Adopted 15 November 2017

Purpose: The Arctos Working Group (AWG) manages the day-to-day operations of Arctos. The AWG consists of museum curators and collection managers who oversee communications, documentation, development priorities, and outreach of the Arctos community.

  1. Membership
  1. Membership is open to members of the Arctos consortium. The goal is to have broad representation so that Arctos continues to grow and improve. Input from all collection sizes and types is essential to providing a breadth of expertise and experience.
  2. The AWG strives be a balanced representation of the Arctos community as well as a functional working group. The intent is to avoid overrepresentation from a few institutions or specific collection types.
  1. Collections with a single curator or collection manager responsible for all collection types should be represented in the AWG by a single member.
  2. In cases where an institution contains multiple large collections from different taxa or types, representatives from the different collections may be warranted.
  3. The representative should have a staff (i.e., non-student) position at the institution.
  1. Joining the AWG
  1. Requests to join should be made by email to the chair of the AWG.  
  2. Invitations to join should be made by the AWG Chair after consultation with the rest of the group. New collections will be invited to nominate a member of their institution to the AWG.
  3. Invitations to join will be granted after discussion and approval by the AWG; among considerations will be the current composition of the AWG.
  1. Duration of service.
  1. There are currently no term limits for serving on the AWG.
  2. One of the critical characteristics that sets Arctos apart from other database systems is that it has an active user community. Thus, service in the group is contingent upon active participation in AWG meetings and directives.
  3. Members who no longer wish to actively participate should request removal.
  4. Membership will be reviewed annually at the January meeting, and non-participation can result in a vote by the other AWG members for removal.
  1. Arctos programmers should always be members of the AWG.

  1. Officers
  1. The AWG has four primary officer positions: Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Communications.
  2. The Chair should come from an institution other than that of the Steering Committee Chair. There may be transitional periods when this is not possible, but the intent is to avoid over-representation from one institution.
  3. Officers will be nominated and determined by a majority vote of the AWG members, and submitted to the Steering Committee for approval.
  4. Officers will serve a two year term. They may serve consecutive terms if agreed upon by the AWG and Steering Committee.
  5. Officers will be nominated and appointed in Fall of even-numbered years. Proxy or remote votes are allowed. Simple majority winners will be forwarded to the Steering Committee for approval. Terms will begin in January.
  6. The Vice-Chair shall be shall be expected to transition into the Chair’s position at the end of the Chair’s term.
  7. Chair responsibilities:
  1. Serve as the liaison between the Steering Committee, the Arctos programmers, and the user community.
  2. Provide AWG with a synopsis of Steering Committee decisions and meeting discussions.
  3. Provide the Steering Committee with recommendations of the AWG.
  4. Communicate with institutions wishing to join Arctos and facilitate (or delegate to appropriate AWG members) the migration of collection data in collaboration with the Arctos lead programmer.
  1. Treasurer responsibilities:
  1. Work with the Chair of the Arctos Steering Committee to determine annual institutional support costs.
  2. Work with the Arctos programming staff and AWG Chair(s) to determine migration costs for new collections.
  3. Work with the AWG Chair(s), Steering Committee Chair, contractor (currently Rauthiflor LLC), and individual institutions to track costs and payments for Arctos (annual maintenance and support services, migration of new collections, grant funding).
  4. Provide a financial report to the Arctos Steering Committee at their annual fall meeting.
  1. Communications responsibilities:
  1. Communicate periodic updates to the broader Arctos community, as needed.
  2. Schedule monthly AWG meetings.
  3. Schedule quarterly Arctos Steering Committee meetings.
  4. Record notes at meetings, and circulate these to the relevant parties.
  5. Assist with social media postings on the @arctosdb twitter feed.
  1. Activities
  1. Meetings
  1. The AWG meets monthly via online meetings.
  2. Scheduled meeting times will be determined by polling in January, May and August, in order to maximize attendance per the typical academic semester calendar.
  3. AWG members should enter this as a recurring event on their calendar, and inform the AWG Chair(s) if they cannot make a particular meeting.
  4. An AWG member in good standing must not miss more than 3 consecutive meetings (proxies in the case of sabbatical or fieldwork are allowed).
  5. Agenda items may include general topics (e.g., budgets, grant proposals, etc.) and specific issues posted via Github. The AWG should use the meetings to prioritize Github issues and discuss them as a group.
  1. Responsibilities
  1. Discuss requests from collections to join the Arctos community, and identify new collections for inclusion.
  2. Create and maintain Arctos documentation and website improvements.
  3. Monitor and discuss issues posted via Github.
  4. Develop proposals for Arctos funding, in coordination with the Steering Committee.
  5. Participate in Arctos webinars.
  6. Include Arctos publicity and outreach in presentations at professional meetings.
  7. Represent the Arctos community at respective home institutions.
  8. Review institutional MOUs annually, including with Arctos collections and Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC).