Soylent Log

Week 1:

Day 1:  Soylent for breakfast and lunch Tacos for dinner

A.M. 146  

**The taste is bland, texture slightly gritty, hard to finish the last swallows, felt gagging reflexes

Day 2:  Soylent for breakfast and Lunch Grilled Swordfish with pinapple chutney, couscous and asparagus.

A.M. 145                P.M. 147.5

**Same feeling hard to finish the last gulps.  P.S.  The first time I broke under 146 in years. So willing to look past the hard to swallow last gulps.

Day 3: Soylent for Breakfast and Lunch 4th of July appetizers/ dessert

A.M. 145.5          P.M. 148.5

** Decided to dilute 1000 calories worth by one extra scoop of water, no gagging anymore at the end :) **

Day 4: Soylent Breakfast 4rth of July appetizers/ desserts

A.M. 147                P.M. 149

**Decided to make adding one scoop of water to each 1000 calories permanant.  Not hard to finish anymore.  Still tastes bland.. but with a hint of tofu?  

Day 5: Soylent Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (root canal day) :(

A.M. 145.5                P.M. 147

**It actually tastes good today :)

Day 6: Soylent Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

A.M. 145                 P.M.146

** Definately getting used to the taste.  Had lunch  ⅓,  at 12:15..  Feeling hungry.  This is the first time I have felt hungry on Soylent.  

Day 7: Soylent for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.. part of a chicken nugget from little guy’s left over lunch.

A.M. 144                  P.M. 145.5

Week 2

Day 8: Soylent for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

A.M. 143.5                P.M. 145

Day 9: Friday = Date night,  Soylent 350 calories today, and will eat a meal for dinner

A.M.  143.5          P.M. 144.5

** I had about 350 calories of Soylent divided between breakfast and lunch..  It is 3:00,  and I am feeling really hungry..  I ate pizza for dinner

Day 10: Saturday - Girls Night out ..  Soylent for breakfast/ lunch, Chipotle Salmon with pineapple and rice.

A.M. 143.5                 P.M. 145.3

Day 11 Soylent for breakfast , lunch, leftover pizza for dinner

A.M. 143.8          P.M. 144.5

Day 12  I ate Soylent for breakfast, and lunch, wine dinner from H.T. Grill for paint night

A.M. 144.5                 P.M. 145.5

Day 13 Soylent for Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, a little frozen yogurt.

A.M. 145.5           P.M. 145

P.S.  all those dinners are pushing my weight back up  :(  The flavor doesn’t bother me at all any more.  I feel pretty good physically, and stopped craving fast food.  

Day 14: Soylent for Breakfast, Lunch, a little Saltado De Pollo for Dinner,

and one tiny Alfajore.

P.S. Drove 60 miles, then had the car smoged, and registered, so I just picked up dinner.

A.M. 144                  P.M. 145

Week 3

Day 15: Soylent for breakfast, lunch, and some chicken for dinner

A.M. 143.5                P.M. 143.5

Day 16: Friday Night Date Night - Soylent, breakfast and lunch, chicken piccata and lava cake with ice cream.  (I ate half of the chicken piccata and lava cake)

A.M. 142.5                P.M. 144

Day 17: Soylent for breakfast,lunch, and Meatloaf, and cottage cheese for dinner

A.M. 143.3 -         P.M.144.5

Day 18: Soylent for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

A.M. 143.5                P.M. 144

30 leg lifts, 15 push ups,

Day 19: Soylent for Breakfast, lunch, ½ sandwich - cottage cheese for dinner

A.M. 142.3                P.M. 143.5

60 leg lifts, 15 push ups, 5 inverted push ups

Day 20: Soylent for Breakfast, Lunch, a slice of pizza for dinner

A.M. 142.5                P.M. 144.5

Day 21: Soylent for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

A.M. 143                   P.M. 144

Week 4

Day 22: Soylent for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

A.M. 142                P.M. 143

Day 23:  Friday - Date Night / Second day of Vidcon. Soylent for breakfast, Hawaiian Dog for lunch, and Hawaiian Dog for dinner…. Got to do date date late, and had salmon, and cookie cake.

A.M. 141                 P.M. 143

Day 24: Soylent for Breakfast, Grilled  Mozzarella sandwich for lunch, Soy lent for dinner.  

A.M. 144                 P.M. 145

Day 25:  Soylent for Breakfast, Carne Asada fries for lunch, Burger, and funnel cake.Soylent for dinner Went to Knott’s for Gen’s birthday

A.M. 144                P.M. 145.5

Day 26: Jeff’s Birthday, Soylent for Breakfast and lunch, Burger, and rum cake

A.M. 144                P.M. 145

Day 27: Dentist appointment.  :(  Soylent for dinner

A.M. 144                P.M. 143.5

Day 28: Soylent for Breakfast, Nacho lunchable for lunch, a little chocolate mouse, Soylent for dinner..  Filed taxes, and paid state sales tax.

A.M. 143.5                P.M. 143

Week 5 - Starting second month  

Day 29: July 30  My birthday,  Soylent for breakfast, cheesecake factory for dinner.  Avocado egg rolls, 1 slice pumpernickel bread. ⅓ of my spicy cashew chicken, 1 slice cheesecake

A.M. 142                P.M. 142.8

Day 30: Soylent for breakfast, Bagel and cream cheese for lunch, Leftover cheesecake factory for dinner

A.M. 142.1                P.M. 144.6

Day 31: Soylent for breakfast, Italian Food, and birthday cake for dinner.  To celebrate, Gen’s, Jeffrey’s, and my birthday.

A.M. 142.6                P.M. 144.5

Day 32: Soylent for breakfast, and lunch, Leftover Italian food for dinner, went to Knott’s

A.M. 141.5                P.M. 144

Day 33: Soylent for breakfast,lunch, Pizza and garlic bread for dinner

A.M. 142.5          P.M. 143.7

Day 34:Soylent for breakfast and lunch, Kraft Mac n Cheese for dinner

Sorry…  Forgot to step on the scale since last night

Day 35: Soylent for Breakfast, Pizza for lunch, and the last of the birthday cake for dinner

A.M. 142                P.M. 142.5

Week 6

Day 36: Soylent for Breakfast, 2 Tacos for lunch, soylent for dinner

A.M. 140.5                P.M.142.5

Day 37: Soylent for breakfast, A cuban sandwich, with black beans and rice for dinner

A.M. 140                P.M. 142

Day 38: Bagel with cream cheese for breakfast

A.M. 140.8