your Audience
  • My top 3 countries I use are:
  • United States
  • Big 5 (US, UK, AU, NZ, CA)
  • Worldwide
  • Next, Choose your Audience & Get the Right Size
  • My top recommendations are:
  • Viral Video Views = Reach = 2million-10million+
  • Good Post Engagement = Reach = 1million-2million+
  • Sell a Shopify Product = Reach = 200,000-800,000
  • The more broad you go, the cheaper your engagement
  • But the more broad, the less likely to convert
  • Intermediate Users = Learn about maturing a pixel (broad)
  • Understanding Facebook Interests (keywords for your audience)
  • Solo Interests
  • Grouped Interests
  • When you group interests the audience size goes up
  • Intersecting Interests
  • Excluding Interests
  • Example:
  • Golf
  • Disc Golf
  • Two very different sports (FB might confuse them)
  • Include the one you want, exclude the other.
  • You can target one interest at a time, or group them.
  • You can also create rules that they must like 2 interests
  • Or they must like 3 interests, or 4 or 5, etc.
  • That is called Intersecting Audiences
  • Also, you can exclude interests and keywords
  • This helps make sure you are targeting the right audience
  • Intersecting Audiences and How to Use Them
  • Find 2 or more interests and use the narrow further option
  • For example:
  • Interest 1:  Cigars
  • Interest 2:  Scotch-Whiskey
  • The Understanding is this;
  • Some people who like cigars don’t like scotch
  • Some people who like scotch, don’t like cigars
  • Facebook will only show your ad to people who like both
  • If you can use an image of both, it will convert much better
  • Learn to Narrow Down your Audiences by Brainstorming Sub-Audiences
  • When using intersecting audiences, run several ads like this:
  • $5/day - Cigars X Golf
  • $5/day - Cigars X Golf Players
  • $5/day - Cigars X Golf Courses
  • $5/day - Cigars X Golf Associations
  • $5/day - Cigars X Golf Brands
  • For Example
  • GOLF
  • Equipment
  • Clothing
  • Brands
  • Nike Golf
  • Puma Golf
  • Players
  • Tiger Woods
  • Bubba Watson
  • Tournaments
  • Masters
  • US Open
  • Courses
  • Pebble Beach
  • Associations
  • AGA - American Golf Association
  • WGA - Women’s Golf Association
  • USGA - United States Golf Association
  • AJGA - American Junior Golf Association
  • EWGA - Executive Women’s Golf Association
  • PGA - Professional Golf Association
  • Magazines
  • Golf Magazine
  • Golf Digest
  • Golf World
  • Golf Week
  • TV Shows
  • Big Break
  • Golf Central
  • Golf Channel
  • Feherty
  • Movies
  • Caddyshack
  • Happy Gilmore
  • Tin Cup
  • Bagger Vance
  • Greatest Game Ever Played
  • Bobby Jones Stroke of Genius
  • You could do the same thing with cigars
  • Brands
  • Shops
  • Accessories
  • Magazines


Simply click Edit Placements and choose FEEDS (mobile and desktop)

Only post on Instagram if you understand what you are doing (IG friendly image)


Just choose daily budget at $5/day and don’t change anything else

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90-Day Ecom Challenge Day 6 Mindset, Product Research,

& Print on Demand Strategies

DAY 6 REPLAY: https://www.facebook.com/ChrisRecord/videos/10156076999333289/ 

DAY 6 TOPIC:  Mindset, Product Research & Print on Demand Strategies

DAY 6 PRESENTER:  Damien Coughlan, 6-Figure Shopify Seller

Damien has crushed out over $400,000 so far in Shopify Store Sales!!!!

Since April 1st Damien has already reached all 3 milestones in sales for the 90 day challenge

  • $100
  • $1,000
  • $10,000

Hope everyone gets benefit from this FB live. I did not have time to prepare as it was a spur of the moment thing, but that is the joy of being an entrepreneur and controlling your own destiny!

This is more to help you get your mindset right, take little tips that I give and apply them!

Let’s GOOOOO! #90daychallenge


  • Damien Coughlan: (Irish Man living in USA)
  • Born and raised in County Cork, Ireland.
  • November 1st 2016 started E-Commerce.
  • Attended Tecademics event in Phoenix and was inspired to become an entrepreneur.
  • No prior Internet marketing knowledge.
  • Worked in a corporate job for 7 years.
  • Taking massive action.
  • Networked with like minded people to build, grow and scale quickly.
  • Collaborate with Lawrence Aponte and the rest of the marketers at the marketer’s mansion in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • An investment in knowledge pays the best interest is one of my believes.
  • Unique products win.
  • We are stronger together than we are apart.

Plan of Action for Newbie:

  • Set aside a budget.
  • We want to get our skill levels up and fear levels down.
  • This is a journey where we build assets so that down the line we can flip or transfer for huge profit.
  • This is a fun ride, set goals and don’t compare yourself against anybody else but you!
  • You are your own yardstick.
  • Rome wasn’t built in a day.
  • Rolls Royce’s take six months to build.
  • Greatness takes time but there is no substitute for hard work and massive action.

  • The plan though is to take massive clear precise action. Set daily, and weekly targets in your “build” stage of shopify!
  • Maybe they are launching 5 products a day.
  • Maybe it is reaching $100 in sales.
  • Maybe it is growing your fan page to 1000 fans.
  • Maybe it is building an email list so you can create organic sales.
  • Find a buddy that you can compare and contrast with so that you can both transfer knowledge and help each other grow.
  • Engage with the groups online.
  • Follow Tecademics trainings step by step. This is not a race. Everything takes time. You will get the encourage and guidance you need!
  • Build Grow Scale.

Products to sell!

  • Print on Demand:
  • Apparel
  • Hoodies
  • Tank tops (summer time is approaching)
  • Leggings
  • Baseball caps
  • All over printing (sublimation)
  • Socks
  • V neck shirts
  • Posters
  • Mugs
  • Beer Sleeves
  • Yoga Mats
  • Jewelry
  • Shower Curtains
  • Bags
  • Clocks
  • Beach Towels
  • Notebooks
  • Pillows
  • Laptop sleeves
  • Phone cases
  • Duvet covers

Print on demand companies:

  • Custom cat
  • Gearbubble
  • Viralstyle
  • Teelaunch
  • Teespring
  • Redbubble
  • Spreadshirt
  • TeechipPro

What are some tips for winning products?

  • Must be a product to customer match.
  • High perceived value.
  • Good quality.
  • Good reviews.
  • Easy and fast to ship.
  • Search for unique products that elicit an emotion.
  • Unique products always win:
  • I have a unique product, where did i find? ASD week, Las Vegas.
  • Even though this cost me time to travel, I was able to find a great product and make the opportunity cost count in my favor.
  • Don’t be careless or sloppy in your market research. Spend time!
  • Look for products no one has seen this before.
  • This will give you a competitive advantage in the news feed.
  • A lot of new people sell the same thing!!
  • Be creative enter market at unique angle.
  • FB ads is auction based. Competing with other marketers for news feed or placement.
  • A good product will have checked the 4 P’s of marketing; Product Price Place Promotion. Master them all eventually but start with the product.
  • Network with suppliers to figure out what is selling today.

Fan Pages (individual assets)

  • One fan page per product (Grown mine 3,500 people a week)
  • I run generic stores.
  • I have multiple fan pages.
  • I want to have a direct relationship with each customer.
  • Customer is king and is an important part of your organic sales/traffic.
  • Say you sell a Yoga ball, create a yoga page to advertise it on. People will more than likely to go to the page if it is named with the niche in mind.
  • Say you start with generic store, you may find a winning niche through your testing and decide you want to create a niche specific store. Then you can use one of the individual fan pages as a basis to start your new branded store.
  • Daily interaction on your fan page is key. Post content, tell a story, understand who your customer is?
  • Engage build report! I have a fan page right now growing at 3,500 fans a week without any page likes.
  • Find viral content!! TAG/SHARE.
  • What happens over time is that your fans become your content generator! The value you give is in direct proportion to the value or engagement you get in return.
  • Make sure you add a suitable profile and cover photo!!!
  • Also add a brief description about who you are and your vision.
  • Add a nice about use section with the URL to the website.
  • You can also add a shop now button. When people go to your fan page, they can click the shop now button and takes them directly to the URL page you specified.
  • Be innovative on your page, run polls, competitions.
  • You will be AMAZED the power of fan pages.

