Coach's Corner - Issue 7

A message from the Coach

With Nathan Bush


There is no doubt that selection is the most important/difficult position that sits in any sporting club. I have been on selection in previous years and it is really impossible to please everybody. The last two weeks many members have come to me with their views on selection and the thought process behind the selections. And in saying this I have decided to join the selection committee at Eastern Park as of this week to support my vision as coach for the club's future. The last couple of weeks have seen some different opinions on selection, so it makes sense for me as coach to have a formal opinion/say.

My thoughts on selection in general (in the perfect world)

Selectors need to work on evidence, first of all the scoreboard is pretty damming evidence, second of all the scoresheets that players evaluate each other is another major piece. My view on scoresheets is that every player should fill them out, takes thirty seconds and then the selectors get four opinions that can be averaged. Lastly I feel the players who take the time to meet with selectors about a player; move or anything else should be noted and used for evidence. Keeping all this in mind- time is another important factor (3 weeks) of constant poor form or bad results would see deem fit for changes.

This is starting to sound like a murder case with the important factor being evidence. The reactions of some people from selection, it’s not that silly putting them in the same sentence. In simple terms if the player is guilty-dropped, the evidence should support this. Evidence is so important because when a player is positional moved or demoted from a division the simple answer "is look at the evidence".

In my time on the bowls scene, I must say I haven't seen a club with so many players unavailable week to week with different commitments. This has made the selector’s task very difficult with trying to keep the teams stable.

A big no no for mine is taking bar talk into calculations, "Bazza said his 3rd played like shit on the weekend and he wants him out" or "Joel said he wouldn’t get dropped down to the 3rds as long as he skips", these discussions remain in the bar and as a selector if people want to make negative comments or constructive comments I would ask them to repeat them to the whole selection committee on a Tuesday night.

Another factor of selection that I cannot stand is when players cannot play with others because they clash or in the past haven’t seen eye to eye. If this comes to the floor at selection it won’t bother me to put those players together because if the club is going to move forward- you play where your put if you don’t like it- sit out for the week and come back through a lower grade.

I also believe in the skip being scored or judged differently to the other players, I tell my skips in div 3, I don’t really care how you play- I want to see other important areas of the game such as leadership, vocal, encouraging, clear communication and making changes in the strategy of the game when needed. The management of the three players underneath the skip is the most important role- “Good skips can win games without having an impact with their own bowls”.

Unfortunately for the lower grades stability sometimes cannot be an option due to availability of player’s higher grades and the snow ball effect occurs. (Nature of the beast)

I’m a big believer in winning form is good form, the club is in a great position at the moment with div 3, div 5 and div 8 all enjoying the view from the top of the ladder. The job now is to try and stabilise the teams’ right through till Christmas.

Congratulations to all the members for a very successful start to the year, the current selection committee are doing a sound job under the circumstances and their experience- no they won’t get it right each week but as a club we can become united into achieving success not only this season but for many more to come.

Go Parkers!

Coach Out

Nathan Bush