Logical Order

WALT: recognise the importance of writing an explanation text in a logical order


  • Re-order this piece of explanation text so it is in a logical order
  • Explain what clues you looked for in the text to re-order it.

How to capture a dragon

When you reach the dragon nest location, you will need to wear some protective clothing so you don’t get burnt. Use the net to capture the dragon (aiming for the head), while a friend shoots a cool jet of water at the mouth. The cold water will put out the hot flames, which means that you will be safe to capture the creature.

Firstly, you will need to buy a large net. After this, walk around the edges of your nearest forest, where you can catch a young snufflejack (with your bare hands). When you have a net and a snufflejack, you should then visit a supermarket and buy several bags of ice, because this will help with your capture.

Dragons can be found in remote locations around England and Scotland. They are thought to be dangerous by many, but can be tamed to make excellent security guards for large buildings. Want to cut your security costs? Read on to find out the most effective method to capture your very own dragon.

Dragons hide in trees and caves, so that they can live in peace away from humans. If you want to catch a dragon, then you will have to find a suitable location (where there are known dragon inhabitants).

Finally, you need to be careful to keep the net secure so that the dragon doesn’t escape. People may feel worried if they know a dragon is living on their street, so try to keep it a secret.  

And that’s how you capture a dragon (without getting hurt)!