Winning Ad Copy - The Look, Took, Hook Method

  • I am big on branding and marketing. I love the psychology of the consumer mind. As one is satisfied the higher need becomes the motivator. Call to action (look took and hook)
  • 3 stages to engaging and gathering a customer’s attention.
  • 1. LOOK 
  • You are competing for news feed space.
  • You want to catch the customer’s attention as they scroll.
  • Are you a HORSE lover 🐎? Horse lovers are going CRAZY over our LIMITED supply of hoodies!

2. TOOK = These are not sold in stores. You have to buy now or they are gone forever. (Also add in relevant emojis)🐎🐎🐎

  • 3. HOOK = GRAB one => insert URL.  TAG/SHARE with someone who would love! BUY NOW, share with friends!!
  • The more shares and likes on your ad, the more FB is going to allow more reach!!
  • Your CPC goes down, your CPM goes down and your RELEVANCE score goes closer to 10.
  • How related your product is to your customer usually determines performance!! It is a column in facebook. If you have bad comments and feedback on your ad, it may reduce the relevance score.

Damien’s Launch Cycle

  • Sunday (Relax, team meeting, set goals for week)
  • Monday (Product research)
  • Tuesday (Launch products and begin first 24hrs of optimization)
  • Wednesday (Launch more products and begin and continue optimization 24-48hrs)
  • Thursday (Traffic grows, reach, likes and shares, engagement, abandon carts, possible sales)
  • $5 a day per product x 5days = $25 x 50 products a week = $500/week
  • Winners usually 2/10 products. Scale your winners, cut the losers.
  • Easy targeting, women and capricorn star sign!
  • As competition increases, you have to stand out from the crowd!! Be unique
  • Monitor your ad copy comments. Some people don’t know how to buy the product!! Funnily enough.

Question: “How do i buy this?”

Answer: “Thank you so much for engaging on our fan page. You can get yours here while stocks last=>URL”

Ad Objectives

  • Website Conversions (WC) - Purchase Event
  • Website Conversions (WC) - Add to Cart Event
  • Video Views Objective (VV)
  • Page Post Engagement Objective (PPE)

You have to test them all!!!! We are buying data! We are using the data to see what works best!

Typically, I start $5 a day for each product for 5 days!

  • I am all about volume!!
  • $25 on each product per week!
  • If I test 20 products, my ad spend for the week is $500.
  • Typically your success rate is 2 or 3 out of 10 products!!
  • Prior to E-Comm, retail stores had it hard! Lighting, storefront, inventory, staff costs etc.
  • We are in unique times with cheap start up costs.
  • We have our own business on the biggest E-Commerce platform for ~$29-$79 a month.
  • With E-Commerce, start up costs are cheaper!!
  • We are a 24-7 365 business.
  • Be prepared to spend money. Test Test Test!!!!
  • You will be rewarded for your testing efforts.
  • The one winner will make back all the money you spent on ads.
  • If you spend $20-$25 and if no sales or engagement is bad, you have a product or targeting issue! Cut the campaign and start new. However if you have a loft of likes and shares, you may need to adjust pricing or shipping or another variable like targeting.
  • Week day traffic is different to weekend traffic.
  • Don’t neglect the website. Always test things before go live. Test the checkout, the product links and funnels. Maybe your website is poorly setup or links are not working etc.

Coffee and Photography mug example!

Flex targeting! Highly passionate audience for starters!

Why? 3 levels (Pond, Lake and Ocean) Audiences sizes!

  • You want to find the most likely people to buy!
  • Kick start the algorithm in the first 24-48 hours.

Targeting example:

Women in the USA

22-64 (split test your age)

Loves : Canon, or any other Brand associated with cameras!


Show me women who love www.fineartamerica.com



Photography magazines or forums!

(This gives a highly targeted audience) Pond stage!

As you run out of audience, you can remove the flex.

Building Your Customer Email List

  • Organic versus paid traffic
  • As you are gathering data and possible email sign ups to your newsletter? Start emailing them, tell them stories and engage. Introduce yourself, grow the following to a large asset.
  • I use Mailchimp!
  • Typical email sequence:
  • Monday: Ask about the weekend of your customer! Tell a story! Important to build a relationship.
  • Wednesday, trying to convert non buyers to buyers.
  • Thursday or Friday, my big email promotion.
  • Everybody should think long term...Q4 is when we really make the sales happen! Holiday time! (x6 times your revenue)

Damien’s Example Ad Type

  • Website conversion 1200x1200 or 1200x1650 (depending on product)
  • Video views to get cheap clicks.
  • PPE (these people more likely to like and comment) They will give you an idea how receptive your ad is.
  • Retargeting LAA audiences!
  • Competition, prizes on a Friday.
  1. Like 2) Share and 3) comment to win a shirt. A user will be picked from the comments below on Saturday 6pm PST each week. Then when the winner submits the photo of them with their shirt, you can use as an ad image for future targeting and social proof.

Research Sites

  • ali express
  • Find new products
  • Check out the supplier rating
  • Check customer feedback and check out the picture sent in.
  • Use E Packet.
  • Search for newest products that stand out and have a high perceived value.

Favorite Apps

  • Retarget App
  • Free Shipping bar
  • Abandonment Cart protector
  • Custom Cat
  • Gear bubble
  • Auto Currency Converter
  • Mailchimp
  • Mailmunch
  • Shopified App
  • FB chat
  • Social Sharing buttons
  • Tracktor
  • Trust
  • Sales Pop

It was great joining you guys today. Literally, did not have any time to prepare so apologies if I did not get around to everything.

The biggest advice I can give you is do NOT give up. 

You need to commit to this and really give it your all. Eventually it will click. I am just like you were 6 months ago. Hope that provides some motivation.

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90-Day Ecom Challenge Day 7 Reverse Engineering

Successful Shopify Stores

DAY 7 REPLAY: https://fb.com/groups/tecademics/permalink/829074307275347/ 

DAY 7 TOPIC:  Reverse Engineering Successful Shopify Stores

DAY 7 PRESENTER:  Chris Record, CEO of Tecademics

Today’s Store to Reverse Engineer: https://www.thegeeksgarage.com/

**** DISCLAIMER:  Don’t spend all day designing your store - focus on selling products.  The site design will help, but not as much as finding the right products, right audience, & right ads.

The benefits of good site design are:

Credibility, Professionalism, Good User Experience, Social Proof, Customer Belief, etc.

  • LOGO:  Nice logo, unique good use of colors, good use of site name in the logo, glasses on character (geek)
  • COLOR:  Good use of colors that match the logo theme, makes the site look and feel professional:
  • THEME:  Classic theme, it looks clean, with good use of navigation bars & links
  • PAGES:
  • Search:  They added a quick link to search their entire store, by linking to their store url with /search at the end.
  • About Us - They wrote a page telling more about who they are to build a bond with their customers (trust)
  • FAQ - Answering customers most common questions can be a helpful way to overcome objections and get more sales on your site.
  • FirePush - Chrome Extension to push updates to all visitors about their store (must use google chrome). And notification bars with discounts.
  • ZotaBox - 10 in 1 suite for Shopify related features such as social media buttons, facebook live chat, contact button, promo bar, etc.
  • VarinodeAds - Linking to other Shopify stores using an affiliate tracker, this places links at the bottom of your content pages to other stores, probably in exchange for traffic to your own store.
  • Reverse Engineer Social Media Profiles
  • YouTube - See if they are using popular videos to sell their products - what can you learn from it?
  • Instagram - How are they using IG can you model after it? Are they selling products? Learn what’s hot.
  • Facebook - See what ad copy they use in their posts, are they using videos, pictures, etc?
  • Pinterest - See if they are using pictures on pinterest to sell and if there is anything going viral.
  • Etc.
  • What categories/niches are they in?
  • What products are they selling that might be hot?
  • How are they selling them? Can you model after their strategy for your own site and your own products?
  • Videos embedded in descriptions
  • Products that look like they could sell on an infomercial on tv
  • Products that you would want to buy yourself because it’s such a good offer
  • Products that might fit your niche

Homework: Reverse Engineer https://www.roadsidevapes.com 

Homework: Reverse Engineer https://shop.quirky.com/ 

Quirky - replace that concept with your own

Something that describes original products that you can put in a general store that do unique things.

