Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Beltane?
Our Beltane event is the original, and still the finest, adults-only, sacred sexuality Beltane event in the country. Held each year on or about the first weekend on May, we bring together people from all backgrounds, walks of life and spiritual paths. The event draws more than 250 attendees and our age range is from the 20s to the 70s. We are open to anyone. The only requirement to attend is an open mind, a desire to learn, and the ability to get along with and respect your fellow attendees at the festival.

What is Crossroads?

Crossroads is an event we started producing in 2016. Consider it Beltane’s kinkier sibling.

Can I bring my kids or my pets to the event?
Our events are Adults Only, so if they are over the age of 18, sure. As for pets, the site, unfortunately, does not allow them. If you have a service animal, please email us so we can note that on your registration record.

What are the cabins like?
All cabins have shared, dormitory-style sleeping rooms and a large shared bathroom. The cabins have electricity, lighting and ceiling fans, hot and cold water, showers and flush toilets. The beds all have single mattresses and box springs. Bring your own linens and pillow or sleeping bag. Some attendees bring air mattresses to put on the mattresses. This is fine, but please be sure to put the beds back where they were when you arrived.

Can my group get its own cabin?
Yes. You'll need to fill the entire cabin to have it for your exclusive use, though. Depending on the cabin, that's between 7 and 14 people. Even if you don't have enough people to take an entire cabin, we can put your group together in the same cabin. If you want to get a group cabin you should drop a line to the Registrar and register your group early.

Are there any private cabins?
All cabins have shared sleeping rooms with single beds and a large shared bathroom. If sharing a cabin isn't something you want to do, we suggest that you opt to bring a tent. Many people do. We do have a few private rooms available for an extra fee, but they usually sell out very quickly, so we suggest your register early for your best chance of getting one.

If I stay in a tent, what do I do for bathrooms?
All the bathrooms in the cabins are open to all attendees, so you would pick the cabin closest to you and shower, etc there. There are also several bathrooms throughout the camp. There is also a shower house with laundry facility located between cabins 4 and 5.

Is there a discount for staying in a tent?
Kind of. There's no discount for staying in a tent. Instead, you pay extra to stay in a cabin.

What is a day pass?
With a day pass you can arrive when registration opens and stay late into the evening. You can attend any of the workshops, rituals, etc. You can't spend the night, so you can't bring a tent or request cabin space. A day pass is good for only one day. If you are staying off site and would like to attend more than one day, you must register for the event and select commuting as your housing. There is no discount for commuting because the site doesn't charge us differently if you do so.

Can I bring my RV/Trailer?
We can accommodate a limited number of RVs and trailers at the event. Full-size RVs (anything larger than 3000 lb) must, however, remain in the parking lot. If you're planning to bring yours, you should drop an email to the Registrar. Please note that your RV needs to be completely self-contained, as we have no hookups for electricity or water. Also, if your generator makes too much noise, we may have to ask that you not run it during all or part of the day.

Can I park my car by my cabin/tent site?
No. You may drive your car to your cabin/tent site to load in and load out, but we ask that you take your car back to the parking lot when you're done. If it's been wet, we may restrict onsite driving to paved areas. If you must car-tent, plan to do so in the parking lot. If you are mobility-impaired, we would prefer to provide you with a radio to help you obtain rides on one of our golf carts rather than have you park on-site.

What if I forget something at home? Are there stores near the site?
While the site is secluded, you can get just about anything you need or might have forgotten within a 20-minute drive. There are several outlets for beer, wine etc; two good-sized supermarkets, a Wal-Mart, Target, and Home Depot.

Can I bring beer, wine, mead, etc. to gathering?
Of course. As long as you are over 21, are responsible, and don't give any to anyone under 21 years old. However, overt and excessive intoxication or giving alcohol to those under 21 will get you ejected from the event without a refund.

Why do I have to wear a name badge?
Nametags let us know that you are an attendee and belong on site. If you are found without your name badge outside of your lodging, you will be escorted to registration for a replacement. It also lets folks know who's over/under 21 for alcohol-related activities. If you are in doubt about the age of your potential drinking companion, ask to see their name badge.

Do I have to buy my meals ahead of time?
No, you are free to purchase meals at the dining hall on an as-needed basis; just show up and pay for the meal at the door. Please be aware, though, that we can't refund you for meals after we've given meal counts to the site.

Do I need a credit card to register on-line?
You can only use a credit or debit card to register for our events. One way people have gotten around this is to purchase a prepaid Visa or Mastercard gift card and use that to register. If you are having trouble with this, please feel free to contact us.

