2019-2020 Saint Raphael Athletics Handbook

“The Score Takes Care of Itself”


The athletic department at Saint Raphael Catholic School (SRCS) will provide each student athlete with the opportunity to practice and participate in a safe environment that encourages self-discipline, responsibility, and friendship. Our student-athletes will be allowed to seek, through athletic achievement, their own personal identity. It is our mission that each student-athlete, through participation in team sports, gains a strong sense of fulfillment, dedication, and development of self-esteem that will ultimately express the spirit of love and commitment practiced and taught at St. Raphael Catholic School.

League Information:

Saint Raphael is a member of the Triangle Catholic Schools Athletic Conference. In addition to organizing and direction league play, the TCSAC works to promote and uphold policies that encourage good sportsmanship, fair play, and Christian fellowship by athletes, coaches and parents.

The TCSAC is made up of nine teams:

St. Raphael                                St. Mary Magdalene

Our Lady of Lourdes                        St. Michael

The Cathedral School                        Immaculata

The Franciscan School                St. Thomas More

St. Catherine (cross county only & boys soccer only)


  • Each game and practice will begin with a team prayer.
  • Athletes must have an up to date (within one year) sports physical on file at the school in order to participate.
  • The fee for each student-athlete to participate is $150. Families will be billed through RenWeb.
  • Students in grades 6, 7, and 8 are eligible to participate.
  • Volleyball and Basketball: For sports that offer a JV team (volleyball and basketball), 6th & 7th graders are eligible to participate on the JV team, and 6th,7th & 8th graders are eligible to participate on varsity.  If, at the discretion of the athletic director and coaches, 5th graders are needed due to a lack of players, 5th graders may be invited to join.
  • An athlete is chosen to be a member of a team solely on the basis of his/her ability demonstrated during tryouts.
  • Players must attend school the day of games and practices in order to participate. Students must arrive to school prior to the start of 4th period (11:27) in order to be considered eligible to participate that day.
  • Early release is at 2:45pm and will occur at the front of the school and follow normal carpool protocol. Families will enter through the first barrier and pick up in front of the school doors at 2:45. K-2 carpool begins at 3:00pm and following this time parents must get in normal carpool line. Student-athletes will be released from 6th period at 2:30 pm and are responsible for all material they may miss during class.

Academic Requirements:

The grades of student-athletes will be checked periodically throughout the course of the season (as indicated on the team schedule and master calendar).  Student-athletes must earn a C (70% or higher) in every class in order to be considered fully eligible to participate.

 If a student-athlete does not earn a C or higher in every class, they will be placed on our “in need of academic improvement” list.  Coaches, players, and students will be immediately notified. During this time student-athletes are still eligible to compete in practices and games at the discretion of the athletic director, coaches, and parents.

If, after a period of no less than three weeks, the student-athlete has been unable to meet the standard of a C or higher in every class, further action will be taken. This includes the possibility of being removed from the team.

Player Behavior:

  • Student-athletes are on display like no other student demographic within the school. For this reason they are expected serve as our examples and ambassadors. The athletic director will meet with Dean of Students throughout the season to review the amount and severity of demerits issued to student-athletes.  Student-athletes may have their practice and playing privileges revoked if they are unable to behave during school time.
  • All school rules extend to the playing field and court. Failure to adhere to these expectations may result in the loss of practice and playing time.

Playing Time:

  • Saint Raphael does not guarantee playing time at the varsity level. Playing time will be determined by the head coach on the basis of ability, participation, attitude, and effort during practice and games.
  • Junior varsity volleyball will play nine players per match.
  • Junior varsity basketball guarantees playing time for every player before the Christmas recess. When games resume in January coaches are encouraged to attempt to win games, and this may be reflected in the way they distribute playing time. This does not mean every player will play equally before Christmas, nor does it mean only the most skilled and experienced will play in January.

Coaches Expectations:

  • Saint Raphael coaches will select players based on ability, participation, attitude, and effort.
  • Saint Raphael coaches will be teachers, instilling in their players knowledge and also a love for the game.
  • Saint Raphael coaches will demand model behavior during practices and games.
  • Winning is always secondary to teaching strong moral and life skills.

Parent Expectations:

  • SRCS observes the “24 hour rule” for all sports.  A family member is not to approach a coach to discuss a tryout related situation, a game, or situation that occurred during the game that has provoked an adverse emotional response or a hostile situation until at least 24 hours after the fact. The intent of this rule is to move an emotional and confrontational discussion away from the presence of the players, and allow all parties to compose themselves and put the incident in perspective before meeting to discuss it.
  • Cheer for our players, never against the opposition.
  • Never engage with the opposing bench, players, or fan base in a negative way.
  • Never berate the officials.
  • Please do not coach from the stands.
  • Provide the coach with thoughtful and constructive criticism, when appropriate.
  • Come out to games, cheer loud, and create the best most positive atmosphere in the league!


  • Visit the official home of Guardian athletics at http://www.saintraphaelschool.org/athletics/
  • Twitter feed: @Raphael_Sports
  • krectenwald@saintraphael.org
  • Parents will be emailed whenever there is a change in game or practice time, day, or location. When same day changes occur due to weather parents will be notified at or before 1:00pm.
  • Weekly practice schedules will be posted on the website “master calendar” each Sunday.

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