Getting ready for the 2018-2019 Juneau Co-op Preschool year!

Welcome to the Juneau Co-op Preschool community. We hope this message finds you enjoying your summer. Below are some important dates to mark on your calendar with details about each event and information to help you get ready for preschool. Please don't hesitate to ask if you have questions. Contact information is at the end of this letter.


Your Class Representative will be putting together a draft of the daily volunteer work schedule (i.e. who volunteers on which days, and which of the two families scheduled for that day is also responsible for providing snack.)

A work day is from 8:30am - 12:30pm and in a class of 20 there are about 10 work days a year for the MWF class and 7 for the TR class. You will receive more details about what is entailed in an actual preschool work day during your orientation visit, as well as in the Parent Handbook.

Please send your Class Rep input about when you are and are not available to be scheduled for a workday by Tuesday, August 14th. Preschool Plus families will have the same amount of work days as the MWF class;  please include both class reps in your request as you are able to work any day M-F. We are hoping to spread your work days between both classes.   While best attempts are made to accommodate requests, it is rarely possible to accommodate all requests when coordinating 20 families. Your understanding is appreciated. The class reps will be working towards having a draft schedule available at the Orientation Visits for families to review and make any last changes before it is finalized.

T/TH Class Rep                Geraldine McIntosh       (907) 209-0398                               

MWF Class Rep            Talea  Kellar                     (907) 660-7455 


Returning preschoolers: Preschooler immunization records are kept on file and you do not need to provide an updated copy unless your child received or needs additional shots this year.

New preschoolers: Provide a copy of your child’s immunization record which: (1) lists dates and dose numbers for each vaccine and (2) has been signed or stamped by a medical provider.

New and returning families requesting exemptions for medical or religious reasons must submit current forms with required doctor signature (medical) or notarization (religious) each year.

Please mail or drop by a copy of your child’s immunization records by Friday, August 24 to: 

Juneau Co-op Preschool, ATTN: Immunization Coord

400 W 11th Street, Juneau, AK  99801

Alternately, you can scan a legible copy of the records (front and back) and email them to:

Licensing regulations require that we have a current immunization record or a notarized waiver for all children prior to preschool attendance. 

Questions and concerns regarding immunizations can be sent to: or sent to the preschool email and we’ll forward them.


Preschool has been packed away for the summer and we need to unpack and set up our rooms. We ask each family to contribute 2 hours of time to help get preschool ready for another great year! Please text Shannon Seifert at (818) 269-2687 or email or sign up online 2018 Set-Up Sign Up Sheet by Tuesday, August 14th to schedule your shift. Set-up times are: 

        Wed,  August 15                Thur, August 16                Fri, August 17

                          2- 4pm                                              10am - 12        pm                             10am - 12pm

        4 - 6pm                        12 - 2pm                                 12 - 2pm

        6 - 8pm                       2 - 4pm

While childcare may be arranged (one parent per shift will be assigned to watch children if necessary), parents should note that this is not an ideal time to introduce your child to preschool, since the children present will be a wide range of ages and teachers will not be available to spend quality time with your preschooler. We do encourage you to bring your preschooler along during the Preschool Orientation Visits when we can welcome them properly.


        Mon - Wed, August 20 - 22                        10:00 am - Noon

        Thu, August  23                                  5:30 - 7:00 pm

We  encourage every family to come in for a Preschool Orientation Visit. This is a time to meet teachers, other families and board members, and learn more about being a part of the Co-op Preschool. You can take a tour of the preschool, complete and turn in paperwork, ask questions about and get signed up for a family job. Rough drafts of the parent volunteer workday schedule will be available for review. Below is a checklist of the items and forms needed prior to the start of preschool. The enrollment forms can be found on our website at and will also be available at preschool when you come in for your orientation visit.  

We understand that providing first and last month’s tuition may be challenging for some families. Please connect with our treasurer Olga Harutyunyan at  to make alternative payment plans if needed. We are happy to make accommodations.

        Photos can be sent to preschool at


For families brand new to preschool we’ll host an evening orientation to learn the nuts and bolts of being in a cooperative. Important information on work days, fundraising, policies and procedures will be provided and we strongly encourage at least one member of all new families to attend.  


Tue, Aug 28 or Thu, Aug 30                9 am - Noon        T/Th class - First days of preschool

Wed, Aug 29 or Fri, Aug 31                9 am - Noon        MWF class - First days of preschool

Preschool Plus students may sign up for any two days of the first week.

The transition to preschool is easier if ½ the class attends at a time on the first days of preschool. This means that preschoolers will only attend one morning during this first week.  Please let your class rep know which of these first days you would like your child to attend.


Preschool and Teachers

Mary, Linda & Ana

(907) 586-2656

MWF Class Rep

Talea Kellar

(907) 660-7455

T/TH Class Rep

 Geraldine McIntosh

(907) 209-0398

Set-up Coord:

Shannon Seifert  

(818) 269-2687


Krista Jacoby

(907) 209-9439