Other words for Quirky?

  • Creative
  • Unique
  • Quirky
  • Original
  • Cool
  • Gadgets
  • Gizmos
  • Authentic
  • Rare
  • Eccentric
  • Bazaar
  • Peculiar
  • Zany
  • Odd
  • Unusual

And these are just examples, of how you can come up with your own store theme, store brand, and sell hot and popular products.

No need to start over!!!  If you feel that you weren’t doing things right when you started, you can just add a new logo, and map a new domain name to your existing store and continue from there.

Remember, these are just ideas.  The main goal is to focus on selling products.

Goal #1 - Sell $100

Goal #2 - Sell $1,000

Goal #3 - Sell $10,000

Then, you have the power to create profit online and that puts you in the top 0.01% of all online sellers!

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90-Day Ecom Challenge Day 8 Setting Up Facebook Fan Pages

DAY 8 REPLAY: https://www.facebook.com/ChrisRecord/videos/10156086756788289/ 

DAY 8 TOPIC:  Setting Up Facebook Fan Pages for Your Shopify Store

DAY 8 PRESENTER:  Chris Record, CEO of Tecademics

Facebook Fan pages are FREE to set-up take some time and set some up, even if you never end up using them.  Practice is GREAT!  

I’ve set up well over 100+ fan pages, and the experience has been awesome!!!

Here are some general concepts about Facebook Fan Pages

  • You should have one fan page per major niche that you are in.
  • For example, if you have a general store and you are clearly selling niche products in different categories, you might want a new fan page for each major niche that you are selling in - so that you can place ads from those fan pages.
  • It doesn’t matter if these fan pages have ZERO fans.
  • All that really matters is the page title and the profile picture...
  • Kitchen Products
  • Cat Furniture
  • Man Cave Gear
  • Camping Products
  • (a whole bunch of random items)
  • In this scenario, you have 4 good options for building fan pages.
  • Option 1:  Build 5 unique fan pages in your specific niches
  • Fan Page 1:  Kitchen Niche
  • Fan Page 2:  Cat Niche
  • Fan Page 3:  Man Cave Niche
  • Fan Page 4:  Camping Niche
  • Fan Page 5:  General Niche
  • Option 2:  Build 5 unique fan pages in broader niches
  • Fan Page 1:  Cooking/Healthy Living/Home Niche
  • Fan Page 2:  Pets/Animals
  • Fan Page 3:  Mens Gear/Interior Design/DIY Niche
  • Fan Page 4:  Outdoor Niche/Survival Niche
  • Fan Page 5:  General Page (for everything else)
  • Option 3:  Build 1 massive fan page for ALL your posts
  • Fan Page 1:  General Niche fan page for everything
  • This option is good if you are building a BRAND and you want brand recognition to your name, logo, etc.
  • Option 4:  Create a fan page for a specific product collection

One common theme of all these options is that you can always have a general fan page for when you aren’t sure where to post about your products.

For example, if your store is called:  ZanyBargainsOnline.com

Then your fan page could be called “Zany Bargains Online”.

And you could post all, or even just some of your random products on that fan page.

But, if you are diving into a few specific niches with categories on your store, or if your entire store is in a specific niche, then it’s BETTER to have a specific fan page that is directly targeted to that niche audience of people.  They will respond better to that.

****NOTE:  This will not affect your Facebook Pixel Tracking ****

So, if you are using a facebook pixel on your store to track conversions, then this will not affect it in any negative way.  Even though you have several different fan pages, your pixel is connected to your ads account, NOT to those specific pages.

So you can create as many fan pages as you want, for FREE!

If they are FREE, and you can laser target your audience, then why not do it???

  • Question:  Is a fan page important to helping you get sales???
  • Answer:  OF COURSE IT IS!!!
  • Question:  Is a fan page required in order to place FB ads???
  • Answer:  YES IT IS.
  • Question:  Does a niche specific fan page convert better than a general page???
  • Answer:  SOMETIMES.

If your general fan page doesn’t have much content on it, and doesn’t have many likes on it, then a niche specific fan page will often convert far better than a general fan page.

If your general fan page DOES have a TON of likes on it, then that social proof MAY help create more conversions.  But even this is questionable.

Since most of you are beginners, my advice is to create some niche specific fan pages to run your ads from, and to set them up in the most basic way to focus on converting more sales and more customers from your hard earned money that you are spending on advertising.

Think about it:  

If you’re spending money on ads, you might as well convert as much as possible.

So, let’s walk through some basics of setting up fan pages that can convert sales.


  1. NAME - Create a New Fan Page
  2. CATEGORY - Choose the option for “Brand or Product”
  1. Then choose “Website” as the category
  1. PROFILE PICTURE - Add a profile picture for the page
  1. https://pixabay.com 
  2. Google Images
  3. Don’t use trademarked logos or brands
  4. For example, if your site sells dog products & cat products you might:
  1. Build one fan page for cat owners
  1. Use a profile picture of a cat
  2. Use a page name that has to do with cats
  1. Build one fan page for dog owners
  1. Use a profile picture of a dog
  2. Use a page name that has to do with dogs
  1. COVER PHOTO - Add a cover photo for the page (optional)
  1. https://pixabay.com 
  2. Google Images
  3. Don’t use trademarked logos or brands
  4. http://canva.com 
  1. CONTENT - Add a few basic posts to give the page value (very fast)
  1. Picture Posts (memes/quotes work well)
  2. Link Posts (blog articles / news works well)
  3. YouTube Videos (links directly to videos)
  4. Product Posts (mix these up so they aren’t every single post)
  1. If you are linking to your store, either link direct or use a shortener
  1. http://bit.ly 
  2. Paste your long direct product url
  3. Create a short url
  4. Customize the short url “slug”
  5. Now use that customized short link in your posts
  1. ADVERTISING - Then, that page is ready to post ads from.

Optional Perks for a good fan page:

  • Fast Response Rate - Adds credibility to your page
  • Lots of Fans - Adds social proof to your page

I like to start by looking at other fan pages to get ideas. Use these links to get ideas from successful fan pages:



MEMBER OPINION:  A member is making a point that the most important thing is to concentrate your effort to create a fan page with your brand "name of your store", and get your page bigger and bigger when you run ads. I like your option 3, because i do a lot of pages in Dog niche, have some great engagement, but it doesn't give good result, the option 3 work fine for me. - Awesome for this member, they found a solution that works well for them!!!

MY OPINION:  When you are a beginner - don’t focus ANY effort on your brand at all.  This is a money-sucking waste of time, and you don’t even really know if you are going to keep the store or not.  Heck, you don’t even know if you are still going to be doing Shopify a year from now.  ALL that matters is converting sales, getting profit, and staying motivated to stay in the game.

Don’t focus on branding until you have proven that you can make sales from your store!!!!!!

In the beginning, focus on tasks that are better for converting sales, not better for branding.

Don’t spend time on fancy logos, or great domain names, or anything related to a brand.

FOCUS all your efforts on finding good products, good audiences, and running high converting ads that are profitable.  Niche facebook fan pages can offer help to convert your customers much better, which is why I suggest them for beginners.

For Example:

  • You plan on building and “flipping” the store before you even make any sales!
  • In this case, you aren’t focused on ads and high converting sales, but rather you are focused on making a very good looking site that someone else would be interested in purchasing from you.
  • Or, your main focus is to sell the store after you get some revenues, in which case branding will be something that a potential investor will look for in a store.
  • Example:  If you are really good at branding and it comes easily and naturally to you so it doesn’t suck a lot of time, energy, and resources from you, in which case if it’s fast to do, then why not do it?  My point is that for 99% of you, this will take time away from your income producing activities.

