MERC Presents “Google Calendar”

HCC Google Calendar Part 1:

Organize schedule and maximize your time with the HCC Google Calendar

Google Calendar Part 1: Meeting? Class ? Assignment due? test due?

This GOOGLE calendar tutorial will help you get organized!

Accessing your google calendar.

  1. Log into HCC email
  2.  Click on the Google Apps button next to your name in the top upper hand corner. (You can click more to view extended apps.)
  3. Click Calendar.
  4. A new tab will appear with your Calendar. (On the top there are options you can click on. You can view it by day, week, Month, etc.)

How to create a new Event

  1. To create a new event, click Create located  in the left hand upper side of your screen
  2. First Title your event
  3. You can then choose a date and starting time and ending time  
  4. Then enter a location for this event
  5. Then click save to save it to your calendar. Save is located in the upper left part of your screen.

Your event has been Created!

You can also edit existing events

  1. Click on the existing event
  2. Then click “edit event”
  3. The window you created the event on will reappear for your editing
  4. If this event occurs more than once in a week/ month click on repeat and choose the days it will fall on. You can also choose a end date.

 (Example: Say if you were taking classes up until December, you can repeat that class the days it falls on up to the December date it ends on.)

  1. After repeating the event in your calendar, you can click through your calendar by month or week and the event will show up on the days you selected.

You can also change Calendar event times

  1. Click on your event you would like to change
  2. Click edit event
  3. The time you see if you click it different time options will pop up
  4. Choose your new  start time for the event and then click the box with the end time and choose your new end time for the event
  5. Then click save changes
  6. Now the event has relocated itself to the correct time on your calendar

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