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Key Details

Product name: Twilert

One line description: Twilert sends you realtime email alerts when your brand names, keywords or hashtags are mentioned on Twitter.

Price: Free 30 day trial followed by a basic, pro, agency or enterprise subscription plan.

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Contact: Beth Gladstone, Skype: bethgladstone10

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Product Description

Twilert is a Twitter monitoring tool which sends you realtime alerts when someone mentions your brand names, keywords or hashtags on Twitter.

How it works in three simple steps:

1. Select search terms

Choose what you want to search for, this could be a brand name, a keyword or a competitor’s Twitter handle - anything you like really!

2. Filter results

Use the Twilert search filters to narrow down results by language, user or geolocation. View the results in the live preview and experiment with filters until you are happy with the results.

3. Receive alerts

Once you have saved an alert Twilert monitors Twitter for your search terms around the clock. When your search terms are mentioned, Twilert sends you an email alert in realtime or hourly, daily or weekly - however often you need to see them.


What’s new in V.3

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Background Information

Twilert was built by digital product agency Codegent at the end of 2008 as part of a client project and was taken over fully by the agency in 2010. The intention had been to create a free Twitter alert service that was funded via advertising (Twilerts get an extremely high open rate) but as the system scaled, sending millions of emails every month, the income soon fell short of the costs. This, alongside Twitter depreciating their V1 API in 2013 and cutting off the current service, meant that Twilert needed to face changes.

After surveying current users, the response was positive enough to deem the product worthwhile to continue with. This led to the release of a new business model in June 2013, which moved Twilert to a paid subscription model, in order to account for a complex rebuild, ongoing customer support and the high monthly running costs. We also added new features such as a searchable tweet history archive, various new scheduling options, more advanced search terms and an email, RSS, Atom or JSON delivery option.

Version 3, released in June 2014, has been designed to further support our growing number of users. We have created a new interface and added features such as improved geolocation search, which allows users to effectively circle the areas or landmarks they wish to monitor.

The new version of Twilert has also integrated with Riffle, a chrome browser extension which will allow Twilert users who have Riffle installed, to access insights on Twitter users with the click of a button.

Version 3 also has an extended 30 day trial period for every user and the option of an Enterprise plan, designed to give maximum flexibility for collaboration across larger companies and agencies.

About Codegent

We’re a world-class digital design studio based in London and Bangkok, creating products that our clients and customers love using. At Codegent, we are all digital enthusiasts working as a team crafting products with passion. Our services include digital strategy, user experience, design and build in the areas of web, mobile, apps and social. It all started in 2004 and in 2013 we acquired design agency Thin Martian. Together we have created award-winning projects for some of the most interesting brands on the planet. We have also been developing our own products since 2010. Although we’ve made a few wrong moves along the way, we’ve learnt a hell of a lot, too. The result is a growing sustainable business consisting of a suite of products: mobile apps, Software as a Service (SaaS) and a portfolio of joint Partnership Ventures.

Team Bios

Mark McDermott, Creative Director

Mark’s biggest talent lies in being able to marry creative with technical innovation. Alongside a passion for trend-spotting, Mark’s role is to ensure that we take the relevant steps to get a clear view of the user, the tasks he or she will need to take through their journeys, how content is surfaced at different times and how apps are best structured to make the experience as intuitive as possible. Prior to joining the digital agency sector and co-founding Codegent Mark worked at PwC Consulting as a CRM IT consultant.

David Hart, Managing Director

David manages the commercial relationship between the agency, our app labs and clients. David’s strength is his ability to distil complex ideas into clear concepts that everyone can get behind. One of Codegent’s founding directors in 2004, David has acted as the Vice Chairman of BIMA (the British Interactive Media Association) and currently sits on the BBC’s Online Advisory Group.

Luke Hubbard, Technical Director

Luke is Codegent's Technical Director and a co-founder. He leads up our team in the Bangkok office who are behind many award-winning client projects. Luke has been developing digital products since he was 16. As well as developing projects for Clients, Luke has also led the development of our own products, including The Learn Series, Flow, Twilert and Kizzu. Luke was the lead developer on the Open Source project, Red5 and is widely respected within the development community.

Josh McMillan, Developer

Josh led the development behind the re-launch of Twilert. The UX was an integral part of the build process and something Josh oversaw right from the planning phase through to launch. His talents span across UX, front and back end builds but ultimately creating products that are reliable and scalable. Josh has worked on projects for several large clients including Nike, Diageo, Unilever and the BBC.

Yannick Chenot, Developer

Yannick was in charge of the Angular JavaScript build of the new Twilert app, including the rebuild of significant chunks of its backend architecture. Yannick's strength lies in not only building sites and apps that work extremely well but also in ensuring that the user experience is intuitive as smooth as it can be. He has worked on many large development and eCommerce builds for clients including Tanfiled, Old Street Labs and Ur7s.