My advice is that you can always improve the branding later - so why not just have less things to do as a beginner, and focus on things that will CONVERT MORE VISITORS INTO BUYERS!!!!

90-Day Ecom Challenge Day 9 Shopify Copywriting Strategies

DAY 9 REPLAY:  https://fb.com/groups/tecademics/permalink/830246890491422/ 

DAY 9 TOPIC:  Shopify Copywriting Strategies that Convert More Sales

DAY 9 PRESENTER:  Chris Record, CEO of Tecademics

Here is what we are going to cover today:

  • What NOT to do when it comes to product titles & descriptions
  • We are going to look at some stores as examples of good & bad
  • We are going to talk about SEO Titles vs. Product Titles
  • What should you put in the description to help sell?
  • How long should your product description be?
  • Should you write long form product description on ALL your products?
  • How to turn your basic product pages into high converting sales pages
  • Look at additional apps you can use to help with conversions with your copy
  • Plus, we are going to have some fun today with some real examples


When you import products from sites like AliExpress, they come with titles and descriptions already included that are put on your store.


Common Sense:  The vendors on AliExpress are writing titles that are stuffed with keywords so that you are likely to find their product when you are searching on their site.

These “stuffed keyword titles” are NOT good for your store for many reasons.

  1. Tons of other sellers will have the exact same titles because they are lazy
  2. The titles will make your store look very tacky, very unprofessional, schemey
  3. The titles will confuse your buyers because they won’t make much sense
  4. The bottom line is that they are not supposed to be used (they aren’t good titles)

For example, here is a common type of product title on Ali Express:

Aresland 2017 Fashion woman bags 2d cartoon bag messenger Shoulder Crossbody bag Ladies Bolsa Feminina Bolsosde Ombro 3d Handbag

That is closer to an SEO Title, not a product title.  The purpose of a title like this is to rank in AliExpress search results so that wholesalers like you can find the product easily.

Here is an example of a Good Product Title for that product:



Do you see how that product title is FAR better than the one stuffed with keywords?

The main thing you want with a product title is a very clear description of what the product is (use brevity) shorter titles that are more professional will convert more sales on the page.

This store is using the same product title as their SEO product title, which will convert less, unless their product title is the exact search they want to rank for!

In this example, people probably aren’t searching as much for that term, however, they might be searching for terms like:

Cartoon bags

Cartoon handbags

2d bags

2d handbags

2d backpacks

2D Messenger Bags

2D Shoulder Bags

2D Backpacks

2D Purses

Cartoon Style 2d Messenger Bag

Cartoon Style 2d Shoulder Bag

Men’s Cartoon Style 2d Backpack

Women’s Cartoon Style 2d Purse

Your store should have 2 types of titles for each product that you upload.

  1. PRODUCT TITLE:  What your customers see on the product page.
  2. SEO TITLE:  What people see when they search for products in Google.

For example, you might want to change a title like this:

Pitbull Jewelry, Custom Dog Pendant Necklace , Dog Jewelry Christmas Personalized Pets Puppy Gifts

To say:  Pitbull Pendant Chain Necklace

And if it has another feature that is worth including in the title, then include it.

Such as:  Stainless Steel or 24k Gold or something that would add value to the title.

In which case it could be:  Pitbull Pendant Stainless Steel Necklace

As an example.  These direct shorter product titles are more familiar for customers.

What if you want to include those other words in your title?

The solution is to create more products, and that way you can use more titles.

Such as:  Best Selling Christmas for Pitbull Owners in 2017: Pitbull Pendant Necklace

This kind of a hyped up title can be used either during the holidays, and then you change it after, or, you can always upload it as a new product and keep that title year round.

Another option is to write a blog post on your shopify store with these titles to highlight things like birthday gifts, holiday gifts, best gifts for that niche, etc.  And then link to several products on your store.

For example, Top 5 Gifts to give Pitbull Owners in 2017!

  1. Feature product title, product image, short description, and link to product
  2. Feature product title, product image, short description, and link to product
  3. Feature product title, product image, short description, and link to product
  4. Feature product title, product image, short description, and link to product
  5. Feature product title, product image, short description, and link to product

This is another way to create a blog post on your store that you can advertise to people in that audience (such as engagement, upcoming birthday, and so on).

Or, you can adjust the title on the specific product you are marketing.

Here is another product title example from Ali Express:

Brainbow Acne Needle Tweezers Black Head Pimples Removal Pointed Bend Gib Head Face Care Tools Blackhead Comedone Acne Extractor

And here is an example of a Shopify Store that has retitled it with a better title:



This is the strategy of good product titles that will help convert!

Now, let’s talk about product descriptions:


Again, if you import from Ali Express, they will give you a default product description.

The product description acts as your “sales copy” on the page.

So let’s look at some examples of sales copy, from other industries, so that you can understand the process of effectively converting a visitor into a buyer!!!

  • Long Form vs. Short Form        
  • Should your product descriptions be short or long?
  • Short if the product is self explanatory (such as a t-shirt)
  • Focus on the the things the customer needs to know
  • What sizes are available
  • What colors are available
  • Was it made in the USA?
  • Any other helpful details to help sell it
  • Long if the product is unique and needs explanation
  • Focus on persuasion techniques
  • What would knock the customer off the fence?
  • What are the key features/benefits of the product?
  • What problems does this product solve?
  • Who is a good fit for this product?
  • And so on.  Write it up like a long sales letter

Let’s look at some examples:

https://chrisrecord.clickfunnels.com/8kperday - This is a course that I launched a couple of years ago that uses a long-form sales message to tell my story, and explain the problems and solutions that my course can provide - This product sold extremely well.

This example is toooooo looooooooong for a product description, but it contains good info.

  • I’m very clear about who this is for (beginners + affiliate marketing)
  • Powerful headlines - shock factor + makes you want to read what’s next
  • Give the hint of a problem-solution scenario that I’m about to solve
  • Next I start relating to my audience with the problems they are facing
  • Next I start sharing the solution - what they can do to overcome the problem
  • Which sets up the need for my course - which will teach them how
  • Product Proof - Examples of results
  • Product Details - What exactly do they get when they purchase
  • Value Stacking - I’m building up the perceived value to a very high amount
  • Urgency - Give them a reason to act fast
  • Scarcity - Limited amount of something (time/stock/etc) so act fast
  • Guarantee - If I can eliminate their fear with a guarantee it’s worth it

LEARN from that page for some copywriting basics - but don’t use that same style for Shopify

Instead, let’s condense it and look at some examples of good Shopify Descriptions

Example:  https://flavagear.com/collections/best-sellers/products/blackhead-and-comedone-acne-extractor 

  • Social Proof:  389 claimed - Showing many others have already done this (safe)
  • Urgency:  Hurry, sale ending soon
  • Countdown Timer:  Gives you a reason to act fast before the timer expires
  • Discount:  If you buy more than 1 you can get savings (increases average order value)
  • Credit Card Logos:  Confidence, shows that you accept multiple payment methods
  • Scarcity:  Not sold in stores
  • Urgency:  Limited time offer - 50% off retail price
  • Incentive:  Free worldwide shipping on the product
  • Video:  Product Info to help sell the product through a more detailed visual display
  • PRODUCT DESCRIPTION (I cover this in detail in the video - not notes)
  • If bad skin makes you feel embarrassed or unattractive, this Blackhead and Acne Extractor is the answer to your prayers!
  • Voted Best Blackhead Remover on the market, it's scientifically proven to be fast, safe and effective.
  • Beware inferior tools that can be painful, carry infection and cause permanent scarring.
  • The Blackhead and Acne Extractor is made from 100% dermatologist graded surgical steel to allow safe sterilization, prevent corrosion and minimize risk of infections.
  • Not sold in stores!
  • Squeezes out blackheads in seconds
  • Removes dirt and oil that causes acne
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple and quick to use
  • Shrinks visible pores
  • Improves skin tone for a smooth, glowing complexion

Product description:

  • Material: Dermatologist Graded Surgical Stainless steel
  • Size: Approx 11cm/4.33"


  • FB Comments Screenshot - Show that customers are excited (social proof)


  • We ensure your 100% satisfaction with our 30 day money back guarantee.  If for ANY reason you are not happy with our product, simply return it for a full refund.  Your purchase is safe and protected with us.


