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Hockinson Lodge
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Hockinson Lodge


Time: 2nd Thurs at 10:30 am

Place: Hockinson Cafe 
219 NW 20th Ave; Suite 101; Battleground, WA 98604


Annual Events: 55a4408d442cb.image.jpg

  • July Picnic
  • December Christmas Luncheon

Special Projects & Events: 

  • Naselle’s Finn Fest in July
  • Astoria Laksloda Luncheon (salmon dinner)

President Karen Plitt 

Additional Contacts:

  • (360) 892-1142
  • (360) 892-6197
  • (360) 891-1060

Additional Notes & Publications Concerning Hockinson Lodge:

History of the Lodge: Scroll down to read about the old Finnish Hall and more

THE HOCKINSON CHAPTER of the United Finnish Kaleva Brothers and Sisters constructed this building in 1931 after purchasing the property for $10 in 1929. The organization was forced to sell the building in 2004 and is currently looking for more members to help keep the local chapter in existence.


Lodge Mission Statement for Finns in Hockinson today about how to get connected with their Finnish Culture or news for joining this group...