Psychology w/Mr. Duez                             The Brain w/David Eagleman Part 6 “Who We Will Be”

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1) Cameron is a girl who at 6 years old had half of her brain removed to stop debilitating seizures. Since this surgery, she has developed remarkably normally using only half her brain. What disease did Cameron have that necessitated having half her brain surgically removed?

2) What is Brain Plasticity?

3) Why did researchers think that the cochlear implant would NOT work?

5) What device does Eagleman’s lab create to turn total nonsense signals into information that you can understand?

4) “It may be in the near future that we could plug some ________ channel into an unusual port into the brain.”

5) Jan Scheurman is a quadriplegic who is able to command a robotic arm using an implant in her brain. Where in her brain are the electrodes plugged into?

6) How many neurons and synapses does the average human brain have, and will need to be mapped in the Human Connectome project?

6) What does Moore’s Law say about the growth of computing power over time?

7) What is the name of the idea that suggests that consciousness may be possible in non-biological systems?