1. I am the only igneous rock that is both intrusive or extrusive. This is the first question so the answer is simple.


2. I am extrusive and glassy. My composition includes quartz. You use me for exfoliating of course.


3. I am plutonic, coarse, and moderately dense. And I contain more amphibole than biotite.


4. I may be part of your kitchen counter. I am not vesicular, intrusive, and coarse.


5. I am intrusive and my crystals are large. My texture is coarser than everyone else although I’m non-vesicular like the rest.


6. I am vesicular and glassy. My composition contains a fair amount of pyroxene.


7. My density ranges from moderate to low. I come from volcanoes, am glassy, and non-vesicular.


8. I am the darkest, densest, most mafic igneous rock that you know. I don’t come from volcanoes and am entirely olivine, you know.


9. I come from volcanoes and my texture is fine. I contain some quartz and am non-vesicular like most of the rest.


10. I contain both pyroxene and olivine, not much more. I am coarse, dense, and pretty dark for sure.


11. I am volcanic and non-vesicular but that is not all. I am also glassy as my name would divulge.

Basaltic glass

12. I am very similar to another extrusive rock. We both have a fine texture but I am vesicular and it is not.

Vesicular rhyolite

13. I contain minerals that are black, white-gray, and green. I am also plutonic, coarse, and contain olivine.


14. I am also plutonic and coarse but I don’t contain olivine.


15. I am extrusive, fine, and non-vesicular. Unlike a similar rock to me, I always come from volcanoes.


16. I also come from volcanoes and am especially fine but I am vesicular, possibly containing olivine minerals.

Vesicular andesite

17. I have no quartz in my composition but I have a fine texture that is vesicular in nature.

Vesicular basalt