Gear List


Trailhead will provide:

·         kayak

·         PFD*

·         Paddle*

·         Whistle*

·         Bailer and throw rope*

*required equipment as per the Canadian Coast guard


What to bring:

Please read the following equipment list carefully, as it indicates what you will need to bring with you to your paddling session. Items listed are weather dependent so please use your best judgment. Please note that there are no washrooms or change room facilities at any of our paddling locations.

Personal Gear:

·         Eyeglass retainer strap if you wear glasses.

·         Sunscreen: waterproof, sweat-proof, SPF 30 or higher.

·         Lip sunblock.

·         Sunglasses. Include a strap to secure them.

·         Drinking water.

·         Camera (water resistant/proof is best in a waterproof container or sack).



·         Comfortable, quick-dry shorts/swimming suit.

·         Long-sleeved, non-cotton shirt or long underwear top to protect from the sun.

·         Warm fleece pullover or Merino (wool) sweater to keep you warm in cooler weather

·         Hat for sun, rain, or warmth, depending on the weather. A broad-brimmed hat works best.

·         Windbreaker (e.g., nylon jacket that can shed the wind). Rain jacket if applicable. (Yes we will paddle in the rain!)

·          For your hands, you may wish to wear cycling-type gloves to help prevent blistering, these should be snug-fitting, as loose-filling gloves may actually cause blistering.

·         Footwear for wearing while paddling (that can get wet); e.g., sport sandals (with heel strap), running shoes, wetsuit booties, or beach/water shoes with good soles

·         A change of footwear for wearing before and after paddling, such as a trail running shoe, light hiking shoe, closed toe sandal.

·         A change of clothes and towel for the drive home.