Frequently Asked Questions

San Diego Academy of Creative & Critical Thought


What is the Academy?

The idea of an academy began with the desire to meet the need of a population of students who were unable to participate in our home study program. Often parents work full time, or they feel uneasy with teaching all subjects to their older students. The academy option allows parents to have the benefits of instruction from qualified teachers but still maintain some of the freedoms and flexibility of home study.


What grades are covered at the Academy?

The academy accepts students in grades 9 - 12.


How often will my student attend class?

Students attend group instruction 2 - 4 days a week and work at home the other days of the week.


How many students are in each grade?

Grade levels typically vary from 10 to 20 students.


Will my student have homework?

Absolutely. Students can expect to complete at least 3-5 hours worth of work per week for each subject they are enrolled. Because our instruction time each week is so limited, it is imperative that students keep up with their assignments and do their school work on the “at home days”.


Is the Academy appropriate for my college bound student?

Yes! Julian Charter School is a WASC accredited school and our courses are rigorous and require students to be self-disciplined and motivated. Our high school courses meet the A-G requirements for the UC system and students are challenged to do their best at all times.


My student has an IEP. Can he/she still attend the Academy?

Yes! Although our courses are rigorous and require all students to be self-disciplined and motivated, most students with the proper support from home can be successful within the academy program. Students should submit a copy of their IEP with their application.


How much does the Academy cost?

The JCS Academy is a program option offered within Julian Charter School which is a public charter school. There are no fees to participate.  Students will receive any books they will need, course instruction and graduation advisement through the academy.  


What is the school calendar?

School begins in late August and finishes the last week in May. We have the typical holidays, two weeks off during winter break, and one week off for spring break. You can see our current calendar on the SDA-CCT or the JCS website.


Does the Academy offer any sports?

Yes, there are five sports offered throughout the school year: Flag Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Basketball, Volleyball and Indoor Soccer. All teams are co-ed and are available to Middle and High School Students. Students must abide by the Athletics Eligibility policy in order to participate.


When do I have to make my Academy decision?

Once you have attended an Informational Meeting, you will receive the “Academy Application”. The academy application packet and accompanying paperwork are due in the academy office as soon as possible. Spaces are limited!


Are students who are in the Home Study program able to participate in group instruction with Academy students?

Currently, Academy courses are  open to high school Home Study students. Each high school student is able to take up to 10 credits (as room is available) at the academy while completing the remaining subjects at home with their parents.

What is INSITE?

San Diego INSITE is an option within the academy that is dedicated to helping students with specific challenges learn and achieve.  Students work independently on coursework, and come to campus between one and four days per week.  Mentor teachers provide oversight and help with four-year planning. Subject area teachers are available to assist students with questions and provide tutoring.  Students generally complete one course every 6 weeks.  Although not a credit recovery program, highly motivated and driven students can sometimes make up credits or earn additional credits to get caught up or ahead. Students receive an individualized plan that best suits his/her personality and learning style which could be a combination of academy and INSITE courses.

Questions regarding Home Study students

Will I be able to keep my current educational facilitator if my student is enrolled in the Academy (applicable to current JCS students)?

No. The Academy Coordinator will serve as your EF.  If you have an educational facilitator that is serving other family members, your academy enrollment will not affect these relationships.  Once a student has been enrolled in the academy, the academy will take care of all transfer work and facilitator notification.  We ask you to discuss this option with your educational facilitator before applying.


What if I see that the Academy program option is not working for my student…

can we return to home study?

Our hope is that after you have gone through all the steps in our program enrollment process and met with the coordinator…you will know if this is the program best suited for your student.  With a program like this, quite a bit is invested in facilities, staff and materials. As a result, we would like a commitment for at least a semester.  Of course, there are always special circumstances that will be dealt with on a case by case issue.   If a transfer is approved and the student wishes to re-enter the Julian program as a home study student he/she will not have any EUs for that semester.  The student may however, be re-enrolled with his/her original facilitator, if the facilitator has room and agrees to take an additional student.



 For more information or to attend an informational meeting contact:


JCS San Diego High School Academy (619) 358-9338