I’m running five workshops at the Technology for Maths Education conference 25th, 26th March.  I’ve got lots of ideas, but I’m really interested in what other people would focus on to help elementary/primary teachers develop their mathematics teaching using technology. Please add any ideas in or add comments.

Put all links on a google drive page


Activity as enter

Define goals of session (on wall)

2 activities to do

Reflection moment

Brief here are 5 more ideas

My friend and colleague in secondary, Jim Noble, is doing sessions too. He’s outlined some running themes which I really like:

This is skeleton summary of my workshops, conceived for people teaching maths in elementary/primary schools in Qatar:

1 Pedagogy: How do we ensure our use of technology encourages inquiry and student talk?

Time to articulate what’s important to us in mathematics teaching and learning

Pedagogy comes first – what sort of things do we want technology to achieve?

Activity on Geogebra - where is the centre of a triangle?

How do we ensure our use of technology encourages inquiry?

How do we ensure our use of technology encourages student talk?

2 Websites for Math Lessons - Small Beginnings, Big Changes

Time to try out and discuss a number of websites, and share others

3-Act lessons – Graham Fletcher


Which One Doesn’t Belong

3 Powerful Websites and Apps that transform Elementary Math classrooms

Coding & Scratch - take blue bots and iPad



4 The Web for Professional Development and Sharing (Social Media for teachers)



Blogs – reflective

Blogs - class

In groups look on hashtags or people - in 5 minutes share something you’ve found

Have 4 stimuluses from twitter; how might you develop these ideas in class? Where they come from...

5 Using the Interactive Whiteboard in the Elementary Mathematics Classroom

Encouraging student use of the IWB

Encouraging student talk

Recording and Sharing


Using photos and the document camera