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[COLLEGE NAME] launches Merit



[COLLEGE NAME] has just partnered with Merit [Hyperlink the word “Merit” to your institution’s Merit page], an online service that helps colleges and universities celebrate and share students’ accomplishments. Hundreds of institutions across the country are already using Merit, including many of our peers.


Merit allows [COLLEGE NAME] to create meaningful stories by personalizing and connecting them with the stakeholders who influence our institution’s reputation. Merit then connects each personalized story to the relevant audience for each student—their friends and family, the high school each one graduated from, hometown media, social media and even state legislators with its targeted distribution engine that’s built right into Merit.

Each student will have a Merit page, a verified professional profile that outlines their accomplishments at [COLLEGE NAME]—from research and academic awards to study abroad, volunteer work and co-curricular activities—and can be shared with prospective employers, graduate schools and others. Students don’t need to do anything to maintain their Merit pages, but they’ll have the ability, if they wish, to enhance them with photos, bios, other activities or work experience. Students may also choose not to participate.


Our point person for Merit is [NAME], [TITLE]. If you’d like more information about Merit please reach out to [NAME POINT PERSON].

Thank you,


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What you can do

Would you like to show off your students and their accomplishments via Merit? It’s simple. Our point person for Merit is [NAME], [TITLE].


You can share stories of student success and achievement by filling out our contributor form [LINK TO CONTRIBUTOR FORM]. Feel free to reach out to [MERIT POINT PERSON] with additional ideas, questions, or suggestions.


I’m looking forward to recognizing and promoting your students and programs with Merit!