  • They are using an app to allow customers to review the product - these reviews offer social proof similar to Yelp or any other review site.  When a potential customer sees that other customers were satisfied it will help with conversions.


When writing up a title and description for your product - Focus more on clean titles that are descriptive, and then tons of urgency/scarcity building elements, and then a longer form description that identifies with the audience, and shows how your product solves their problem, then gives social proof to help them build enough confidence to purchase.

More examples of words to use:

Guaranteed safe checkout:


Click ADD TO CART To Order Yours Now!

Please allow up to 3-5 weeks for delivery due to high demand! This item ships from our international warehouse.

GUARANTEE NOTE - If you are offering a guarantee on your store to increase conversions (obviously it will help increase conversions) you probably want to be handling the shipping and fulfillment yourself instead of using drop shippers overseas.

For example, the Acne Extractor product, you could probably buy 1,000 of them for roughly $1.00 each from a vendor in China, have them shipped to your house, and then ship them out directly to customers in the United States with 2 day shipping available.

If that’s the case, the you might want to add a guarantee to your product to see if it can boost sales conversions.

If a customer returns the product - then you have the product available to sell again.  But you need to be specific in the refund terms.  Now, in this case, it’s an acne tool, which if used, you likely would not sell again, so you need to factor in refunds into your price in order to put a “cushion” in the markup so that you can offer refunds. (The vendor in the example says that only products that are unopened can be returned, so they avoid this issue, Here is what they wrote:)

To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging.

This allows them to use drop shippers AND offer a guarantee.

For example, this product might cost you $1.00, so marking it up to $15 for sale, gives you plenty of room to allow for even 5% refunds (which is super high) and still be profitable on that product.  So if a refund guarantee can help convert more sales, and if you know that it’s a hassle for customers to send back the product, then your refund rate will likely be VERY low - often less than 1%.  Which makes you still very profitable.

This is why a refund guarantee works so well.

ADVICE:  If you are using drop shippers - your guarantee needs to be clear that the product must be in it’s original packaging and unopened in order to qualify so you can sell it again.

ADVICE:  If you are shipping yourself - then you can offer a guarantee if it fits the product.

ADVICE:  When possible, offer guarantees to help convert more sales.  

Are guarantees risky?

Yes, if you end up using a vendor that does a really bad job, you might have a LOT of unhappy customers and might get flooded with refunds.  So be clear in your refund description up front about what they have to do to qualify for a refund.

But the risk is generally worth it.

Having a refund policy gives confidence to a skeptical buyer so they can just buy it and not worry because they can always return it.


  • PRODUCT TITLE - Customer sees this on the Page
  • Shopify Admin > Products > Edit Title
  • SEO TITLE - Customer sees this when searching on Google
  • Shopify Admin > Products > Edit SEO Title (bottom of product edit page)

LIVE DEMO:  Let’s create an SEO Title out of this Ali Express Title:

Buddha Painting Wall Art Printed On Canvas Marble Buddha Canvas Picture Wall Paintings


SEO Title:  

Meditating Buddha Painting - Beautiful Canvas Print of a White Marble Buddha Statue.


ADVICE:  Only if you have TIME!!! - Otherwise, just for the ones you are advertising.

If you don’t have much time, and this is a part-time venture for you, then focus more on 1-5 products on your store that you are advertising, and fix up those pages.

ANSWER:  Start with products you are directly advertising and write improved copy!

  1. Start Running Ads to the product page first - This will cause you to take action!
  1. Make sure the URL in the SEO Description is updated first.
  1. Update Title/Description/Copywriting After you Place Ads
  1. You can continue to tweak the page copy anytime you like.
  1. Otherwise you will get caught up in perfection zone without taking action!

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90-Day Ecom Challenge Day 10 LIVE Shopify Q&A Session

DAY 10 REPLAY: https://fb.com/groups/tecademics/permalink/830797500436361/ 

DAY 10 TOPIC:  Shopify Q&A Session with Chris Record

DAY 10 PRESENTER:  Chris Record, CEO of Tecademics





QUESTION:  If I have a clothing store is there anyway I can still put other products without confusing customers?

ANSWER:  Yes, just put your products in other categories on the store.  In my previous livestreams I’ve shown several examples of stores that have one main niche focus (like clothing in your case) but still have categories of several other products.

What you would do is have your homepage feature your main “collection” of niche related items, such as your clothing items.  Or you can even feature several collections of clothing items, such as a t-shirt collection, shoes collection, swimwear collection, all on the homepage.

Then, have a drop down menu at the top navigation, that links to other collections.  So most people will see your main niche store and not be confused, but you can also feature other items.  Just don’t feature them on the homepage or it might look like a general store.

Example:  https://phonebibi.com/ 

QUESTION:  How long should we wait until changing ads from engagement to conversations?

ANSWER:  There is no reason to wait.  You can run conversion ads right off the bat.  Conversion ads are helpful for telling facebook to optimize to show your ad to people likely to convert.  Which might start as converting people to View Content, then you might convert people to add products to your shopping cart, then you might convert people to make purchases.  But conversion ads are definitely a great idea.

Post engagement ads serve a purpose of getting more likes, comments, shares, video views, etc.  They can work for purchases (I often get a lot from PPE ads), but that’s not their main purpose.  Their main function is to help give you social proof that your post is very popular.  People are more likely to buy from a post that has a lot of engagement than from one without it.

So the answer is to run those side by side.  Run PPE ads to help give your post more social proof, and run conversion ads to help your post get more visitors to your store, more people to add products to the shopping cart, and of course, more people to purchase from your store.

QUESTION:  Please tell us about your MUST HAVE SHOPIFY PLUGINS.... ?

ANSWER:  What you are referring to is Shopify Apps.  We will have an entire day in the 90-day challenge purely dedicated to this topic.  For now, here is a quick look at some apps that are installed in a store that I happen to have open right now. (video shows the apps).

QUESTION:  If we find a product that is selling well, should we increase the ad budget?

ANSWER:  No, don’t change anything about a FB ad that is converting well.  As soon as you make changes, it resets Facebook’s ad algorithm (for lack of a better name).  So don’t edit any of your existing ads that are converting.  Instead, launch new ads.  If you want to scale up something that is successful, scale “out” instead. Launch more ad campaigns and test more.

QUESTION:  Can Paypal or Shopify Pay (Stripe) freeze some of your funds?

ANSWER:  If you are dropshipping from China, then it’s risky for merchants like Paypal and Stripe, so they may freeze some of your funds.  For example, Shopify Pay (Stripe) may send you an email saying that they are going to hold 25% of your funds for 90 days to ensure that you are actually delivering the product to your customers.  As long as chargebacks are less than 1% over the 90 days, they will unfreeze the funds.  This is a very typical practice for anyone who is generating any kind of money online.  Merchants have to offset their risk, by putting some money in reserves, so if this happens, don’t freak out.  Just perform well during those 90 days, and the money will be released, and you will have a good track record with your merchant.

Paypal is not as nice, they can be difficult to work with.  Sometimes they will put a big hold, sometimes a small hold, sometimes no hold at all.  If it happens, just deal with it on a case by case basis.

This is an issue that ALL successful entrepreneurs and companies deal with online.  So if you ever plan on being successful online and making a lot of money, you will likely have to deal with merchant account issues at some point.  I’ve NEVER met an entrepreneur that has made a lot of money that hasn’t dealt with this.

Why?  Because merchants have to be careful!!!  

OFFICIAL NOTICE:  You are accepting money from your customers.  You have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure that they get the products that they have ordered.  This is YOUR responsibility.  You are choosing to pass that task on to a drop shipper, so that you don’t have to order the inventory yourself and ship it yourself.  But it’s still your responsibility.  You need to accept that responsibility and do a great job with it.