I don't belong to a group; can I still come?
Of course! While we do have several groups who make the event an annual outing, most of our attendees are not part of a group. Everyone is welcome to attend regardless of group affiliation or spiritual path. In fact, a whole section of our housing is devoted to those who are attending the event as singles. And we have designated couples housing as well. If you are single but would prefer to stay in the couples/group housing, you are welcome to designate that when you are registering, too.

Does it cost extra to attend the workshops?
Generally, no, except for a few workshops that charge a materials fee. These workshops are clearly marked in the program book.

Are the rituals open to everyone?
All rituals listed in the program book are open to event attendees. In addition to the published rituals, there are often smaller rituals that are held by individual groups. Often these are open to the public, however on occasion they are private. If you are in doubt, ask before assuming.

Is it okay to have public sex at the event? How about public BDSM scenes?
The short answer is 'yes.' It is okay to have public sex at the event because it is a sex-friendly event. However (you knew there was a catch, right?), we ask that you be considerate of others when having your public sex. For example, if your cabin is full of sleeping people, and you decide to have loud sex and wake everyone up, no one except you is going to be happy. And that's going to make the organizers of the event unhappy, too, and we're likely to pass our unhappiness along to you in the form of either interrupting you or later asking you to apologize and not do it again. So be considerate of your 'audience' when having public sex. The same goes for BDSM scenes. While it is not against the rules to 'scene' outside of the Playspace and other pre-approved locations (such as workshops, rituals, etc), if we get complaints about your scene, we will interrupt it and ask you to move it to a more private location or into the Playspace. This is a kink-friendly event, but not a kink event, so please consider non-kink folks' limits when deciding where to do your scene. Also, if a member of the staff wanders by a scene and hears the event safe-word (which is 'red'), we will interrupt the scene. If we see you doing something we think may result in injury, we will interrupt your scene.

Can I get there by public transportation?
Yes. There are taxis that run from the bus/train stations at Aberdeen and the Perryville bus station. The cost to the site is about $30. More information regarding public transportation, including getting here by air, can be found on our Site Info page.

What should I bring?
Housing & Bedding:

What to Leave Home

What's the photography and cell phone policy?
Photography and cell phone use is allowed at our event, with the following limitations: For the privacy and safety of all of our attendees, you must have the explicit permission of all people in any photograph or recording, including those in the background. Photography and/or audio/video recording of those who have not given explicit permission is not allowed, and will result in immediate removal from the event without refund and erasure of said media. Out of common courtesy we ask that if you must talk on your cell phone, you do not use it in any public areas such as the Playspaces, workshops, poolside, dining hall, HQ, etc. This policy may be overridden or altered by event-specific circumstances, so please check the Event Rules for any exceptions to this policy.

Will my cell phone or other devices work?
Depending on your provider, you will probably have some level of service on site. You may find you have more luck with texting than with voice calls. There is sometimes wifi service at Ramblewood, but it's iffy

Why can't I register a group of people all at once?
We get this question a lot. We've gone to a single-user registration system because of data security. We've been in this business a long time, and we've seen some awful things. People have lost jobs, homes and custody battles because they've been outed as being part of some of the sub-cultures we welcome at our events. When one person registers others, that person may unknowingly expose those others to this kind of trouble. One person can keep a secret, but two rarely can, and three never. We know it sounds paranoid, but we really do have your best interests in mind. If you need help figuring out how to get someone who doesn't have their own email address registered, get in touch.

How can I join the staff? Can I get a discount if I become staff?
We are always looking for a few more people, so depending upon your qualifications, we might be able to find a job for you. Your first step will be to fill out an application form here. Depending on your level of involvement at the event, you may be offered a discount on your registration fee.

What do I do if I want to present a workshop?
We no longer accept workshop submissions through the website. If you have workshops you'd like to propose, you can send them, along with a bio, to our Presenter Liaison. You should be aware that we do not accept workshop submissions from those actively under indictment for or with past convictions for sexually-related crimes. In fact, if we discover credible information that a registrant has this kind of issue, we will cancel said attendee's registration and bar her/him from the event.

What are the workshops like?
Workshops at the event cover a wide range of topics aimed at a variety of experience levels. We offer everything from Polyamory to couples' communication to bellydancing to SM & Spirituality.

When will the workshops be posted?
Look at the Workshop page to see what's available at the moment. We usually post a preliminary class and presenter list as soon as we have enough classes confirmed, and the schedule after it's built. The schedule is never final until the program book goes to press, and there may still be some differences between what's posted/printed and what actually happens onsite.

How can I stay in touch with my fellow attendees?
You can join our group on FetLife (and RSVP here).