Single-Use Facility Fees Schedule

All fees are for one-time, infrequent use.


Space:                                        Rental Fee           Additional Hour

       (up to four hours)             (or portion thereof)

Sanctuary rental                        360.00                        90.00

(Includes use of sound system)  

Fellowship Hall                        360.00                        90.00

(Includes use of the kitchen)                

Classrooms                                160.00                        40.00


Chair/Table Setup                        30.00                                        

Chair/Table Tear-down                30.00                                                

Furnishing Changes                        60.00

(Sanctuary only)

Projector Use                        30.00

Security Deposit: $150, refundable*

All fees include up to four hours. Please include time for setup/tear-down of event if this service has not been requested. Church facilities administrator will be on hand for entire length of event.

*Security deposit is required for all spaces in the form of a credit card payment or certified check.  Deposit will be refunded, less damages or additional hour charges, when space is returned to pre-rental condition.  

Repeated-Use Facility Fees Schedule

For regularly scheduled classes/workshops of more than 3 sessions.

For repeated use by outside organizations, all spaces are rented at the additional hour fee for each space (see reverse). Partial hours will be calculated on the half-hour.

In addition, there will be a one-time facility-use fee of $75 for additional set-up and cleanup on a regular basis by our Facilities Administrator.  This one-time fee will be charged at the outset of each series of classes within a three month period.  This fee will be charged for each separate class/workshop series the space is used for (e.g. a dance organization with classes held on both Saturday and Thursday will be charged this one-time fee twice).  This is a separate fee and cannot be used towards the payment of the hourly fees charged.

Please note, if the sanctuary is contracted for repeated-use, and requires the removal of furnishings by the facilities administrator, a $60 fee will be added to the rental cost of each class or session. 

Classes will be scheduled as long as space is not otherwise reserved for church events. A schedule must be approved ahead of time, and all agreements in writing. Exceptions to the written document must be put in writing.  Use may be subject to change in the case of a funeral, or other major event; you will be contacted as soon as possible in this event.

This document in effect as of January 1, 2014.