Adding Reliable Citations in Wikipedia (online version:

Before you do this exercise please make sure you create a Wikipedia Account (

  1. Use Citation Hunt Tool to locate a piece of text in Wikipedia, which is marked as [Citation needed]. Use the “Next!” button to check out other entries which need a citation.
  2. Once you find a citation you can work on, click on “I got this!”. Keep this tab open.
  3. Open another tab: Use your search engine of choice to find an openly available (ideally no paywall articles!) reliable source[1] for the text you selected. Try to get a persistent URL or one that will take you to the exact same page and not just the main page / search screen of the site. Pro-tip: Use Wayback Machine’s “Save Page Now”:
  4. From the Citation Hunt Tool click on the “Got It” button, and it will take you to the page you need to add a citation in Wikipedia.
  5. Log in to your Wikipedia account.
  6. Verify you are in the section of the page where the citation is needed and click on “Edit Source”. Make sure to switch to visual editing by clicking on the “pencil” icon.
  7. Delete [citation needed] and place your cursor at the end of the sentence.
  8. Click on “Cite”
  9. Under the “Automatic” tab add the URL for your reliable source and make sure it links back to a specific page with the information that is referenced.
  10. You can add additional information about the citation, which was not automatically screen scraped, afterwards such as Publisher, etc.
  11. In addition: If there are any other minor changes needed (extra spaces, factual or grammatical errors) feel free to edit these.
  12. Click on Save Changes
  13. Select “Minor Edit” and add a brief explanation about what you just changed (example: added references or +refs; fixed references or fixd ref).

See also this helpful video:

[1] Wikipedia: Identifying a reliable source: