GT Radial 86CUP Championship Prizes

GT Radial is awarding cash prizes to SoCal and NorCal 86CUP drivers who compete exclusively with GT Radial tires in 2017:

SoCal 86CUP - 1st place Stock Class Championship* - $2,000

SoCal 86CUP - 2nd place Stock Class Championship* - $1,000

SoCal 86CUP - 3rd place Stock Class Championship* - $500

SoCal 86CUP - 1st place Street Class Championship* - $2,000

SoCal 86CUP - 2nd place Street Class Championship* - $1,000

SoCal 86CUP - 3rd place Street Class Championship* - $500

NorCal 86CUP - 1st place Stock Class Championship* - $2,000

NorCal 86CUP - 2nd place Stock Class Championship* - $1,000

NorCal 86CUP - 3rd place Stock Class Championship* - $500

NorCal 86CUP - 1st place Street Class Championship* - $2,000

NorCal 86CUP - 2nd place Street Class Championship* - $1,000

NorCal 86CUP - 3rd place Street Class Championship* - $500

* See eligibility below.

Eligibility & Rules

To become eligible for the GT Radial sponsored championship cash prizes above, 86CUP competitors must:

1. Register directly with GT Radial before March 1 2017, by contacting Tom Okihisa <> or Indra Chavy<>, providing:

1. Full name, address and phone number

2. Proof of purchase of GT Radial Champiro SX2 or HPY

3. 86CUP class (Stock or Street) and Region (SoCal or NorCal)

2. Compete exclusively with GT Radial SX2 or HPY tires in any events of their registered 86CUP region and class between March and December 2017.

3. Display GT Radial decals during all 86CUP events entered in 2017. Fender and/or windshield decals will be provided free of charge at 86CUP events.

4. Be part of a class with at least 5 different 86CUP competitors during the year
(number also includes competitors not registered with GT Radial)

Announcement of winners

GT Radial Championship Prize winners will be announced after completion of the last 86CUP event of 2017 on site, and shortly after on Facebook 86CUP group and the 86CUP website.

-- Winners of cash prizes of dollar amounts above $600 will be issued W-9 forms for tax purposes. --

GT Radial 86CUP Tire Contingency Program

86CUP competitors may earn GT Radial tires as they score championship points.

GT Radial will award one (1)  free tire to a competitor for every 10 championship points cumulatively earned in the same 86CUP region.


Championship points scored at a 86CUP event will only count towards the 86CUP GT Radial Tire Contingency Program when a driver:

  1. Displays two GT Radial decals or a GT Radial windshield banner during 86CUP events. GT Radial decals will be provided at 86CUP events free of charge.
  2. Competes with a full set of GT Radial Champiro SX2 or HPY during a 86CUP event, in a class with a minimum of 3 competitors total.

At cross-region 86CUP events (July 15 Sonoma, Dec 9 Laguna Seca), each region will have separate scoring. Drivers may participate in one or more regions at cross-region events. However, only event championship points from one of the regions will be counted towards the GT Radial contingency for each driver. The contributing region will be whichever the driver participated in first during the year. If it is the driver’s first 86CUP event of the year, the driver may indicate the region that should contribute its results towards the GT Radial tire contingency program.

The maximum number of free tires that may be awarded to a 86CUP participant in 2017 across all regions and classes is capped at eight (8).

Frequently Asked Questions

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