So, because there is risk (such as 1,000 customers buying a product from you and you don’t ship it to them - for various reasons), the merchant could deal with a ton of chargebacks.

Because of that, they need to be very careful when you are dropshipping especially from China.

Alternative Solution 1:  You can use a print on demand company based out of the United States, and then you will be much less likely to face a big hold on your funds.

Alternative Solution 2:  If you DO get a hold on your funds, you can use a print on demand site, and sell directly on their platform and allow them to collect the funds through their merchant and pay you out every week or two weeks.  Such as Gearbubble.com, ViralStyle.com, Teespring, com, etc.

QUESTION:  What is the best way to capture emails from visitors? Do pop-up coupons work well or just annoy people?

ANSWER:  If you have a free+shipping offer, then everyone who adds that product to their cart and begins the checkout process will be adding their email to your list.  This is one of the BEST ways to build a HUGE list of highly targeted people.  

Outside of a free+shipping offer, there are many apps that you can use to capture email addresses using your store navigation bar, or popup boxes, and so on.  My advice is to find some other stores that are doing it well, and model after them.  You can even join their email lists and see what kind of emails they are sending to their potential customers.

QUESTION:  I have a line of my own products that I have in inventory, what would be the best way to handle setup on Shopify.

ANSWER:  If you want to sell your own products, that’s great.  Just upload images of them, plus a good title and description, and you can use the inventory option when you are editing a product.  So if you have 5 of them available, you would put inventory = 5.  When a customer orders the product just like they normally would, YOU would then ship it to them directly instead of using a drop shipper.  This is also a great idea to sell things you have around the house.  You can even sell USED items on your Shopify store.  Just take good pictures, and make sure you let them know that it’s used.

QUESTION:  Is $5 a day FB ad spend for 5 days the same as $25 on one day?

ANSWER:  No, they aren’t the same.  Facebook tends to mature an ad as it runs for a few days.  So day 1 results of an ad will generally vary from day 2 and day 3.  That’s why we often recommend allowing an ad to run for a few days to see if it gets results.

For example, you might run a $5/day ad and on day 1 and day 2 you get no sales.  Then on day 3 you get 4 sales.  Well, you would have likely paused that ad well before day 3.  But now that you know it can convert, you would leave it running.

One of my HIGHEST CONVERTING ADS didn’t make any sales at all for the first full week.  Then it popped it’s first sale.  Next thing you know it was doing several sales per day.

So there is not right or wrong answer, but generally speaking, let your ads run for a few days.

QUESTION:  The free shipping idea you gave us a few days ago has me bewildered a little bit. when it gets to $75. So how do I not lose money there?

ANSWER:  Here are the basics of free shipping.  You can offer your customers free shipping on anything they purchase, just make sure you mark up the product with enough profit that you are still profitable even without receiving money for shipping.

If you are referring to FREE+SHIPPING offers, that’s where you give away a product for FREE and you just charge shipping to your customer.  This is a great strategy for very inexpensive items that don’t have a high perceived value, such as a little pendant that you would put on a necklace.  It’s tiny, and doesn’t look expensive, so it’s good to give away free.  You make your money by charging shipping on that product.  So let’s say it costs you $5.00 to buy it and ship it to the customer.  If you charge $9.95 shipping, then you make $4.95 profit.  Let’s say that you spend $2.95 in FB ads to acquire that customer, then your total profit is $2.00 after all expenses.

That’s why it’s such a great business model.  Plus, everyone that adds that product to your shopping cart but then gets turned away when they see high shipping ($9.95) and they don’t purchase, they are STILL on your email list, so you can mail them offers and retarget them for new products, and so on.

If you can get profitable with free+shipping offers, you can build a massive business.

QUESTION:  Is it really as easy as finding one niche product to sell on a very basic Shopify store and sending traffic to it via FB advertising/targeting? you don't have to spend a lot of time on getting the website aesthetics?


QUESTION:  today i received an email from one of my customers he asking for refund he tell me that I gave him a fake tracking number but i have tried its track number and it works well and product has arrived into him city . what should i do ?

ANSWER:  That is a customer support situation.  You need to do your best to learn how to handle customer support and deal with customers who sometimes will be happy, and sometimes will be mad, or confused, or frustrated, and so on.

In that scenario, be as professional as possible (always) and take screenshots showing them that their tracking number works, and that they can see their package, and explain to them any other information to help satisfy them.

Sometimes you will have to give refunds, that’s part of the business.  If they return the product to you in it’s original packaging, and you have it clearly outlined in your refund rules how you handle refunds, then you can give them a refund, and you can resell that package to another customer.  When that new customer orders, then you ship that product directly to them yourself instead of using a drop shipper.  That new customer will also get it faster most likely because they don’t have to wait for the longer shipping times from China, etc.

QUESTION:  Should Free+Shipping Offers be hidden from your store and only shown in FB ads or do you recommend having them showing in the inventory on the store?

ANSWER:  Generally, you want to have a collection of products that are your free+shipping offers.  And it makes more sense to have them in their own drop down/category on your store.

It’s okay to show them on your store inventory, but it’s better when you categorize them like that.

Yes, in your Facebook Ads it’s good to mention that the product is free, just pay shipping.

QUESTION:  Should we add social proof of sites like: google plus, Instagram, twitter and stuff in the beginning of starting out with shopify?

ANSWER:  In the beginning that won’t matter as much at all.  You don’t need any fans to start making sales.  Sure it will help in the long run, but don’t put much time into building out those profiles because you might end up going a completely different direction at some point, so you want the freedom to not be locked into those social media sites.  Just keep them basic to start off and focus on SALES and PROFITS which is really the only thing that matters.

QUESTION:  How can we set up different prices for shipping of one product ?

ANSWER:  If you want to offer different shipping prices for a single product, it’s better to upload that product more than once in your store.  Each time you give it a different weight, which will determine how much the customer is charged in Shipping.  

For example:

Product Upload 1:  You charge $9.95 and charge FREE Shipping

Product Upload 2:  You charge $0.00 and charge $9.95 Shipping

Product Upload 3:  You charge $2.00 and charge $7.95 Shipping

In all 3 instances, you collected the same $9.95 for the product.

Generally speaking it’s better to upload the product just once to your store.

But if you needed to test out different prices and shipping, that’s a way to do it.

QUESTION:  If I have few different ads running at the same time, how do I know which one has caused a sale??

ANSWER:  You would use your Facebook Pixel.  In your ads account you create a facebook pixel ID.  You add that pixel ID to your Shopify store.  Then, you run conversion ads and Facebook will tell you if you got a sale from the ad or not.

Facebook tracking is “okay”.  It’s not perfect.  Ultimately Shopify will tell you whether you are getting sales or not.  Facebook Ads Manager is just a good way to see the effectiveness of your ads and whether they are converting.  We will cover this more in a future challenge training.

QUESTION:  Could you give suggestions regarding targeting watches ? All the keywords see to go only to the big expensive brandstof. I tried it. Nothing. I guess a Rolex fan does not want a 40 dollar watch

ANSWER:  When targeting ANY niche or product market, you want to first start by creating a brainstorm of all the potential related things to that niche.

For example, if your main niche was golf, then you would start a brainstorm like this.

  • GOLF
  • Golf Players
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Golf Associations
  • Golf Magazines/Media
  • Golf Moves/TV Shows
  • Golf Accessories/Gear
  • Etc.

When you brainstorm like this, your goal is to find groups of topics related to that niche that you wouldn’t have otherwise thought of, and those are sometimes the best keywords to target.

For example, I’ll often look for “associations” or “clubs/groups” that very passionate fans would be members of, because they are a much more highly targeted and passionate audience.

Example:  Instead of just targeting people interested in “hunting”, I might target people that are members of certain hunting assocations/organizations, and maybe people that are members of clubs/groups related to guns - which is loosely related to hunting.  Start diving as deep as you can.

Use that same methodology for any niche, such as watches, and you will get tons of ideas of cool keywords to target that have much more passionate buyers.

For example, people that like these types of watches also like _____________.

