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2016 Working Groups Sponsorship Kit

Online collaboration, eLearning, and consulting for building profitable paths to sustainability.

Who We Are

GreenLeaders DC is an online learning and consulting company working in the nexus of education, innovation, and sustainability. Our purpose is to use interactive social media to empower businesses dedicated to a clean and prosperous economy.

What We Do

We provide peer-to-peer learning, online training, and online marketing services. We produce video content, live online briefings, and workshops for information and training purposes. We deliver a purpose-driven social learning experience geared for in-depth discussions and personal interaction.

Our Audience

Our audience profile is professional, urban, and environmentally conscious. As a provider of lifelong learning services, our audience demographic is broad and includes university and college students, retirees, and professionals in the private, public, and nonprofit spaces. We specifically focus our outreach in metro areas across the United States.

Online Event Sponsorships

GreenLeaders DC produces briefings, workshops, and special online events. Our online events are all accessible via mobile and feature an interactive replay for continuous audience engagement.

We engage audiences across multiple channels before, during and after the event. Sponsors receive wide exposure for their brand and website, plus options for presenting customized sponsor messages. Our rate structure combines flat fees and performance-based fees ensuring excellent value for sponsor support.

Sponsorship Features

Sponsorship Rate Structure


Sponsor logo and link on:

  • Registration page and registrant thank you page*
  • Event announcement in email and social media posts
  • Homepage and event listing displays

During event

  • Moderator announcement at start and finish of webinar
  • Sponsor feature image and offer display throughout the webinar (optional)


Sponsor logo and link on:

  • Post-event blog post
  • Follow up email to event registrants*

(*May include featured sponsor content)

Preparation Fee: $500

This is a flat fee supporting webinar preparation and promotion.

Registration Fee: $2 per registrant

This fee is charged for each webinar registration during the pre-event registration period up to one month following the live event (webinar replay period). Webinar replay registrations after one month are free.

Live Attendee Fee: $3 per attendee

This fee is charged for each registrant who attends the live presentation.

Sponsor Offer Click Fee: $3 per click

This fee is charged for each live or webinar replay attendee who clicks the sponsor feature offer display (if applicable).

Get Started

We keep all our sponsors up to date through our partner email newsletter. To learn more and discuss sponsorship details, please contact our staff.

Point of Contact

Mr Loren Hurst

Managing Director

Email: lhurst@greenleadersdc.com

Phone: 202.580.8212

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