Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton

Featured Forger: MistakenMishaps


Like so many dragons of Warcraft, Ysera existed long before Azeroth - as the Elves knew it - came into existence. A green dragon blessed by Eonar to forever be bound to the Dream of Creation, Ysera, younger sister to Alexstraza, watched the world grow from an unwaking dream. Though asleep for most of her existence, Ysera was capable of waking when the world needed her. She was there to defeat Deathwing and she was there to help find Malfurion following Cenarius’ corruption by Xavius. Sadly, however, this was one waking moment that should have never been. Though powerful beyond imagining, she could not fight the corruption of the Emerald Nightmare and ended up paying with her life for the very human flaw of impatience exhibited by Malfurion. Though dead, she was made into a constellation by Elune and now watches over Azeroth from her permanent seat in the heavens.

MistakenMishaps’ Choices

Appearance will be her humanoid form Elf is the normal and her new form on cata would be the master skin.

Would say special mount would be a stag but then since Malorne is a stag and they are friends I found it very awkward.

Dance: Single Ladies from Beyonce.

Special skin: Should be her corrupted nightmare version.

Role: Range Support/Specialist

Basic Abilities:

The Dreamer (Trait) – Ysera and allies near her passively increase Health and Mana regeneration every 10 seconds for 3 seconds. Health and Mana regen effect increase per level.

Soothing Trance (Q) - Casting to Ysera or ally increases Health Regen by 20% and Grants 10% Resistance for 2 seconds. Stacks with The Dreamer. Casting on an opponent slows their movement speed by 10%, gradually increasing up to 20% for 2 seconds. During this time the opponent’s basic ability cooldown is increase by 10%. 8 Seconds Cooldown and Medium Range

Enter the Dream (E) – Ysera cast a spell to herself, an ally or opponent on a Stasis, banishing them for 1 second. 10 Seconds Cooldown and Medium Range

Emerald Breath (W) – Ysera breathes out emerald flames in a cone that heals allies and damage enemies. Minions take double effects and reduces cooldown by 0.25 sec per minion hit. 10 Seconds cooldown and Range is similar to Chen’s Fire Breath.

Ysera Awakens (R) [Ultimate 1] – Ysera transforms to her Draconic form and roars to deal heroic damage around her area. Enemies that survive will then fall asleep, undergoing stasis for 3 seconds. In her dragon form she has 10% resistance, 100% increase in damage and can only cast Emerald Breath. Last for 10 seconds. 100 Seconds Cooldown range is twice of E.T.C. Mosh pit and a bit smaller than Malfurion’s Twilight Dream.

True Nightmare (20 Talent) – Increase Dragon Form Damage by 200% and cast 25% Vulnerable after stasis for 3 seconds.

The Emerald Dream (R) [Ultimate 2] – Passive: Increase Dreamer range by 33%. Activate: Ysera and her allies enter the Emerald Dream becoming invulnerable for 1 seconds and Invisible for 5 seconds. Ysera and her allies can’t deal damage and is undetectable while is active. Global Range. 80 Seconds Cooldown

Gift of the Emerald Dream (20 Talent) – Emerald Dream also increase Health and Mana Regen by 100% to affected allies while active and reduce cooldown by 10 seconds. The Dreamer is now Global Range.

Talents (not in any order):

Eye of Ysera – Reveal all enemy heroes on the map for 3 seconds, even in stealth (60 sec cooldown)

Naturalize – Increase Emerald Breath damage to non-heroes by 150% (MTG Reference)

Rude Awakening – After Enter the Dream effect ends the target heals for 5% total health to allies and damage for 5% total health to enemies.

Emerald Army – Ally minions affected by Emerald Breath increase in health and reduce damage taken from non-heroic damage for 10 seconds.

Dreaming Big – The Dreamer cooldown is reduced by 1 sec for every basic spell cast.

Aromatic Effects – When Soothing Mist is cast on a target it cast an aura that is half the effect of the Soothing Mist for 3 seconds.

Dream Team – The Dreamer also reduce allies’ ability cooldown by 50% per pulse while its applied.

Emerald Heart – Health Globes increase The Dreamer effect by 0.5%. After collecting 30 Health Globes reduce trait and all basic ability cooldown by 25%.

Natural Poison – Emerald Breath now deals damage over time for 5 seconds. Minions are damaged every 0.5 seconds and damage on heroes deals 2.5% of their total health per second.

Nature’s Scales – Passive: Ability Damage dealt to Ysera is reduced by 10%. Activate: Nearby allies have 10% Ability Damage resistance for 1 seconds. 60 Second cooldown and range like Storm Shield.