What types of magazines do they read?  What other things are they interested in?  What types of associations and clubs are they likely to be members of?  When you visit popular sites in those niches, are those sites also showcasing other items that are related to watches?  Etc.

QUESTION:  My ad copy seems to have a good effect but I am getting abandoned carts now. So< I tweaked my shipping fees downward tonight before the live feed.

ANSWER:  This is a good thing.  Here are your goals from your FB ads, in this order.

  1. FB Ads Get Traffic To Your Store
  2. FB Ads Get Visitors Adding Products to the Cart
  3. FB Ads Get Sales of your Products.


pretty choker.png


  • Overall great store
  • great design
  • good name
  • good look and feel
  • as a US customer it was a little bit of a turnoff to not easily see US pricing
  • also the product I looked at had zero reviews
  • felt unpopular
  • room for improvement
  • but overall great job!

Fishing Lures.png


  • I’m not sure I understand the meaning of 3602
  • a little confusing to claim items by clicking cart
  • before I’ve added anything to the cart
  • descriptions shouldn’t be in ALL CAPS -
  • I like that you have your videos on your youtube channel embedded in your descriptions
  • are these your original designs?
  • or are you copying them from other sellers?
  • If so, don’t copy designs exactly it’s a bad practice
  • if they are original design good job
  • the email popup should only popup once - it’s annoying popping up a bunch
  • For youtube videos I would have created a brand page (brand username)
  • Good use of integrating gear bubble print on demand

zues emporium.png


  • Only one email popup instead of two
  • The second one was better - 10% off one - ditch the other one
  • Homepage should have more collections featured on it
  • Homepage is a bit bare for how many products you actually have
  • Good job having a lot of products
  • Lack of descriptions to help sell the products - will cause less conversions
  • Product pages could use more scarcity and urgency
  • They are pretty simple - customers need more impulse buying elements
  • My advice is to take a few products that have clear niche audiences to advertise to, and focus heavily on those with ads directly to them - fix up the descriptions, and focus on using copywriting to SELL them on why they should purchase right away.  Use more scarcity, more urgency, more impulse, and overcome their objections.

deal mine.png


  • Good job with having a general store with niche specific categories
  • Descriptions - Good use of bold text on important keywords
  • Good use of attempting to drive urgency in your ad copy
  • Pretty good job overall

anchor store.pnghttps://shoptravelstart.com/

  • Right off the bat - popups everywhere - not a good idea
  • Generally speaking unless you are sending daily emails and daily text that convert, then I wouldn’t suggest hitting them up right off the bat with all of that.
  • The main logo is so big that I don’t even see the store - consider a small one
  • I like that you have a good product selection - lot’s of products
  • Keep title case on all your top navigation
  • Consider better category names that the average visitor would understand
  • No need to brand your own names, since nobody knows who you are
  • Write product descriptions that convert better
  • When charging high prices - be sure to use very trusted vendors
  • Higher prices are harder to convert from cold traffic
  • Treat your individual product pages like sales page - focus on ad copy
  • Use more urgency and scarcity - consider some plugins that can help with this
  • Do your best to request watermark free images

womens handbags.png


  • Popup right off the bat - Unless you have very good email campaigns, don’t ask for an email address for updates - it would be better to offer a 10% off discount, or to give the visitor something very valuable for free in exchange for their email address
  • Free Shipping sitewide - could be a good strategy - as long as your products are marked up enough to cover the shipping as well - remember, higher priced products are harder for visitors to add to the cart.
  • Good use of color combinations
  • Get connected box is bare - not necessary - would be better to show more products
  • Good credibility with all the credit card logos
  • Bundle app popup - interesting idea - but it’s a turn off for me as a visitor
  • I don’t know you yet, don’t like you, don’t trust you, and so far you just want my email address for no reason and you want me to buy 4 products instead of me just looking at one - AND, you want me to add them to the cart and I haven’t even seen the descriptions of what they are yet.  So I’m not a fan of that.
  • Plus, if you are offering a bundle - there should be a significant savings/deal in it for me
  • Product descriptions are lacking - looks like just a copy and paste from ali express
  • This is your opportunity to SELL visitors on why they should buy that product
  • Especially for the price you are selling many of these products for - JUSTIFY IT!
  • The product pages are lacking urgency, scarcity, and impulse
  • Overall I like the look and feel of the site

binary trendz.png


  • Logo is very small - hard to tell - I’d make it pop more for credibility
  • I noticed the logo is different than the site URL - confusing
  • Some words could be spelled differently
  • Overall clean and simple and elegant look and feel
  • Product Pages - Use the BEST image as the first one that they see
  • Good use of safe checkout graphic to establish more trust
  • Description is too confusing - run on sentences to form long hard to read paragraphs
  • It looks and feels like a copy/paste description - doesn’t really sell me
  • Example: Cat Travel Backpacks  
  • This is a very unique and very original item - so sell people on it
  • Appeal to people and their emotions
  • You are targeting cat owners - so explain why this product is helpful
  • What is the PAIN/PROBLEM
  • What is the SOLUTION?
  • Is traveling with a cat difficult?
  • Are the other options available frustrating?
  • Are they so frustrating that it’s not even worth it?
  • Can you relate to people and their pain that they are facing?
  • Can this problem solve that pain and give them a solution?
  • Is this product safe?  Is it legal?  Is it ethical?
  • Are there reviews of people who use it and love it?
  • Is there a video to see this in action?
  • How can I be sure that my cat will love this product?
  • Essentially, SELL ME on all the reasons why I must have this today!
  • Overall good job - the store is better than most beginner stores

five star shop.png


  • First impression - The store looks great and looks professional!
  • I wasn’t bombarded with popups (at least not yet)
  • Great logo - great color designs - good theme choice
  • Great individual product pages
  • Good use of timer to create urgency
  • Good job with USD for me since I’m in America
  • Product descriptions could use more sales copy to convert more
  • Good job using customer reviews
  • Glasses - Targeting Cyclists - But no imagery at all related to cycling
  • I don’t feel like I’m on a cycling site at all - so it’s not pulling out my passion
  • My advice is to focus more on the category that you are successfully selling in
  • Add more products to it - beef up the sales copy - convert more visitors to buyers
  • Find more related product categories that they would be interested in

That concludes today’s session.  Sorry for not being able to answer all the questions or review all of the sites.  We will make an effort to do this at least once per week.  If you enjoyed this hands-on process - let us know in the comments on this livestream!

If you have additional questions, ask them to the COMMUNITY - not to Chris Record

Post them as their own post in the 90 Day Challenge Group.

When you post asking chris record a question, it likely will not be approved.

Because Chris does not have time to answer all those questions for FREE.

Instead, ask them generally to your peers in the group - because that’s how you will be more likely to get a good response to help you with your Shopify Store.

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90-Day Ecom Challenge Day 11 Outsourcing Training

DAY 11 REPLAY: https://fb.com/groups/tecademics/permalink/831367247046053/

DAY 11 TOPIC:  Outsourcing Training

DAY 11 PRESENTER:  Chris Record, CEO of Tecademics

Today we are going first cover a powerpoint presentation that will show you step by step how to find and hire outsourcers for your business.

Then, we are going to go direct to UpWork.com and we are going to place an example ad and we are going to search and find good quality outsourcers that we can potentiall hire.

Then I’ll explain my system for how I find the best ones and hire them and almost always get great work done for pennies on the dollar - a true win-win situation.


Niche:  Mixed Martial Arts

Goal:  Hire an outsourcer to Design Graphics to be used on T-Shirts, Mugs, Cell Phone Cases

Prep Work:  Research existing designs in our niche to give the outsourcer as examples

Job Post:  Post a job looking for a designer and show them examples of work we want

Find Freelancers:  We are going to search and find great people to invite to our job

Interview Freelancers:  Talk with them on Skype to see how well they interact with us

Hire a Freelancer:  Find a great one to start with and try them out (sometimes 2-3)

Find a Winner and Keep them Long Term!

When you find a great outsourcer, hold on to them and give them steady work.  They will pay off in the long run as you build a good solid working relationship with them.

