The Bowls league shall be called the South Cambs Indoor Carpet Bowls League


To support the League Clubs and their appointed officers. To arrange fixtures for inter club matches, competitive and friendly, to be played at the appointed clubs and governed by the rules of the Indoor Carpet Bowls Association. To promote League matches the winners of the league to represent the area at the County Championship finals.


The subscriptions of the clubs to area funds to be determined by the League Committee and voted on by the clubs at the AGM, to be paid annually before 31st August. The contributions to County funds to be approved after discussion by the Area Committee.


(a) All Officers to be elected annually at the annual General Meeting, by ballot if necessary. They shall consist of Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and Results Secretary.

(b) Four club representatives to be elected to serve with the Officers. Hereafter termed the Committee.

(c) A quorum to consist of Chairman, Secretary and two other committee members.

(d) Selection for all County matches to be made by the Committee.

(e) The Annual General meeting to be arranged by the Chairman and Secretary at a convenient date at the end of the season, giving at least fourteen days notice to all clubs.

The committee to meet prior to the AGM and at other times deemed necessary for the smooth running of the South Cambs Indoor Carpet Bowls League.

All proposals for rule changes by any team in the league must be forwarded to the Secretary before the 1st March each year and forwarded to the league teams for their comments.

All committee members have the power to vote. The Chairman of the meeting shall have the casting vote if necessary.

(f) All teams in the league are entitled to one vote each at the AGM or any other league meetings.

(g) The draw for all competitions shall be made by the committee. The Results Secretary will deal with any matters relevant to competitions and all league results.


The Secretary shall keep records of business transacted at all meetings and present a report of the year’s work at the AGM.

The Treasurer shall submit an account of all income and expenditure for the year at the AGM. These accounts shall be audited and copies of the financial statement made available for all teams


It is the League’s strong wish that smoking shall not be allowed in the area of the match by players, scorers and spectators from the arrival of the visiting team to the signing of the match card.  

Note:  it is now against the law to smoke in any of the premises used for carpet bowls.


The Skip shall be in complete control during a match and his/her decision on any question is final.


All new clubs applying for affiliation to the South Cambs Indoor Carpet Bowls League shall write to the Secretary who in turn will submit such an application to the committee. The new club will be notified of the committee’s decision in due course.


New rules can only be made, or existing ones revised at the AGM. The majority of the votes must be in favour of the motion.

The Committee shall have the authority to deal with all disputes between clubs and with all matters not covered by the Rules. All clubs will receive copies of the constitution and rules.

11.11.2005 updated.

Amended 16/03/13