Professional Men’s Toastmaster Club, TM624

Welcome to our club. We follow a very tight agenda that will ensure the meeting is concluded on time at 8:30. Below is a sample agenda with some descriptors of each job so you can follow our meeting. Please ask the member you are sitting with any questions that come up. We hope you enjoy your time with us and we look forward to you joining us for future meetings.






  1. Pledge of Allegiance to our Nation’s Flag
  2. Invocation
  3. Introduction of guests
  4. Announcements
  5. Introduction of Toastmaster of the Day

President – Responsible for the operation of the club


Toastmaster of the Day

 Typically the Toastmaster will have some opening comments

For the benefit of our guests the functionaries go over their responsibilities

  • General Evaluator:  Coordinates the evaluation team for the speakers
  • Timer: Times portions of the meeting to provide cues to speakers to ensure timeline is followed
  • Ah Counter: Counts crutch words like Ah and Um and reports infractions at the end of the meeting
  • Grammarian: Listens for interesting as well as poor uses of language – provides commentary at end of meeting.
  • Greeters: Greet members and guests to our club
  • Cameraman: Records speeches for club member so they have ability to review speeches        


Responsible for the meeting flow and energy. The Toastmaster coordinates all the functionaries.


Table Topics

Opportunity for all club members to speak on topics chosen by a member – one minute contemporaneous speeches with open, body, close.

Rotating club member


Speaker #1 - #5        

  • Speaker provides information to the Toastmaster in advance to allow for introduction to the club. Info to include title, manual, objective and timing.
  • Speeches generally between 5-7 minutes long. Longer speeches possible if timing allows.
  • All members complete the competent communicator manual and advanced manuals as desired.
  • Speaking slots can either be assigned on the schedule or impromptu based on the time available and interest of the toastmaster. As a club we strive to have five speakers at each meeting.

Speaker - Slated by the VP of education – forces members to serve in every role


Thank you very much for your speeches today.  Please vote for the best speaker and Table topics presenter if you haven’t already.

Timer’s Report: Timer provides time for each speech.



General Evaluator Comments and Evaluations

  • During this time the matched evaluators will provide a two-minute professional critique of the speech they were assigned. This is perhaps the most important component of our meeting.
  • The general evaluator will provide an overall critique of the meeting. This will focus on the general energy and ways that the Toastmaster could have done a better job.

Please send your vote for Best Evaluator around now.

General Evaluator -


Awards and Reports:

  • Grammarian and Ah Counter provide a report. Ahs and Ums cost $.25 (max of a dollar)
  • Topicmaster will present the awards – We vote of the following items:
  • Best Speaker/Runner up/table topics/Evaluator



Ask for comments from guests – Be prepared to let us know what you thought 

Preview of major duties for next meeting – Being prepared is important

Philosophy – some fun inspiration


Wraps up the meeting by 8:30am