Notes from Student Services

Elks Student of the Month:

Any student interested in applying for the Elks Student of the Month program, please click the above link. Two students will be chosen each month and then from those winners two will be chosen to represent the local Elks chapter at the State/District level with the potential to earn cash awards.

Military Visits:

Any student who wishes to meet with a military recruiter may do so during the following visits scheduled during all lunch periods.

College Rep Visits:

Any student who wishes to attend a college rep visit must pick up a pre-approval slip from their counselor at least 3 DAYS prior to the meeting and attain permission and a signature from the teacher of the class they will be missing. Once the student has permission, they should return the form to Student Services to officially sign up to meet with the rep. All meetings will be held in Student Services during Homeroom unless otherwise specified.    

McKendree University                                Sept. 19

Vincennes University                                        Sept. 19  3rd hour

Kaskaskia College                                        Oct. 1

Greenville University                                        Oct. 2        

University of Southern Indiana                        Oct. 3

University of Illinois                                         Oct. 3  8th hour

SIU- Carbondale                                        Oct. 18  2nd hour

Southeast Missouri State Univ. (SEMO)                Oct 18th 1st hour

Ranken Technical College                                Oct. 22

Millikin University                                        Oct. 25  6th hour

MacMurray                                                 Oct. 25  8th hour

St. Louis College of Pharmacy                        Oct. 29 3rd hour 10:00 - 10:30

Eastern Illinois University                                Oct. 29

Lindenwood University - Belleville                        Oct. 30  6th hour

Illinois College                                                Nov. 5

Southern Illinois Univ. - Edwardsville                Nov. 7  1st hour

Murray State University                                Nov. 7

Greenville University                                         Feb. 20

Kaskaskia College                                        Feb. 12  

Greenville University                                        Feb. 20

Southeast Missouri State Univ (SEMO)                Feb. 21  1st hr (9:00)

Links for Senior Parents

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