Coach's Corner - Issue 29

A message from the Coach

With Nathan Bush

This week I will be talking about mental toughness and trying to use emotion as a positive energy. A lot of players naturally let the game get to them and create negative energy that will only hinder the team’s performance. Body language, tone of voice or negative comments are all contributors towards failure and mental weakness. I repeat myself when I say people focus on you more when the chips are down and wanting to see the cracks appear. A perfect example is on the weekend my rink was well behind on our scoreboard but overall the team was firing on all systems. Therefore I just keep yapping around me to keep myself positive and to focus on the positives around me. My rink also shone through with mental toughness and not shirking the task. We lost 19 ends on the weekend and the opposition scored 21 shots- really was a positive. It takes sixteen players to win a game of bowls and that was the case on Saturday. The next time your behind in your rink, make sure you pick the eyes out of the positives around you and be verbal about them. In terms of mental toughness all players will go through flat/poor form in this game but its how you manage during this time that will ensure your form to return. I'm currently in a poor patch at the moment but what I will be doing will be putting bowls in my hand as much as possible and practise my weaknesses until they become strengths. I know my drive is off at the moment and possibly forehand weighted shots so I will just focus on those this week with plenty of drives. For me I feel if my drive is on the other will follow... BUT the biggest test when you’re in poor form with your bowls is what you can bring to your team, voice, positive encouragement, body language etc.

When we discuss mental toughness during a game we shouldn't be battling our delivery, we train to make our delivery and therefore we shouldn't think about our delivery it's automatic. But mental toughness can relate to our line and we had endured some windy conditions lately- it's easy to watch your bowl sail across the head and turn our back on it! You need to watch the bowl till its stops and make the correction. This game is all about correction and not enough players watch to see where the bowl finishes and make the correction. Mental toughness applies in being disciplined to correct from your first bowl.

Another top week for the club with all sides winning and the culture has never been so positive in and out of the clubrooms. Keep up the great work- anyone struggling I'm here to help, just let me know...

Special mention goes out to the iceman who put on a display and by all reports the $7 green fee was a cheap ticket to the ice show! Well done ice and you’re a valued member of eastern park!!!!

Coach Out

Nathan Bush