Real time data visualisation hack day.

Bristol hackspace, Sunday 7th July 10am till 6pm.

Are you interested in real time data or data visualisation? Or perhaps you have some interesting data you’d like to have visualised on your website?

We're looking for people to join us for a one day event hosted at the Bristol Hackspace ( The desired outcome is to create some pattern generators that turn incoming data into evolving pictures for either the web or to be drawn by wall hanging robots.

Pattern generators will be built as part of our website; The best ones will be exhibited in Bristol by a team of drawing robots! You don’t necessarily need to be a coder but some programming experience would be helpful. We’ll have some experts on hand to help turn ideas into reality.

We are strictly limited to 6 places and have a small travel allowance available.

Please send us a brief introduction of yourself and why you’re interested in being involved to

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