Soon your goal should be to manage an entire team of outsourcers from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

This “leverage” will allow you to have more time freedom to ENJOY the rewards of your business instead of being a slave to it where it sucks up all your time.


  • Create a General Job Post to invite a ton of great people to.
  • Narrow down your candidates by reviewing portfolios and messaging them
  • Once you find a good person, find out how long they would take to complete the task
  • Then, calculate that time by their hourly rate
  • This gives you an idea for how much money you are going to pay for the task
  • If that dollar amount is good, then create a NEW job post at a fixed price
  • Invite them to the new job post - and hire them for that new post.
  • You can keep your current post open, so more people keep applying.
  • You never know if that outsourcers was tough to work with so backups are good
  • If they do a GOOD job for your one-time task, then create another new job post
  • This new job post can be for 5x the amount or 10x the amount for more tasks
  • You don’t have to pay it all up front you can pay only a small % up front
  • The rest gets paid upon completion - so it’s not very risky for you
  • Always pay directly through UpWork.com and never direct to the outsourcer
  • Also, never give your outsourcer full permission to access your private data without being sure that you can trust them.  If you have questions regarding staff accounts and Shopify, you can contact shopify support at http://shopify.com/support

90-Day Ecom Challenge Day 12 Ecom Graphic Design

DAY 12 REPLAY: https://www.facebook.com/ChrisRecord/videos/10156104677303289/ 

DAY 12 TOPIC:  Ecom Graphic Design Tips for Beginners

DAY 12 PRESENTER:  Chris Record, CEO of Tecademics

Today we are going to cover some FREE graphic design programs, and show how to create your own graphics so that you can save money when you are first starting with Shopify!

Today is going to be very BEGINNER FRIENDLY!!!

Even if you have ZERO graphic design experience, you should be able to learn this...

Our main focus  will be on http://Canva.com - It’s free to set up an account.

Access thousands of pre-done templates at http://canva.com/templates

  • First, let’s give an overview of how Canva Works (live on video)
  • Next, let’s talk about how to use it for e-commerce products
  • Then, let’s talk about how to use it for e-commerce ads
  • Let’s look at some niches:  Cats, Fishing, Country Life, Yoga

20% Text Rule with FB - Have less than 20% of your image be recognizable text by Facebook IF you want your post to get more exposure in your advertising.

Here is a powerful way to ensure that your ads get the most exposure.

Go to Canva > Elements > Grids > Scroll to the bottom > Look for the grid that is 5x5
Add that grid to your image, make it a little bit transparent, and move it behind your image
Make sure that the grid is the full height and width of your image
The simplest little changes can help your ads get way more exposure!!!!

ok vs low.png

You can use Canva to create designs for all your Ecom Needs

  • LOGO
  • Pet & Dog Supplies that need to be targeted to a specific pet
  • For example, this image clearly targets DOGS.

But, what if we took the image into Canva and had it target Pets, Dogs, and Cats each with their own separate ads so you can match the image directly with the audience!

Have your outsourcer work with you in your Canva Account.  Just add them as a team member.  They can design in there and then you will have access to the templates.  You can make sure the designs are amazing that they do, and then you can simply swap out the text or make slight adjustments on your own, for FREE, without ever having to pay a designer.

For Transparent Backgrounds you can use: http://www194.lunapic.com/editor/?action=transparent 

Or do a google search to find many more

Or pay someone on fiverr $5 to help with anything you need


If you have made ANY sales from your Shopify store, can you take a screenshot and add your picture here (link below) along with a testimonial of how you are are loving the challenge!


Share so that you can inspire others to succeed too!!!!!

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90-Day Ecom Challenge Day 13 Setting Up Your Shopify Store

DAY 13 REPLAY: https://fb.com/groups/tecademics/permalink/832655616917216/

DAY 13 TOPIC:  Step By Step Instructions On Setting Up Your Shopify Store

DAY 13 PRESENTER:  Lawrence Aponte

Based on the popular request of many members, today’s training is a 51 minute in depth training video giving you step by step instructions on how to properly set up your Shopify Store.

After watching the training, LEAVE A COMMENT on the replay thread on how it was helpful for you!


90-Day Ecom Challenge Day 14 Shopify Store Reviews

DAY 14 REPLAY: https://fb.com/groups/tecademics/permalink/833273913522053/

DAY 14 TOPICS: Shopify Store Reviews

DAY 14 PRESENTER: Robert Nava

Based on the popular request of so many members wanting to get their stores reviewed, today’s training is a training video where Robert Nava reviews several member's Shopify Stores & gives specific tips & strategies to optimize your store.

After watching the training, LEAVE A COMMENT on the replay thread on how it was helpful for you!


90-Day Ecom Challenge Day 15 Shopify Q&A Session with

Chris Record, Damien Coughlan, & Brian Dickson

DAY 15 REPLAY: https://fb.com/groups/tecademics/permalink/833872513462193/

DAY 15 TOPIC:  Shopify Question and Answer Session

DAY 15 PRESENTER:  Chris Record, Damien Coughlan, & Brian Dickson

Ask your questions in the FB Live thread and we will answer them!!

After watching the training, LEAVE A COMMENT on the replay thread on how it was helpful for you!


Q:  I’m having a hard time analyzing my facebook advertising data.  What metrics should I look at to help me monitor my data better to know how to scale or shut off ads.

A:  Here is Damien’s top 10 metrics that he looks at in his reporting (off the top of his head)

  1. REACH

90-Day Ecom Challenge Day 16 Q&A Session With 7-Figure Shopify Seller Lawrence Aponte

DAY 16 REPLAY: https://fb.com/groups/tecademics/permalink/834384286744349/

DAY 16 TOPIC:  Advertising Question and Answer Session With 7-Figure Shopify Seller

DAY 16 PRESENTER:  Lawrence Aponte

Since DAY 16 of the 90 Day Ecom Challenge is Easter Sunday, today's training is short and to the point! Today's video is from one of our Ecom Power Team members Lawrence Aponte on answering questions on these three topics:

1. Scaling A Winning FB Ad

2. New Product Ad Launch Sequence

3. Video Ads vs Picture Posts

After watching the training, LEAVE A COMMENT on the replay thread on how it was helpful for you!


90-Day Ecom Challenge Day 17 Shopify Blogging Conversion Tips with Chris Record & Karl ‘The Shark’ Schuckert

DAY 17 REPLAY: https://fb.com/ChrisRecord/videos/10156126342738289/

DAY 17 TOPIC:  Shopify Blogging Tips

DAY 17 PRESENTER:  Chris Record & Karl "The Shark" Schuckert

(The screen freezes for a few minutes in the middle, then we fix it. Sorry about that).

After watching the training, LEAVE A COMMENT on the replay thread on how it was helpful for you!


90-Day Ecom Challenge Day 18 Shopify SEO Strategies with Chris Record and Kenny Kline

DAY 18 REPLAY: https://fb.com/groups/tecademics/permalink/836819856500792/

DAY 18 TOPIC:  Shopify SEO Strategies with Chris Record and Kenny Kline

DAY 18 PRESENTER:  Chris Record & Kenny Kline

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90-Day Ecom Challenge Day 19 The 6 Pillars Damien Coughlan used to generate $500K in sales on his Shopify store in 6 Months, starting as a beginner!

DAY 19 REPLAY: https://fb.com/groups/tecademics/permalink/836159369900174/

DAY 19 TOPIC:   6 Pillars Damien Coughlan used to generate $500K in sales on his Shopify store in only 6 Months, starting as a complete beginner!
DAY 19 PRESENTER:  Damien Coughlan

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90-Day Ecom Challenge Day 20

Facebook Advertising 101 - The Roadmap to making your first $100,000 online!

DAY 20 REPLAY: https://fb.com/groups/tecademics/permalink/836833856499392/

DAY 20 TOPIC:   Facebook Advertising 101 - The Roadmap to making your first $100,000 online!

DAY 20 PRESENTER:  Chris Record, CEO of Tecademics

After watching the training, LEAVE A COMMENT on the replay thread on how it was helpful for you!