Jeff’s Choices


Multi-Class (Support, Assassin)

Trait- “Dream… or Nightmare”

Being a multi-class hero the ultimate goal is to give the Ysera player choices that can alter her play style during the game based on the needs of the team. This trait is an activatable one that allows her to choose her form. Dream or Nightmare. Passively Yesera is always in the Dream form (Support) and is able to use her abilities to heal and support the team. During her time in her support form and by using her support abilities Ysera is gaining “Dream Power.” Once activated this trait is able to transform Ysera into her Nightmare form for a duration that is dictated by how much Dream power she has. When in her nightmare form her abilities change and have different focuses. The fantasy here is that Ysera would be a flexible support that would have the ability to support, and when needed act as a powerful Assassin in the Nexus.

Mount-  (Normal Form: Humanoid form) Mounted Form: Dragon Form

Q- “Cloud 9”

Ysera can place dream clouds on the battlefield that heal all allied heroes that are inside of them. When the cloud is placed amount of healing that they can do is set and the cloud drains that amount of mana from Ysera. It goes without saying that the placement of these clouds is key to ensure that the player is not wasting mana. When Ysera switches to her nightmare form the clouds turn into a trap for the enemy. SImilar to the nightmare clouds in the Emerald nightmare raid, if the enemy team stepps into one of the clouds the will release a nightmare poison that till deal damage to them over time.

W- “Inception”

Targeted friendly hero is placed into a dream and becomes gains a passive healing cloud that follows them on the battlefield. All friendly units that are near the player affected by this are healed over time and are able to continue the fight. This can be taken into later in the game to allow for the cloud to spread to other players as they come into contact with each other. WHen Ysera transforms into her nightmare form the cloud moves to her and becomes a nightmare cloud that will increase the amount of damage she is able to deal to the enemy with her abilities and basic attacks.

E- “Enter the Dream” Featured Forger Ability

Ysera cast a spell to herself, an ally or opponent on a Stasis, banishing them for 1 second. AS previously stated this can be used on all targets in the Nexus. In my specific build I imagine that she can only banish enemies when she is in the nightmare phase and would be able to remove a combatant from the field for a short amount of time.

Heroic 1- “Nightmare”

This ability is inspired by Ysera’s Hearthstone Dream card “Nightmare.” Give a Minion +5/+5 at the start of your turn destroy it. When activated Yesra can choose an AOE circle on the battlefield and make that range the Emerald Nightmare. All allies that fight in this area are given a massive damage increase as well as an overall health increase. If the players leave the Emerald Nightmare they are immediately taken to 15% health and are back to dealing a normal amount of damage. This can be talented into later in the game to also debuff the enemy players in the zone and force them to take increased damage. If Ysera selects this heroic all of her abilities that deal damage are granted a passive bonus to damage as well.

Heroic 2- “Dream”

Ysera opens a portal to the Emerald Dream and all heroes in the selected area a pulled through it and transported to the core with full health. If Ysera selects this heroic all of her abilities that heal are granted a passive bonus to healing. This ability can be used to clear the field during a teamfight that is not going well… or to retreat to defend the core.

Specialty Skin

        “Ysera in a Snuggie”

        Or “Miss Sandwoman” Complete with night stocking cap and a side schael of Dream sand.

Dance: “Ysera-Style” Gangnam Style… with a Ysera Twist… “Hey Sexy Lady” Don't ask why. No one knows.

Kristen’s Choices






Emerald Dream

Master of sleep and protector of dreams, every third consecutive hit on a target puts it to sleep for a few seconds. Any damage done during this effect, rouses the sleeper.



Transforms into dragon and takes off flying.


Emerald Touch

Ysera lets forth a burst of energy from the Emerald Dream, healing all friendly units it touches and granting a small shield.


Emerald Drake

Seeing trouble, Ysera calls down an Emerald Drake that picks up targeted Hero and drops them off in a nearby area Ysea decides.


Emerald Breath - Featured Forger Ability

Ysera breathes out emerald flames in a cone that heals allies and damages enemies. Minions take double the effects. Cooldown is reduced by 0.25 seconds per minion hit.


Ysera Awakens - Featured Forger Ability

Ysera transforms to her Draconic form and roars to deal heroic damage around her area. Enemies that survive will then fall asleep, undergoing stasis for 3 seconds. In her dragon form, she has 10% resistance, 100% increase in damage and can only cast Emerald Breath. Lasts 10 seconds.

100 second cooldown.

Range is larger than Mosh Pit but smaller than Twilight Dream.

Level 20: True Nightmare - Increase Dragon Form damage by 200% and cast 25% vulnerable after stasis for 3 seconds.


        Waking Nightmare

In an instant, the corruption of Xavius strikes true, corrupting Ysera and transforming her into a blighted dragon more powerful than ever before. In this form, Ysera chooses to kill her enemies, foregoing the desire to merely put them to sleep. While in this form, her basic attacks do massive damage in a sweeping strike that hurts all those caught in its area.



Color would change the animal companion. Classic black is a crow, green is a toad, red is a squirrel.


        All the Single Ladies (Forger Choice)

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